Top 5 Social Media Hacks to Share Content Fast.

What is social media marketing

What is Social Media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of building awareness about you, your products or services through the various social media channels.

It is to drive traffic to a website, Increase the visibility of product, more social media followers, find more customers.

The most popular social media are as follow Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn.

An effective social media marketing strategy needs to have some key elements if you really want to scale and make the most of it. Here are Five important hacks to keep in mind.

According to Social Statistics, there are 190 million tweets per day and approximately 70 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each month. Google+ says, 5 million people use the +1 button on Google+ every single day. More than 500 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link and Tumblr owners publish approximately 27,778 new blog post.

1)    Curate your Content:

Creating a great piece of content which involves a lot of time to research, write and optimize your content. To get more followers on your social media platforms, you will need to share a wide variety of content. Focus on your thoughts and ideas. Mention the source of the content in your content if you picked some words or images.

2)    Tag your Followers:

If you want to achieve a viral growth in social media, then you must help and tag your followers that follow you. Because they have a big social media following of their own. So, this will help you out for your content.  The easiest way is to tag you followers in your post or else do personal message and ask them to share your content

3)    Schedule your Posts:

Use social media marketing tools to schedule your post on optimum time. Buffer and Hootsuite are the best tools to schedule a post on time. This tools will create unique, trackable links for social media post and will look at the engagement of your share and posts. This will help to improve your strategy and identify your best traffic source.

4)    Use Tags, Geotags and Hashtags:

Tags, Geotags, and Hashtags are social media calling cards. It helps to see the followers. Tagging your follower will help you to share your content on their timeline as well as their follower’s timeline also. So, this will help you to grow your network and get more traffic on your website with the help of tags.

5)    Optimize Image for Social Media Platforms:

Sharing of Content Photos on Social Media Facebook will attract more followers and it is known to improve engagement rather than writing the post. Connect other social media networks with Facebook like the Twitter account, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. This will help you to become a great Influencer.

So, these were the Five Effective Social Media Marketing Hacks. From this, you can supercharge your social media marketing strategy.

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