Top 5 Shopping Apps for Finding the Best Deals [updated 2018 list]

Gone are the days when you had to go physically head to a shop and buy the things you wanted. The advent of the internet has finally managed to change that equation for good and all your shopping needs today are just a click away from you. The growth in popularity of websites like Amazon, eBay has really managed to change the concept of shopping online. Today, more and more people are embracing the culture of online shopping in their lives. Its smart, suave and trendy way to shop.

Now, most of us use a smartphone on a daily basis and is our constant companion that we carry with us along at all times. Right from making voice and video calls, booking movie or concert tickets, watching online videos to shopping. Smartphones help us do them all in a jiffy. So, it was only convenient for online shopping sites to come up with shopping apps that people could use easily on their phones without actually having to go on the websites. Not to mention, the different perks one gets on shopping online with these apps. There has been an influx of online shopping apps within the last decade in Australia and this is only bound to grow further. In this post, we will present you with a list of 5 shopping apps that are a must have for finding the best deals:

1.  RedLaser:

One of the more popular apps in the market right now, RedLaser allows you to simply scan the product that you are interested in purchasing. All you need to do is use the app’s barcode scanner and it will immediately list out the price of the product in and around your local area. This way you can ascertain for yourself the place with the best deal and also if the retailers have it in stock in their stores. You can now head over the place to the place with the best deal or even have the product ordered online via your phone. The app also provides it patrons the option of saving their loyalty cards within the app so you can have them all stored together in one place.

2. Aliexpress:

If you like the idea of coupons, discounts and great deals in general then this app is a must have for online shoppers. The app hosts different stocks of products from all across the world which means that you have access to items at their cost price. This means saving up on any unnecessary markups or fees of any kind. You can buy a host of different things via the app including Women’s clothing, phones and accessories, consumer electronics, health and beauty products etc. When it comes to coupons, the app makes use of two types of coupons namely Aliexpress or Seller vouchers. Looking for other amazing bargains? Make sure to use Aliexpress coupon on OZCodes.

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3. Stashd:

If Tinder provides you a platform for meeting and dating new people then Stashd is the app for shopping that you ought to have if you are looking for a one stop shop for fashion online. Now, the app has almost the same kind of function that Tinder does. It allows users to either swipe left and right on different designer wares that they see in the app. You also are provided with an additional option to either “stash” you choices or even “trash” them as per your wish. Whatever you manage to stash then goes directly into your own online wardrobe that you can later use to make purchases. There is also an option to share your findings with friends and family if you wish to do so.

4. Goodguide:

Being environmental friendly and sustainable with your product choices is all the fad I the market right now. This has also made its way into the world of online shopping. If you are looking to be on par with the above goal then you should definitely not give the Goodguide app a miss. With the app, you can get a host of evaluations that are healthy, environmental friendly and also have a social impact. This could include a plethora of different products like foods, toys, detergents and so on. GoodGuide makes use of a scientific rating system that enable its to rate different products based on their impact on one’s health. Environment as well as the society in general.

5. Groupon:
Any talk of a good shopping app is incomplete without the mention of Groupon. The app helps scan more than a hundred websites to nearby stores to provide you a detailed brief of the latest deals in your area. You can browse anything from home furniture, electronic appliances, nearby salons to vacation packages all with a simple click and search. You also need not go flashing a printed Groupon in hand. You can just have your products shipped or simply download the voucher to redeem them at the stores of your choice.

So, there we have some of the best shopping apps that you can use for all your shopping needs and also hot deals.

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