How To Start A Successful Online Business In 30 Days

Start A Successful Online Business In 30 Days

The internet is changing the face ofbusiness in a much-accelerated mode. It is gradually becoming easier as well as faster than we ever imagined that we can start something on our own.

Even it is cost effective also since you don’t need to spend a lump sum amount of money for premises, advertising, and staffs. You can start something in just 30 days without hampering your other works.

In order to set up a successful business in 30days, follow these steps!

Day 1: Shortlist the business ideas

There are number of online businesses that you can start with. You need to choose the best idea from the list that will suit your skills & investment capability.

Day 2: Securing your own domain name.

The next thing that you should always remember is that the domain name you choose doesn’t have to be identicalto the product or sale or the brand name. You need to be very creative with your domain name since it is very hard to find an available one.

Day 3: Hiring a good content writer

It sounds strange, right? But it is a vital point which a few people consider. You ought to hire a writer if you are not a good content writer. He/she can write contents for your website and also for social media and newsletters.

Day 4: Creating a pre-launch website page

Don’t make a full website first! Only one webpage will do just fine. The page should contain a countdown timer and a sign-up page.

Also, add a thank you page!

Day 5:Autoresponder for email services

It is nothing but just a welcome mail that arrives in one’s inbox when he or she subscribes!  You also need to notify them about your next item to meet their expectations. Try MailChimp as it gives free trial upto 2000 subscribers.

Day 6: Creating subsequent emails

You should always arrange something so that you stay in contact with your lovable subscribers. Don’t let them forget you. These subsequent mails should be a little exciting. You can add some sneak peeks for your next product launch.  Add some behind the scene videos also which makes people remember you more. You subscribers should receive one mail in the first week, then at least 2 mails on the second and one more after the launch with a thank you note again!

Day 7- Day 10: Getting started in social media

Everyone knows how the social media works and also how effective they are. You should not forget that everyone is on social media and that there is a huge chance that they can see you! So don’t waste time and at least set up 3 accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Populate it with your product posts. Also, create and videos of your products and post them!

One another thing that you can do is to get active in any community.

Day 11- Day 14:  Creating Ads

You should first create a landing page for your everyday work and then set up Ad Words in Google which is the most popular search engine. If you want that 80% of the people who uses internet find you, then go for paid ads. You can also set up for Bing which is also a search engine.

Don’t forget about Facebook also since it has the capability to reach billions of people all over the world.

Day 15- Day 18: Second phase of your business

From day 15 the second phase of your business begins. Gather all information and data from your beta testers to start. Then you create your main website which you can buy also!

Then comes a very little but important thing, i.e., creating your business email. Make it a good one so that people take you seriously.

Next thing you should do is build a press kit. It will provide interested customers all the data and information about you and your initial business. Add your personal details as well as some product info in the press kit. It is very important for your business to stand up. Also, add good quality photos and videos.

Day 19: Posting your ideas as a guest

Create a list containing a few of your favourite blogs. These sites should not compete with you but should be like an audience for you. Do contact the owners of these particular sites and tell them aboutyour ideas and convince them by proving how these will affect their audience. This gives you the chance to get a good exposure.

Day 20:Referral programs

Always consider about partnership business with other companies who can sell your products. Find out these companies and make a list so that you can contact them when the time comes.

Day 21- Day 23: Getting more exposure

People are always excited about new things. So when you start a contest it gets to their attention. This makes them give you their email ids which helps you a lot! Another important thing is they tell their friends also which in other words publicity for you!

Have you ever heard HARO? HARO (Help a Reporter Out) are people coming from the backgrounds like bloggers, reporters or journalists who want people to give them something to write about and hence to complete a full story! In case you are being picked it will do publicity for your business and of course it is free of cost!

The last thing you can do is going by old books! Yes, do a press release! The moment you sell your post right your products will be seen by a lot of people!

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Day 24- Day 27: Reaching out and testing

Find out influencers with whom you have already contacted before. They will share your launch without any doubt!

In these last days of your completion of your business, you must check your website whether it is working properly or not. You can do it for free also.

The day 27 is very important as you going to let everyone know, whom you have mailed, about you first launch!

Day 28: Submitting your launch

There are a number of start-up websites where you can submit your launch.

Day 29: Stop the contest

It’stime when your contest stops and it’s the time that you publicly announce the winners!

Day 30: Get set and go!

This is the day when your hard work pays off! Grab a cup of coffee then open your mail inbox and start working!

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