12 Best Home Decor Affiliate Program to Earn Decent Passive Income

12 Best Home Decore Affiliate Program to Earn Decent Passive Income

12 Best Home Decor Affiliate Program to Earn Decent Passive Income. This post helps you to know about the world’s best interior design affiliate program.

Most of the bloggers and affiliate marketers who deal with home decor niche blogs or have interior design affiliate program marketing websites; this informative post will benefit you. You will earn a decent income from the home decor affiliate program from your website, but you will have time to associate yourself with the world-class company in the home décor segment.

The home décor segment includes material for every corner of the home, which provides a beautiful look to your house through furniture, bedroom, garden décor, office, and entertainment products.

Are you searching for an affiliate program to earn passive income from home décor affiliate program as a beginner? Are you an experienced blogger, or are you seeking a company that is offering high commission as an affiliate fee? You have landed in the right place, especially if you are a home decor blogger. 

I will provide necessary information regarding the top home décor affiliate program that helps you to earn decent revenue from your blog. Here is 12 excellent home decor affiliate program to help you earn an attractive commission from these companies who are offering this program.

#1. Designer Living: 

This is an online store which deals with various branded house items like bedding, window, furniture, home décor, bathroom, and garden decorative items.

They have 10000 products in different categories in every lifestyle and budget. They offer the most attractive price to grab customers with their best deals.

Designer Living offers its best perks in the industry. Affiliate associates have access to a great selection of real-time tracking tools, creative’s, and exclusive deals for a specific audience. 

This online store offers home décor affiliate program for the eligible blogger dealing with home décor blog.

They offer a 12% commission, which is the highest commission in the home décor goods industry. The average order value must be over $120 to get your affiliate commission.

Designer Living Affiliate Program:

 Affiliate commission: 12%

 Average order value: over $120

Affiliate network: Impact Radius

Cookies: 30 days

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#2. John Robshaw: 

This is another online store that offers an excellent commission on a wide range of products. They provide so many unique quality products to the customer for home décor ranging from different prices.

You may promote their products on your home décor blogging website to earn an attractive commission.

They offer 10% on their products as an affiliate commission.

John Robshaw. Com Affiliate Programs:

 Affiliate commission: 10%

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

 Average value order: $250-300


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#3. Joy Bird: 

This famous online store specializes in top quality, customizable furniture. Their products are durable, and pet-friendly fabrics are building to handle whatever life sends your way.

Their one year home trail lets you bring the showroom to your doorstep at your home.

Customers also get a lifetime warranty and quick shipping. The average sale of this company is over $2000. They have a tie-up with “ShareASale” to manage their affiliate program. They also provide their affiliates with useful guidelines for marketing materials and tools to earn attractive commissions.

The principal reason to join as an interior design affiliate program with this company is its high-quality mid-century furniture and excellent design.

Joy Bird affiliate Programs:

 Commission 15%

 Average order value: $250

 Affiliate network: ShareASale

Cookie: 60 days

#4. Blue Sky Environment Décor: 

This company is a real and unique home furnishing top website owned by mother and daughter designers. They are renowned interior décor market place for décor, furnishing, and gifts.

They offer an unmatched quality of product and unparalleled customer service and free design advice. They use ShareASale to run their affiliate program for bloggers.

They provide their affiliates with tracking tools, essential marketing information, and access to their product list and commission rates to help them promote.

The foremost reason to promote this company is its unique home décor, free design advice, and high average order.

Blue Sky affiliate programs:

 Affiliate Commission 10%

Average order value: $160

Affiliate network: ShareASale

Cookie: 60 days

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#5. Belle &June: 

Belle and June are the prominent online home décor boutique store. Their store includes over 8000 home décor accents from the world’s top designer and artist.

It has featured them on the popular magazine wall street journal, HGTV, and The Huffington Post for their incredible elegant pieces.

The average order size must be $250-400. They also run their home décor affiliate program and offer an attractive commission to the affiliate associate. Every month they include new products and suppliers in their product basket segment.

Therefore, you may promote their recent arrival to specific customers.

Belle& June affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission 12%

 Average order value: $250-500

 Affiliate network: ShareASale and CJ

 Cookie: 30 days

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#6. Sierra Living Concepts: 

This is the prominent California based online store selling home décor designer items. They sell artistic handicraft, affordable home décor items from all around the world.

Their extensive product basket allows them to cater to a wide range of customers with a wide variety of interior décor choices.

The company runs its affiliate program through ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. You may join them to promote the interior design affiliate program.

They provide different marketing, reliable tracking to support its affiliate program.

Affiliates got monthly bonuses for their promotion, a $100 reward for reaching $5000 business value. They also offer cash bonuses for specific activities like social media share, banner placement on their blog, and writing reviews for their products.

Sierra Living Concept affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission: 8%

 Average order value: $800-1000

Affiliate network: ShareASale

Cookie: 30 days


#7. Hay Needle: 

Hay needle is the most famous home décor and furnishing retailer with an extensive network living selection.

They offer a wide range of products like home décor and furniture in different budgets, spaces, and styles. They take services of commission junction to run their affiliate program. You may join their interior design affiliate program to earn high passive income.

For the promotion of their product, they provide various tools like a customized banner for your blog, text link, tracking tools, and exclusive product data feeds.

Their affiliate management is quick in their services and co-operates affiliate associates. They also provide necessary information to run their campaigns.

You should join their affiliate program because they have over 1 million product range. Besides this, their marketing material also helps you to earn a decent income from their affiliate program.

Hayneedle Concept affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission  8%

 Average order value: $800-1000

 Affiliate network: Commission junction

 Cookie: 30 days

#8. Canvas Vows: 

Canvas vows create amazing personalized home décor canvasses. They help you create a personalized gift for a special day in your life.

It may be your wedding ceremony, anniversary, baby shows, or birthday. It features their products on brides, Wayfair, and Allmodern. ShareASale manages its affiliate program.

The company provides its registered affiliates with a variety of tracking tools, marketing tools, and regular monthly commission payment.

The fundamental reason for this company’s work is its top commission rate, which is 25%, which is so attractive.

Canvas Vows affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission: 25%

 Average order value: $400

 Affiliate network: Enlistly

 Cookie: 120 days

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#9. One Kings Lane: 

They are renowned for offering design services, furnishings, and positive inspiration to design their dream home they love.

It specializes in providing vintage, name brand furniture, lighting, tabletop, bedding, decors, and rugs.

They are also renowned for a product designed in-house that is not available anywhere else. Commission junction manages its affiliate program.

They provide a catalogue, reporting tools, and other marketing materials to affiliates to promote their products. So, if you are interested in joining their interior design affiliate program.

This online store is a premier home shopping destination, a monthly newsletter with recent offers for announcements. The newsletter will update affiliates with the latest offers, promotions, and contents to earn high commissions.

This is the best home décor affiliate program site for making a good income.

One Kings Lane affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission 5%

 Average order value: $200

 Affiliate network: CJ

Cookie: 14 days

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#10. Pier 1 Imports: 

This online platform is the original importer of decorative gifts and home décor imported from worldwide locations.

The product reflects the diverse culture of the countries they explore available on this site.

They have a range of products for all, including decorative, useful, and elegant items. Commission junction manages its affiliate program.

Pier 1 Imports provides various marketing materials, newsletters, and essential tools to get started. The company is renowned for the best interior décor affiliate program.

Pier1 Imports affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission:  7%

Average order value: $200

Affiliate network: meridian.sovrn.com

Cookie: 7 days

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#11. Displate:

Displate is another online store for affiliates and artists who desire to promote and sell their artwork products online.

This website’s primary feature is that independent artist from all over the world, the person who creates actual artwork, while this company works their work for them.

You will also find unique artwork printed on metal sheets and then sold as wall posters for the people’s homes and offices.

If you are thinking of an interior design affiliate program for your blog, the site will attract you.

They also offer one of the high commissions for your work provided by any other affiliate program available on the internet.

 Displate affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission:  30%

Average order value: $100

Affiliate network: Commission junction

Cookie: 30 days

#12. Sukhi Rugs: 

Sukhi Rug is a different company from others because of its unique items. They sell a handmade brand by a team of local artists who live in Nepal, India, Morocco, and Turkey.

They weave all the rugged items sold here using traditional methods unique to each country’s geographical area. They offer only authentic and genuine brands.

You may start a home décor affiliates program for a decent commission.

Displate affiliate programs:

 Affiliate commission:  7%

 Average order value: $200-600

Affiliate network: Awin

 Cookie: 30 days

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