How To Send A Money Request Through PayPal

How to send a money request through PayPal ? if you are wondering about how to send payment request via PayPal? Then you are in the right place. Here in this article we will mention you each and every thing regarding it.

Many of you are a blogger, freelancer or a small business owner so most probably chances to giving or receiving money in a month.  I will give you my point of view I am a blogger, after my deal completed I asked client please send me my bills. But once decent way you will send a money request once work has been completed.

The Difference Between Money And Invoice Request

If you think that what is the difference between “money Request” and “Invoice”? Do not worried here I describe that thing. First one “Money Request” this request is most probably used for your personal transaction between your friends and family members.  In the other way Invoice is used for your business transaction. In invoice you should mention company logo, description, item number, shipping description etc.

As for my thinking if you are doing a business then send invoice is the best way because of its looks more professional. If you used transaction between friends and family then money request is the best due to easy to transaction.  When we talk about the PayPal then it is very good template to create an invoice instantly. 

If you send to invoice then it is good for you and the client. You will easily track your financial activity between you and client and also create a positive impression on clients. 

In this post you will find the how to send payment request via PayPal ? and how to send an invoice through PayPal?

Money Request Via PayPal 

You did not know about how to send a Money Request through PayPal ?  Then do not worry about it here in this article you will find the step by step guide  about it. you need to follow the entire steps for creating a money request.

  • Login In To Your PayPal Account.

      • You need to first login in to PayPal account then click on the send and request button.
Login in to your PayPal Account
Login in to your PayPal Account
  • Request Money

  • Then you need to click on the request money section “the request from anyone “tab. 
  • After that you need to enter email id, mobile number, or the name of person who you want to send request money.  Then click on the next button.
  • You need to enter amount and write a short description about money.
Request money
Request money
      • Firstly you need to provide money for example you need to money $20 then write on that 20 , then select the currency,  then provide the short description about it. 
      • Make it very clear that writing a description is not mandatory but  it is make purpose clear for you and those purpose who send the money.

  • After that you will be received a notification of success.  You can see the request on your account summary. 
  • Now you got the solution how to send a money request through PayPal? 
  • If you want to send an Invoice through PayPal then please follow the below article on that.

How To Create And Send An Invoice Through PayPal ?

As I told you earlier money request is for transactions between friends and family members.  But you want giving bill for your business purpose then use Invoice. Let’s see how to send an invoice through PayPal.

  • The first Step is you need a login with your PayPal account
  • And click on the send and Request button.

PayPal invoice page
PayPal invoice page
  • Second steps is that you need to “create and manage Invoice ” tab in the create and request money steps.
  • This link will redirect you to PayPal invoice page.  Then click on “create new Invoice”.
  • Then create your invoice template. 
  • You need to upload company logo.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Then fill up entire details step by step.
  • Then click on the send Invoice.
    • After the completed entire details about invoice click on create invoice. 
    • Then in front of you invoice is ready then click on the “send invoice”.


So here you will find a solution how to send a money request through PayPal? And how to send invoice request from PayPal ? if you used any of ways hardly to spend your time within two to three minutes. You can also see your invoice in PayPal summary.  If you liked my article and got solution regarding invoice create and money request send by PayPal then please share this article on social media.

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