Step By Step Guideline To How To Develop A Website In 2019 (Free)

If you want to create a website and you have no knowledge of coding? so do not worry about this here I will provide information about how to create a beautiful website within few hours?  and one thing you must know that you are not alone to make these ways websites create over 2 lakh people are making a website with WordPress. without wasting time, I will be going to the topic how to develop a website in 2019.

In this article you will find the following content with the help of this content you will find each and every guideline regarding develop a website. 

  1. In our first step I will try to teach you that :
    1. To find the domain and register a domain name for free
  2. After that, I will try to guide you how to Choosing the best web hosting?
  3. Now actual learning started: The First step is how to install WordPress.
  4. How to install Template for your website design.
  5. Then you will learn how to Creating pages in WordPress
  6. After that, you need to learn how to Customizing WordPress with add-ons and extensions
  7. What are the Best Resources to learn  WordPress and get support
  8. Additional details of website building

For A Build A Website What Is Needed?

  • The First thing is needed you must have a domain name for example
  • WordPress hosting is needed what is hosting? Hosting is nothing but a place in this you will place your website will be hosting in these sites. 
  • And you must have 45 minutes to read this article.

Which Is The Best Website Platform?

There are too many website builders available on the new and that will help you to build a website.  But among all of them my first choice is WordPress because of easy to use and self-hosted website platform.

Other Best Website Platform

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WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world.  Over 30 percent of website will build on the internet. Another plus point is this platform is totally free website is free and which come with thousands of website designs and extension.

How To Make  Creative Website

Step 1. Setup

Many people are making the mistake of choosing the platform of website. With the help of this article you will not be doing these types of mistakes.  

Find the best platform of website creating then is the best solution. You can create small to multipage and multi-functionality website in this platform. The reason behind to create a website on WordPress is this WordPress will give you thousands of website and addons plugins with the help of this you can create any kind of website.

WordPress is free for people to download and easy to use to build different type of website without any kind of restrictions.

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Cost Of Creating A Website Even Though WordPress is free :

I know that WordPress is totally free but the cost you need to spend money is domain name and hosting name. 

What Is The Domain Name?

The domain name is not other than the website’s address on the internet.  if you not getting idea of domain then I explain you in details. Whatever you type in web browser their name is domain, for example, or is called a domain name. 

Another thing is this you need to spend money on your hosting. 

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What Is Hosting?

Hosting is nothing but the place on the internet where your website will be stored.  In short, hosting is one type good storage place in which your website content is stored. 

You need to spend the cost on a domain name which is around $14.99 or more in a year.

We are thankful for some website domain and Webhosting provider which are giving you offer day to day services among them I will provider hostgot, GoDaddy and  Bluehost are all great. 

Let’s go ahead and purchase a domain name and hosting. But I will be giving information about anyone hosting provider with the help of you can create website 

Among all of them, I will choose for you Bluehost domain name provider. 

First thing you need to go to the official website of Blue host or go daddy or any other domain and hosting provider then select your domain name and plan.

Select the hosting plan and select the domain name which is available for sale.

There are lots of domain name available for example .com .in . xyz .org etc but select the .com domain if it is available in your budget. 

The first thing is this choose the domain name according to the name of your business or main keyword about your website’s purpose.

Then hosting provider will ask you some questions regarding personal information like name, address, email, etc.

These sites will ask you extra thing purchase then you do not purchase another thing. 

Then finish your purchase.

Then after you must check your email address in it you will receive an email . in this email you will find the login information of web hosting control panel. (cPanel).

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Step 2. Install WordPress

In the dashboard, you will find the WordPress icon click on it and install it on the web.

Then after it, you’ll need to enter your website name, admin username, and password as for your website that can you changed it later.

Then provide some details which desk board asks you. then click on the Install button then continue. 

After the installation completed then on the screen you will find the WordPress site Url of admin panel and below it, you will find the user id and password.

Now your WordPress site is ready to create a page.

Your WordPress site admin panel is: http://www.yoursitename.extensionname / wp-admin 

Means that if your site name is XYZ .com domain then  then enter the user id and password which are shown on the screen.

Step 3. Select Your Theme

Now we are on the third steps apply theme. The theme is useful for your visual appearances which are controlled.

By default WordPress site come with the basic theme. You change it for your design needed there are lots of themes available in WordPress.

For that please go to the  dashboard=> Appearance » Themes page and then click on the ‘Add New’ button.

Then click on an apply theme.

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Step 4.  How To Add Site Content

In the Word press site there are two types of content types first one is post and another is pages.

Posts are for the blogging purpose that will become in Lifo manner. means last come first display manner.

For your main content of the site must write on page 

Page >> Add New page in the WordPress admin area. 

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Step 5. Installing Plugins

The plugin is the best functionality of the WordPress site.  

The plugin comes with a bunch of functionality which is developed by the developer. You can easily use this plugin and customized functionality without any kind of coding. 

There are lots of plugins available in the WordPress sites.

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Conclusion : 

WordPress is one of the best platforms to create website without doing any kind of knowledge of code. I hope this article will help you with creating a website. 

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