What types of Websites Should you Choose in SEO for Digital Marketing?

What types of Websites Should you Choose in SEO for Digital Marketing?

Which websites are best in SEO for digital marketing?

The goal is to design the search entry so that the searchers click on it as far as possible. Another goal is to keep the promise that led to the click. Someone is looking for something, picks out a promising hit, and should then not be confronted with something completely irrelevant, unexpected, or inoperable.

If you have just created your company’s website or you have had it for a long time, but you are not able to have visited and sell your products or services, I recommend that you invest a little time to carry out a good Digital Marketing strategy.

For SEO, technical and content components must, therefore, work together.

#1. Website-related domain name

A domain name is the first point that is considered when going to build a site. If one wants to make a site that will be SEO friendly, then choose a domain name that follows the SEO norm. Like, try to include keywords in your domain name. Choose the only natural to remember names.

#2. Perfect Hosting and Crawling

Can the search engine operators’ algorithms read and surf the page? Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo & Co. It can only find out whether relevant content is available on the website if it is not excluded from the pages like a payment barrier.

Do you primarily rely on web technologies that are supported by common browsers? It is not only difficult for users to understand what a page is all about when they first click on three dynamically opening drop-down menus to read the text, click away from the newsletter popup, watch a video and switch off the automatically set music. Flash videos almost no longer work with a browser. JavaScript does not work with all settings. The simpler the website is, the better. Everything else is a technical barrier – for people and machines.

#3. Perfect website design

A good SEO friendly website must have good design. Choose a design that is user friendly and search engine friendly both. Search engines always give preference to those sites which are user friendly and easy to navigate. Navigation: Is it easy to navigate and find the pages of the website?

Is there a sitemap, a kind of table of contents, which shows the link structure of all relevant plus new pages and links them together? Excellent, then the search engine can move from link to link and see what is required.

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#4. Mobile-Friendly Design

Can the relevant content be consumed quickly and with little data volume on a small Smartphone? Is the page responsive, and do the elements on the page adapt to the respective screen size? The majority of web visits now take place on Smartphones and tablets.

The times in which a baroque-sprawling website is produced for use on the desktop and a completely different, slimmed-down version should be made mobile should be a thing of the past. Google now determines the quality of your page based on the text that is available on the go. And don’t forget: there is any mouse and no right-click on the go.

The Digital Marketing Agency provides all kind of marketing services to your website. How to make a step-by-step website.

An SEO campaign can also include ringing for the content on various social networks. Still, the primary goal of SEO is to be listed as high as possible on relevant search queries and ahead of the competition in search results.

#5. Site speed loading time

If your website speed is slow loading, users may have a poor browsing experience, and Google may detect such behavior. This could have negative consequences, so you must use SEO automation tools like Page Speed, which will help you improve loading times.

#6. Take care of Meta tags

The Meta tags are information in HTML describing the content of a page for search engines. Some of the most important ones are the SEO title, the Meta description, and the H1 title. Among the optimizations, you should make the use of the keywords you found in each Meta tag of your product and category pages. Remember, each page must have a unique title and description to avoid cannibalization and duplicate content.

To create more impact on your Meta tags, you can include:

  • Exceptional product characteristics,
  • words that call to action such as “buy”, “learn”, “offers”, “on-sale”, etc.,
  • You’re Unique Selling Proposition (USP), such as free shipping, one-day delivery, refunds, etc.

#7. Perfect website development (php, wordpress, .net any)

For an SEO friendly site, choose the best platform like php, WordPress, or .net. These platforms are SEO friendly. And help an easily optimized website.

#8. ON Page

SEO on Page and all its factors are some of the essential points that could not be missing in this list of SEO tips to position a Web Page in 2017.

Remember that after you have selected your main keywords, you must use them in the content you generate by placing them in the titles, in the subtitles, in the body of your content, in the alt attribute of the images, in the Meta description tag, etc.

Also, the loading speed of your website will be even more critical due to the continuous increase in the use of the Smartphone to browse the Internet, so take care of this aspect if you do not want to be left behind.


SEO and content marketing have high overlaps. While in search engine optimization, you want to be displayed high in the search results to drive traffic to the website and turn readers into customers there, content marketing can also be done without a website only on YouTube or within Facebook groups play.

It is, therefore, worth carefully considering which goals you are pursuing to decide which online marketing measures you should concentrate on.

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