11 Best Ways to Boost Your Blog Content On Social Media

11 Best Ways to Boost Your Blog Content On Social Media

11 Best Ways to Boost Your Blog Content On Social Media. Outstanding promotion approach to develop your social media content. you don’t, know

Best Method of How To Promote Your Blog Article On Social Media

Most bloggers spent hours researching, writing, proofreading, analyzing, and creating exciting content to help you achieve your content marketing aim. As a blogger or writer, you need to spend as much, if not promoting, your post as writing it.

Where is the best platform to promote your content, we search and spend our time online. Therefore it is a time-consuming process? We seek the medium where to post our content? The latest report confirms most of the marketing personnel are promoting their content on social media, but are they doing the right way?

Before we get to dive into social media tactics, ensure you are planning out your post and social media platform updates on an editorial content calendar. These fantastic tactics will help you post every piece of content in an organized manner. Therefore, to implement this promotion strategy to promote the article on social media, download these tools, free editorial content calendar.

Now step towards the next level to promote your blog on social media. Follow these effective ways to promote a blog on social media; you are not doing enough.

#1. Create a relevant profile:

Make a unique and relevant profile on social media platforms to show your presence. You don’t require creating a profile on every single account available.

Decide the suitable demographic and where are the most authentic online. After solving these questions, you are well on your track towards a successful blog posting. 

#2. Grab the visual:

Everybody likes visual content compared to simple text because when you tweet with images, you will get more engagement. Most of the audience like a post linked with an image or a video when you post them on Facebook or Instagram.

The most popular social media networks, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapshot, are based on images only. Therefore they are engaging more people than other networks.

Take the leverages of visual while promoting your next valuable blog post. Always create an eye-catching image for each of the crucial points in your content.

#3. Title’s matter:

You are writing great content for your viewers, but are you writing a title worthy of drawing someone’s attention in social media networks? If not, follow these essential tips, create better and eye-catching titles that help your post to grab more attention from the viewers.

Another important thing is creating a new specific title that resembles the subject of your post. Create multiple titles and do A/B testing to know which headlines are most useful to promote your content.

For more effective promotion of your blog post, use the tool “Buzzsumo and its alternatives” to research effective headlines for similar content.

#4. Customization:

While sharing your blog post on social media, use the customizable posting features on each social media platform. Every social media network has its posting feature, so aware of these things.

This feature includes the title of the content and description, the image you are sharing. Every digital marketer and social media specialist is competing to catch the user’s temperament.

The more optimized the blog post is for a particular platform, the more effective your promotion will be.

#5. Timing of the blog post promotion:

Most bloggers and digital marketers ignore these tips. Timing for blog post promotion on social media plays a vital role in grabbing the audience’s attention. Do not ignore this valuable concept if you post your blog post on social media for your brand promotion or anything else.

For maximum engagement, go where the crowd is and when they are online and active. After this process, compile a posting schedule to ensure your post during a specific fixed time interval.

#6. Post your content multiple times:

Several studies have suggested that you will be more productive by promoting the same post multiple times to engage your customers.

To make your blog post more informative, use multiple images, headlines, and videos. This way will help you increase your followers by posting the same content. Social media users do not watch most of your posts on any day.

Therefore, the re-posting your blog post on social media may be an excellent strategy.

#7. Interact with your audience:

Interacting with your customers may give a friendly response to boost your blog post. Dropping a link to your post is not enough, drive social media users to communicate with you by asking questions and feedback of your post.

They may express their response in the form of like, comment, and share your post with others if your post is excellent. You may go “live” on Facebook and Instagram for better communication. Arranging a “webinar” is another option of communication with your audience on social media.

#8. Share your post in the right place:

Because of several social media platforms, and a few more will come in future and vying for attention, it’s hard to keep up. Having accounts with several social media may be beneficial for forecasting innovation and doing some experiments. It is a tough task to decide which the best platform to post your content is. 

As we know, social media sites have a distinct purpose. Twitter is suitable for the tweet; LinkedIn is suitable for job search, Instagram for photo sharing. You will now decide which social media is most appropriate for you.

#9. How to boost your blog post?

Lead generation is the prime concern of any business, and for this purpose, the social media platform is a goldmine. Not only does it provide you with the liberty to post your blog content whenever and whatever you want.

It provides an opportunity to boost your posts in “BID” to reach your desired customer audience. The target audience varies from business to business because every business has its customer. For some firms, it would-be customers who are hotel owners, while for others, it could be roofers.

It is imperative that the business firm lockdown their prospective clients before they get in the boosting process.

#10. Video posting on social network:

One of the primary key factors is that you can post your videos on social media to cross-check the same video posting on different social media in the same period. This is a great and prominent solution to generate leads.

While not having to go through the unusual process of creating a unique blog post for every platform. Once the videos are live, it is the time to boost. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook has the facility to boost them as per your target audience and make them visible to a specific demographic that you intend after boosting. 

#11. Boosting strategy:

We must choose the right target customer before we plan to boost a blog post. It means choosing your customer according to your business; this will give you excellent results after a boost.

You must ensure a high relevance. Boost your post with a lesser amount in the initial phase and watch the result. How is it working? You may invest more amounts in another post after observing the satisfactory result. 


Follow these valuable tips to boost your blog post to get a satisfactory result. Does it not matter what business you have? Social media is familiar to everyone, and it will be the best cog in the digital promotion wheel.

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