Speed up your Phone and internet with DU speed Booster – full review

DU speed booster

Did you just bought a new phone with lots of memory and ram? But after using it for few month did you feel like it slowing down? Don’t worry, this issue is faced by each and every one. You need to remove all the catch file regular and optimize it and that is a tedious task. That is why you need to use DU Speed Booster. We have used it and here is detailed DU Speed Booster review.

It’s a common problem which is spreading like an epidemic and everyone is searching for how to boost their phone or how to make your phone run faster? Well, it won’t become Usain bolt in a day and it will certainly take a lot of your time cleaning it on daily bases.

There are thousands of performance-enhancing tools in the market, but this one is particularly outsmarted every one of them with its tons of feature which is not only boost your performance but make your device run faster than before. Let’s have look at its feature first.

DU Speed Booster features

  • One touch boost

Once you installed it successfully on your Android device, you just need to open it and tap on the one-touch boost. That’s it, simple and easy. It will take care of your most of the problems. It will clean up the ram and make more space so that your phone can run smoother. We all know how important it is to have a free RAM as it’s the most important part of the system which makes sure everything runs and doesn’t crash.

one tap optimize
one tap optimize
  • Junk file cleaner

If you are using a smart with a good amount of ROM, means space on your phone than you don’t know the struggle of deleting junks. But you may have face problem while downloading a new app or facing slowing down of your phone even after you have close down every single running app manually. It’s the junk on the phone which is causing those trouble.

DU Speed Booster will search your phone and find all those unwanted files which are pilling up in your phone. There are options in android phone to clean out catches but not all other files. One more important thing is to know which file is junk or unwanted as you don’t want your phone to crash. DU speed booster will do all the work for you and give you the full list of junk file with a button which said clean all junk. With just one click, you can get rid of all those unwanted files in a matter of minutes.

trash cleaner
trash cleaner
  • Security and anti-virus

You must have heard of the new malware which is taking roundup in the google play store. Android is one of the safest platforms and yet there is few application which is harmful to you. DU speed booster will scan your whole phone for all the harmful APK and delete it. also when you install a new app, it will automatically scan it and report it to you that is it safe or not?

Till now, you have to download a separate application for antivirus, but not anymore. Because they also provide one of the best antiviruses which will scan all the malware, trojans, virus and adware. It will protect your phone and you can rest assured for its quality as its already recognized as the best app by millions of people.

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  • Network Boost

Apart from slow phone and viruses, you are also getting tired of your net speed. As nowadays every single telecom network provides 4G speed, that means there is something wrong with your phone. You can check your network speed, WIFI speed and boost your browsing speed by closing down all the background app which is running.

There are so many apps on our smartphone which are running continually without our knowledge and eating up our data and speed. This way when DU speed Booster will kill all the background running app which is unwanted, you will get a significant amount of improvement in your internet speed. Then you might wonder, where was it a few years ago when you have to change your phone for the same problem.

network booster
network booster
  • CPU cooler

One of the most complained we have got from our reader is overheating. You have also experienced the same thing time to time when suddenly you feel the warmth in your hand because of your phone. The reason is there is few app which causes your phone to heat and the best thing about it would be, you can kill that app with DU Speed Booster. It will start the cooling process by stopping all the background app which cause heating and reduce your phone temperature effective immediately.

CPU cooler
CPU cooler
  • Apps Manager

You know that you can transfer your app from internal space to SD card to create more space and make your device faster? It’s simple with DU speed booster as it can help you send all the app to SD card. Also, it can help you remove the redundant app, those are the app which is on your smartphone for a long time but you haven’t used them for a long time. It will find the most unused app and give you the report first, so you can choose which one to remove.


  • AppLock

Do you have children at home who snatched your phone every chance they get? There is some important app on your phone that you don’t want them to delete. You a simple lock them and put a password. It’s simple and easy for your privacy. With this protection, now you don’t have to worry about any of your data when you give your phone to someone who might snoop around.

The list is long and unending. They have also a smart charger and DU swipe which help you make changes in setting faster. It was tested on our phone and passed with flying colors. They have every single function in that app which is helpful to you and simple to use. Apparat from unwanted ad and promotion, this app is by far one of the best mobile speed booster app.

Now when you know how to increase your mobile speed and even increase internet speed on your phone, we hope this review is helpful to you. So do tell us how was your experience with DU speed booster in the comment.


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