Kingroot apk 5.2.1 Download For Android

Kingroot APK download

KingRoot Apk is a powerful and free Android Rooting tool to root on your Android phones or tablet computers with just one click. After rooting your android device with KingRoot, you will be able to use awesome apps like Lucky Patcher. We often provide updates for kingroot to make it compatible with a growing number of devices together with latest devices.

Kingroot Apk supports many varieties of devices among all of the similar rooting tools. Thus, it is most likely the kingroot will root your device even if other similar tools failed several times before. You are able to download free apk file to get an android or free EXE file to your PC.

Advantages of rooting a device

There are many benefits of rooting your Android device. One can explore and unlock many features by rooting his or her smartphone. After rooting a device, one can install custom ROMs, remove pre-installed crapware and applications that are obsolete, and can even access the internal storage more effectively. Advertisements that pop-up while using an app is the most frustrating thing one can ever encounter. After rooting a device one can block such advertisements to a maximal level.It also gives you an opportunity to download an incompatible application.Other than these, one can keep up with the latest Android version after rooting his or her device.



Kingroot APK download


Dev: KingSoft Inc.

Version: 5.2.1 [Latest]

Published On: July 28, 2017


Features of Kingroot

Trusted App

KingRoot App is the most trusted rooting app. It is a one-click rooting app and according to technical experts, it has the most success rate of 98.2 %. So, for rooting an Android device, KingRoot can be considered the most trusted app.

Most Downloaded Rooting App

As it is the most trusted app, it is used by millions of people around the globe. Therefore, making it the most downloaded rooting app.

Frequently Updated

The developers of KingRoot app work constantly on upgrading the functions. They regularly fix the bugs. They continuously roll out updates for new models of Android devices. Currently, it supports  104136 models.

One Touch Root

Rooting a phone is a complicated process. As much as one start to learn about the process, the perplexity starts to sow its seeds. KingRoot App is a one-touch Root app, which eliminates the all the hard work. Just in one touch, the Android device can be rooted.

Less Risky

Rooting with KingRoot app is less risky as it has a high success rate of 98.2 %.


Image Credit: Dheivegam

How to use King Root APK on Android?

One can download King Root apk from here. Once the file is downloaded, then the installation can be initiated. If there is a problem in installing the app, then the permission needs to be given in the settings.

After successfully installing the app, it needs to be opened. Once you open the app, it automatically scans everything on your phone. After that, there comes an option to “fix now”. Tap on “fix now”, and the rooting starts.

If the device is compatible then the rooting starts. If the rooting process does not initiates then simply the device is incompatible. After the rooting, the process is carried out successfully, you will see the rooted screen on the smartphone. This means that the Android device has been successfully rooted.

Demerits Of Rooting

There are many risks of rooting. Rooting has many side effects, so it is important to know the demerits before rooting. One of the most vulnerable reasons is that after rooting, your phone no longer remains under the warranty of the mobile company. So, according to many technical experts, rooting is advised after a year. Besides warranty, there are chances of the phone getting bricked. It is, therefore, suggested to Root your Android device after complete consideration.

Disclaimer: This post is just for the information only. We do not support or not official site to download the APK from here.


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