Which Social Media Platform is More Suitable for Your Business

In the beginning when the first social media applications became operational, they were initially shunned by the society at large. At that point in time, people thought that social interaction is an activity which can only occur face to face. Now the time spent on social media by internet users each day is above 2 hours. There are a lot of users who in that daily timeframe of 2 hours will purchase or sell merchandise. However excessive use of social media may cause unsocial society. Now for someone who wants to make the most of the online opportunity, the question which arises is which social media platform will be most appropriate for a given line of business?


Facebook crossed 2.2 billion users in the fourth quarter of 2017. Out of which 1.74 billion users were using Facebook on their mobile phone. Facebook was found on February 4, 2004 by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. This is a social media platform which investors can start a business with virtually zero investment. For example, a quality leather item selling firm can create a business page without any charges and instantly start selling her goods like premium leather jackets, quality leather shoes, etc. Given the high number of users online the exposure is mind-blowing. If you want to be a successful investor on Facebook avoid making your page look like a hard core commercial page. Instead try to portray a supportive and cooperative perspective of the company. Once you start developing long term connections with users, you can easily use Facebook to generate productive leads.


Flickr is a picture and video sharing website which was initially owned by Yahoo and Verizon now owns Flickr. This used to be one of the best photo sharing applications back in the days when there was less competition. Producing new photos, editing, customising and editing photos used to be a cinch using this application. Now if your business is specifically in to the photography industry or the fashion industry, Flickr provides a very good niche market. You can share your company’s vision with the use of images and pictures to tell your story. It is advisable not to share pictures or images which appear like direct advertising. Instead try to engage and interact with potential customers based on their particular needs and demands.


Instagram is an application which is designed specifically for mobile users. There are no clickable links in the posts. Businesses should link Instagram with other social media websites. New businesses can use the stories option to present a more vivid and lifelike representation of the company. New enterprises should avail paid advertising options to quick start their business reputation. The stories option in Instagram has huge marketing potential for reaching out to prospective consumers. The stories option allows users to compile a story using a group of pictures or images which will disappear after 24 hours of posting. This does not mean that you do not have to put in consideration before posting something.


This is an ideal platform for businesses looking to acquire new talent and interested in connecting with other organisations. This is often mistaken solely as a platform for professionals looking for new job opportunities. This is also a great place for businesses to connect with potential clients in an entirely formal arrangement. Interactions with potential customers or business partners will be very refined, just like people offering buy dissertation online writing for students in cheap rate. There will be no interaction which will be considered as informal or casual. LinkedIn can easily be connected to other social media websites. Try to maximize links and connections by integrating as many different social media websites as you can. It will help to expand your audience and clientele.

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Pinterest is a website which boasts 175 million active users sharing images put forward as pins. Let’s look at the meanings of some Pinterest vocabulary to understand the whole idea better.

  • Boards: Can be used to organize pins in to specific sections. Boards can be specified as group, archive or secret boards.
  • Home Feed: This is the main page which displays pins based on your interests and the boards you are following.
  • Pins: Content or images shared on Pinterest. A pin will always link back to its original website.
  • Pinners: Users on Pinterest.
  • Pincodes: Are special codes which can be used to be taken directly to your customised content.
  • Pinterest Lens: This new feature introduced in Feb 2017 allows pinners to use their camera to perform searches.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags followed by a word can be used to label certain pins with a specific category.


This is a social media platform which religiously enforces the 140 character limit when sharing. Create your twitter handle which can only be 15 characters long. Your full name can be up to a length of 50 characters. Inform Twitter of all of your interests to help Twitter locate and recommend users which you can follow. You can decide to connect your email to access your contacts. Use the search.twitter.com to connect your account with various keywords for easy access. Tweet regularly to stay active and up-to-date with current trends and ranking. Selecting Twitter over traditional mobile messaging can help you save money and reach a larger audience at the same time. Remember to change the caption each time you tweet something. This way you will be increasing your target audience with each tweet.

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