А Modern Smartphone is a Phone or a Device for Surveillance?

A mobile phone which has become an integral part of life is no longer is just a phone. It has become a device which can be useful for almost everything in your daily life.

Nowadays almost all the electronic devices can be controlled through your phone with super range facilities. You don’t have to go to the devise to control, you have applications available in your phone and just by sitting on your bed; you can do whatever you want to.


We will have to write a book if we talk about the uses of mobile phone as this is not just a medium for calling. But here in this post, I would like to mention few niches where your smart phone can play an integral role.

  • If you are travelling you can use the GPS facilities to easily reach to your destination
  • If you are on vacation you can make use of phone camera to take awesome photos
  • You can make use of different applications for your professional uses
  • If you are in emergency you can use apps like sos to get the instant help and much more

So, from all the points we discussed above, it is quite clear that nowadays a smartphone is not just a phone. It is way beyond that and even we can say it is a device for surveillance.

When I say using a smartphone as a device for surveillance that means you can use it as a security device, you can use it to spy someone, use it to monitor someone and much more.

How mobile phone is being used a surveillance device?

Let’s discuss few points which depicts that a mobile phone can be easily used as a surveillance system.

#1 Track Someone

You can use your mobile phone to track someone. You can use it to know the locations of your kids or employees or even if you are doing some business involved, you can use it to track your delivery guys.

By doing so, you will be easily able to locate them and can save the time as well as ensure the proper security of them. For this again you can use some mobile apps which helps you to get the location of others. One such app is Hoverwatch track cell phone using which you can get the live location of your subordinates.

#2 Security Camera Apps

To get the live recording of your living spaces or the space which you want to track and get the details, you can use some hidden cameras. Most apps offer up much of the same features, such as local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, and motion detection and alerts.

So, as these will be stored on the cloud spaces and so you don’t have to think of your phone storage. And easily you can get all the recordings which you can use for monitoring, enhancements etc.

#3 Use Apps for call monitoring/texts

You can also use the applications for mobile phone to monitor someone’s call and texts. You can supervise their social media and ensure that nothing wrong is happening.

You can try Hoverwatch on this site and get the required apps to use your mobile phone as a surveillance system. But you should not use these for illegal uses. Make the best use of it and get the best.


We are in an era where phone is not just the device for calls and messages. You can use it for various other purposes like security devices, surveillance systems etc.All you have to do is, just make the best use of it and use the right tools and apps for the same. What else you are using phone for?

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