How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2019

how to get more subscribers on my YouTube channel.

What is the fastest and more interesting way to spread content or news? Video. Videos are rank at the first if you search for anything. They will provide the best information and most people are lazy to read so this way, they can get the information without getting bored. Every day, YouTube gets over a billion views. You have heard of that song which is now at 4.8 billion views. Even if the song language is not English, people all around the world is watching it. so, if you are a Youtuber, you might be wondering, how to get more views and more importantly how to get more subscribers on my YouTube channel.

They are both connected, your viewers find your video accordantly or purposely, but they will watch it and then forget about it. but people who loved your video and not only one but also another video will subscribe to your channel and become a loyal viewer. They are the first to get notified of any video you upload. So, if you have 1000 subscriber, you can rest assured that there will be at least 900 views are inevitable.

So now when we understand how important it is to have a big subscribing base, we need to take steps to assure more and more people will subscribe to our channels. We don’t dream to be the guy who has 65 million subscribers, but at least a good number. So, we have put together some tips for you to follow on how to get more subscriber on YouTube.

Content is the king

Always remember one thing, people will only watch your video if they are gaining something. Even if its little knowledge or laugh. You need to make a killer video content which could go viral. Not every 3rd video or 5th video, but you need to make every single video carefully and craftily. Your video needs to have relevant content which is not limited by one country but should be watched globally. If you solve the problem, you will get views. If you solve their sadness problem by making them laugh or their border problem by engaging them in your video, it will get more views and subscriber.


As we talk about quality content, that is nearly, but you need to maintain the consistency of quality. You cannot downgrade your value just for the sake of posting.  Because it doesn’t matter that your one video is gone viral, you will get the view for any stupid stuff. If you post anything which is not equivalent or superior to the last video, you may lose your subscriber forever.

Make a plan

You need a floor plan when you build a home you need a thorough business plan when you start a business, then why not for your YouTube channel. You need to plan carefully for every single video. Who are your viewers? Why are they watching and what they like to watch? Also, what will you go to speak or do in the video? You need to have a minute to minute planning. This way you will become more productive while even maintain your consistency and quality.


You must have heard of search engine optimization. You need to make your video title more search friendly, that is how you will get traffic. Create something out of the box title, which can make people think and follow the link to your video. Make sure you need to use the right keyword in the title and make it more engaging. The only way people are going to watch your video is you need to tell them what it’s about. Don’t clear out everything but just a little to make them curious. Make your title not so long and lengthy.

Trailer and thumbnail

YouTube let you make a trailer for your channel so that your viewer can watch the trailer to know what type of video you are posting. You can add snippets of your viral video so they would know that it was you and subscribe to your channel. Also, you need to be careful about your video thumbnail. Thumbnail is something which is shown before the video starts to play. You can make customize thumbnail which looks pretty sophisticated and attracts more viewers.

Video description optimization

Now its similar to the title, but now you have a chance to write more search-friendly content for your video description. You can find the relevant tag and put it in your meta description. This way your video will be more discoverable and easy to find.

Reply to the comments

Whether it’s a blog or YouTube video, you need to reply to the comment of your viewer. Let them know you care about them and listen to their request. If they criticise you, don’t engage with them and simply reply. You can actually get a great idea from the comments too. We have found one more great tool Tubebuddy and can help to optimize your channel.

Getting more subscribers is the first step toward building a YouTube channel. Create a target number of the subscriber and work hard until you get there. If you are making a great video than its just about time you will get great views. Don’t fall into the trap of trending topics and copying someone, create your own voice and own brand.

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