Brand24 Review – Social Media Monitoring Tool [Pricing/Reviews/Specs]

Brand 24 social media tool

Brand24 is well-designed and one of the best social media analytics platform that is comprehensive social listening and influencer identification tool for small to midsize business (SMBs) looking to monitor your social media success and reach across their social audience and customer base.

Here we are going to share the in-depth review of Brand24 that offers easy to understand dashboard with revamped user interface (UI) to improve navigation, setup and amazing usability, and a comprehensive suite of tools of the layout and the interface of Editor’s choice is kind a Sprout Social, albeit with less detailed brand analytics and grow your business reporting capabilities than more expensive global enterprise-focused social analytics platforms such as Crimson Hexagon or Editor’s choice Synthesio.

Brand24 Review

Brand24 continuous to roll out great new features, that adapting to a constantly changing social landscape with tools such as YouTube metrics, Instagram mention previews, and a useful feature called Storm Alerts that notify you some changes in mention volume or social media reach.

In today’s time, the main issue is that most of the business doesn’t have that much time, resources and knowledge needed to put a monitoring system in a place. Well, there are apps that can help any brand owner manage their business’s online reputation before things escalate and as Brand24 is a social media “Listening” tool that can monitor your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and analyzes the web’s keywords.

In addition to social media metrics such as mentions and audience reach, because Brand24 also gives your insight to positive and negative comments received for target keyword.

How to Setup Projects with Brand24?

The first thing you have to perform that creating a brand24 account is to add a Project and Projects are where you provide the main keyword or set of keywords for a brand, product, or topic that you can monitor. For instance, if you want to sell blogging ebooks online, then your keywords might include ‘Blogging’ and ‘eBook’.

Other than this, you can add typing regular keywords, and track best hashtags across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Simply type the Hashtag (with the # symbol before the keyword) and save the Project.

Saved Projects will appear as a list on the left panel of the dashboard. After data is generated, you can proceed to check your project data by tapping Summary under the Project name.

Understand Your Social Data

When you expand a Project on the left panel, you’ll see some links, Summary, Mentions, Analysis, Sources, Quotes and Comparison.

Here’s what each of these links means:

  • Summary – You can understand it as a bird’s eye view of your topic or keyword’s presence on the web. You’ll get a list of best keywords that mention in the list, at the same a list of top influencers for that keyword too.
  • Mentions – This is a more detailed section to check mentions about your brand or chosen topic on the web other than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Brand24 also scans websites, forums, YouTube, and other places on the Web that are accessible to the Public.
  • Analysis – As the name suggests, you’ll see how that how this tool work for you for social media information that can be interpreted. Social Media shares, mentions, and likes will be counted in this section.
  • Sources – It is a simple option where authors and web pages use the specific keywords.
  • Quotes – Here you can find a collection of direct quotes from people who use your specified keyword.
  • Comparison – In this section, you can compare two projects together.

Brand24 Pricing:

For the convenience and important information that you will get from Brand24, that is the Brand24 Price you will pay.

Well, there is a Good News for you, that Brand24 comes with 14-day Trial period and if you want to try this service than you can try it without spending a single penny.

We suggest you to read out all the Brand24 Features and then decide which plan you want to choose. If you’re unsure, you can always go with the lowest-priced plan and then upgrade later when you need more premium plan.

Try Your 14-Day Trial Now

Brand24 Features:


You will get an organized dashboard of your business mentions for faster interactions.


A proper chart based graphical report for checking volume and reach.


Actionable insights that will save your time and allow user to make data-driven decisions.


You will get a calculated authority index for each discussion participant.


Authority index calculated sentiments analysis so you can examine your growth.


You will get additional alerts in the form of email/in-app notifications of instant changes in discussion quality and quantity.


Automated PDF reports, .xls files and infographics with key statistics from your dashboard.


You will get set of filters for narrowing down your perfect results to suit the way you work and it can helps you to improve your strategy of social media.

Is Brand24 Good for you?

As a digital marketer or online business owner awareness of your audience and their reaction on your services or products is the most important factor that you should know about.

While not each feature in Brand24 grow your business, but it is still a useful and helpful tool for monitoring your social media audience.

In addition to building more audience and asking them what they want to change in your service so they can happily use your service more and more, you simply need a tool like Brand24 and with this keep an eye on how popular you are between your audiences.

If you want to improve your service according to the audience and grow your business to the next level than this tool is made for you and based on these kinds of needs you should definitely try this Social Media tool which helps you to monitor your brand on social media and beyond.

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