Top 7 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools in 2017


Backlinks remain the most important ranking factor. But it can harm your ranking if you are not getting quality backlinks. As a blogger or a website owner, it’s your responsibility to check your backlinks to make sure you have a good backlink profile.It becomes essential to outdo your competitor in order to obtain the ranking that the former does also you can make Free SEO audit of your site with tayloright

For this, we spy on our competitor’s traffic sources, the keywords he ranks for and the backlinks that point to the competitor’s domain.

Why you need Backlink Checker Tools?

When any website links to your site or any page of your site from its website, this is called backlinks. Backlinks used to be one of the most important parameters for high page ranking and better keyword ranking. However, with time, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and added more signals to rank a website.

There are both free and paid options to help you spy on your competition. Here are our picks for the top 7 backlink checker tools:

1) Majestics SEO:

Majestic SEO

One of the bigger brands in the world of backlink tracking tools. This tool has lots of other features for those people who have a keen interest in their sites’ backlink profiles.

It actually offers several tools to help webmasters. Its backlink checker crawls the web itself – it doesn’t use third-party data to deliver the information. You can use it to find the backlinks pointing to your own site or to that of a competitor, including the number of referring domains and IPs.

The tool offers both paid and free versions. The free version provides up to 5,000 backlinks per report however only for verified domains. It offers 5 types of paid accounts priced at $78.99, $169.99, $399.99, $799.98, and $1599.96 respectively.

2) Ahrefs:


This tool offers the largest index of the live backlinks of any site, and it gets updated every fifteen minutes. The most exciting feature of Ahrefs is that it binds secure connection of information and an electrifying web interface. The index reportedly has over 15 trillion records of live backlinks which make it the first choice as a backlink checker.

Aherfs isn’t only the site explorer but even a lot more like a content explorer, keyword explorer, rank tracker, domain comparison, content gap, batch analysis, link intersect, SEO toolbar and a lot more than that it is backlink checker. So basically this tool is all-in-one SEO tool for website owners and bloggers. This tool offers a great deal of detailed related to all of the backlinks to your site, and with time you can see how your site links are increasing or decreasing.

The Backlinks section of Ahrefs allows you to check any website’s backlink profile based on Dofollow, Nofollow, Redirect, Governmental (Gov), Educational (Edu), Notsitewide, and Sitewide. You can also check links based on Platforms (E-commerce, WordPress, etc.oppurtunity) and Languages. For the unverified domains, the free version offers three reports per month with up to 500 backlinks in each report. For verified domains, it provides up to 5000 backlinks per report. The paid version comes in three types of accounts at a price of $79, $179, and $499 per month.

3) Buzzsumo:

Buzz Sumo

This tool is mostly preferred for content marketing. It has free and pro versions, same as Ahrefs’. The Pro version helps to check backlinks to your website or any other individual website. It also enables us to convert an existing web link into CSV or Excel version, and the customers mostly prefer this feature.

This tool lets you search for the most famous and shared content online for any provided topic. This tool even helps you to broaden your audience. With this tool, you can have both the monthly and yearly payment mode.

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4) Open Site Explorer:

Open site explorer

Open Site Explorer is a simple, however, robust backlink checker that is renowned for providing the most accurate results. It has both free and paid versions. The free version provides up to 200 backlinks per report. The paid version comes for $99 per month and provides up to 10,000 backlinks per report.

It gives you the number of links for a site, of course, but also information like the newest links, the page authority, the spam score, and domain authority.

Free searches only get you so much information. The paid account lets you run unlimited reports, track links over time, and more.

5) Open Link Profiler:

Open link profiler

Open Link Profiler works the way a lot of the other tools do. Put in a URL and get a link profile. The information offered is much more extensive though, including breakdowns of links by age, industries, context, countries, and more. You can also use the tool to analyze what links need to be removed to improve your page rank. There are numerous filters to help you sort the data the way you want

The tool shows up to 2,00,000 backlinks per report, and up to 1000 backlinks can be exported to the CSV format. The tool has its web crawler called as spbot. It also offers a related online service called as SEOprofiler.

6) Backlink Watch:

Back Link watch

Backlink Watch is designed specifically to spy on competitors. It gives you information like the total number of links, the anchor text used, the page rank, and more. You can also sort by links that are set to do follow or no follow.

It shows authoritative backlinks mostly. But some of those links are old and inactive.

It uses Ahrefs database to show user’s link profile. It displays all the backlinks in a list. It helps us to know the nofollow and dofollow links along with anchor tags. This tool lets you fetch a report for up to 1000 backlinks.

7) Link Diagnosis:

Link Diagnosis

This tool is a free tool that gives options to check backlinks for the blog. It has a Firefox extension. It helps to check backlinks, Moz ranks, Google Page Rank, NoFollow links, DoFollow links, Alexa rank, Anchor Rank and all others.

It offers various outputs and features. For a faster access detailed report or optimized report, different options are also available. You have only to write your site’s URL, and this excellent tool will provide you a detailed report.


So these are some of the tools that can help you to check your blog or site’s backlinks. Links are essential to the success of your site. Use these tools to keep tabs on your own link profile and to spy on competitors to find link opportunities to grow your site.

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