All One Click Root APPs For Android Rooting


While Android is not as stringent as the iPhone, but, if you want to break out the phone, you need to perform “Rooting”. Sometimes, we don’t want to use the pre-installed software and other apps, and rooting can be done to customize the phone as per your requirements. Rooting an Android device gives you complete access to all the aspects of the operating system and the default settings, and provides you the permissions needed to make changes in the default setting and configuration of the device.

For rooting, you need not be technically very sound. There is some “One Click” rooting apps to facilitate the Android rooting with great ease. Here’s a list of top rated Android Rooting apps which don’t require a PC to root.



The Towelroot apk is one of the small tools that enables an Android device’s rooting in only a few seconds. All you need to do is install the APK and press the button to start rooting.

Root Master

Rootmaster APK

The Root Master APK is one of the best rooting tools for Android devices as it allows you to Root the device in just one click. It supports rooting on the Android-based mobile phones from the different vendors like Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC, Motorola. Also, it supports rooting on all the Android versions ranging from Android Cupcake, that is Android 1.5 to the latest Android Lollipop, that is, Android 5.0.


Kingroot APK download

The Kingroot APK is a free and highly powerful Android rooting tool developed by a famous Chinese developer. Using Kingroot, you can root your Android phones and tablets with just a single click. The best part is that, the developers provide regular updates for Kingroot to make it support all the latest devices.


iroot apk

iRoot is developed by the same team which developed vRoot a few time back. The Mgyun team’s iRoot is considered as the best Android rooting software that supports almost any Android device, phone or tablet. Any Android device running Android 2.2 to Android 4.4 can be rooted with iRoot.

Here are the top one-click Android Rooting Apps which require a PC to boot

Kingo Root

kingo-root apk

It is considered to be one of the best and easiest Android rooting tools. All you need to do is download the Kingo Root, connect your Android device to the PC and root the device. It is a free app and it works with almost all the Android devices.

Here are the top PC-based apps to root your Android devices with one-click


vroot-APK download-for-android

VROOT is one of the simplest Android rooting tools, whose English version support over 8000 Android devices. After downloading, it’s very easy to root the Android devices using VROOT.

Root Genius

Root genius APK download

The Root Genius 1.8.7 enables rooting on over 10000 different Android devices. All you need to do is download the Root Genius, and run it on your PC when your Android device is connected to it.

There are many other one-click Android rooting apps which are available on the internet apart from the ones mentioned in this post. But, some of them have viruses or malware, some of those apps don’t have a proper code and some may even harm your device. So, before you download and use a rooting app or software on your Android device, it’s vital that you check its online reviews.



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