Tubebuddy Review 2019 , Optimize Your Videos To Increase Revenue

Tubebuddy review

Tubebuddy is a best YouTube analytics app for video optimization as well to check YouTube analytics in detail view & video manager on YouTube to customize & manage YouTube channel for better YouTube marketing strategy.

This is a great tool to get a lot more out of your YouTube account. It’s easy to use, feature-packed and comes with a pretty good free plan. And the paid plans are completely reasonably priced. This is highly recommended.

If you’re a YouTube publisher or thinking of starting a YouTube channel. Optimize and grow your YouTube channel with TubeBuddy, and it’s packed with countless powerful features that will enable you to get more out of YouTube. And one of the best parts is that all of these features are available inside your normal YouTube interface. TubeBuddy works as an extension for your browser, so there’s no need to switch back and forth to an external tool. In addition to the feature-packed premium plans, TubeBuddy offers a free version of the tool that still has plenty of helpful features. That means you can get started totally for free!

TubeBuddy Features :

  •        Works Inside YouTube – TubeBuddy adds a menu inside of your YouTube account for easy access.
  •        Tags Explorer – Find the best & most popular tags for your videos.
  •        Publish to Facebook – Automatically publish your videos as native Facebook videos.
  •        A/B Testing – A/B test titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.
  •        Best Time to Publish – Automatically find the best time to publish videos for your specific audience.
  •        GIF Generator – Automatically create a GIF for a specific portion of your video.
  •        Brand Alerts – Get notified whenever someone mentions your channel.
  •        Competitor Scorecard – Keep an eye on your competition.
  •        Description Promotion – Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos.
  •        Card Templates
  •        Annotation Templates
  •        Thumbnail Generator
  •        Pick a Winner (to help manage contests)
  •        Advanced video Embeds
  •        Comment filters
  •        Welcome messages for your new subscribers
  •        Featured video promotion
  •        Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

If you never heard of it before, why you’ll call TubeBuddy your new best friend.!

TubeBuddy is solving a lot of problems for YouTubers like you and me. When you think about the fact that over 300 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day than you might think your little YouTube channel doesn’t stand a chance.Save But as someone who has nearly half a million views on YouTube, I can tell you that if you spend some time optimizing your video titles, descriptions and tags you can get some serious traction for your videos.

TubeBuddy is one of the most popular YouTube tools for good reason. It’s packed with powerful features that will help you manage and grow your YouTube account. It’s also incredibly easy to use because everything is integrated inside of your existing YouTube dashboard.

As a youtube, you have to do lots of work like video uploading, thumbnail creating, video topic planning, subscriber outreaching etc. Tubebuddy review will show you how to do these bulk tasks from one dashboard. Tubebuddy is a number one tool for youtube channel management, growth, and video optimization for the search engine.It helps to save time for busy Youtubers.That means that it helps to build a standard youtube channel.You will be amazed when you see it,s functionalities.If you are struggling to grow a youtube channel for your business or spending lots of time for managing your youtube channel, It may be best option to try tubebuddy.It will increase your productivity and speed your youtube channel like a rocket.It launched in December in 2014.The main intention of tubebuddy to make YouTubers life easier.

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Tubebuddy Support:

Tubebuddy’s support excellent. They have about 50 articles and about extension bugs. They also have tube buddy get started videos tutorials.Additionally, Tube Buddy’s, Functionality is very easy to apply. If any support needed, submit a ticket to their contact us pages.

Tubebuddy Pricing:

tubebuddy pricing
tubebuddy pricing

It offers you most affordable prices.It’s pro version 9$ monthly, start version 19$ monthly, legend version will get Tubebuddy discounts & coupons when you have less than 5000 views, you will pay yearly, you have more than one channel.

Try Tubebuddy Now.


No negative reviews were found about Tubebuddy security.As Google allows to Tubebuddy access your youtube channels, it is secure.Because Google engineer is the most brilliant person on the programming fields.They check any app which accesses google accounts before permissions.

TubeBuddy is a large part as to YouTube channel has almost doubled in size over the past year. The time-saving tools provided by TubeBuddy are fantastic and have made workflow so much more streamlined.

  •        It is a time saver. Most users with bulk videos to upload can now smile because of the efficiency of TubeBuddy. It works faster than the typical YouTube. Hence, you can spend the rest of your time doing other stuff.
  •        It has brought the factor of YouTube productivity. With efficiency and more task, users are able to earn a lot of money that can boost them with their daily life. Quality also has been enhancing with the nature of service it provides. Functional impact
  •         Rated YouTube (channel) Creator Videos that are published with TubeBuddy are rated highly because it ensures uploads are of the best quality. You should have one so that you can vividly understand what I mean.It provides easy and a doing it yourself’ way to create a youtube channel.
  •        It provides an easy way to track milestone of the channel. You are able to check on your milestones to check on progress. Views, likes, Comments are all involved with milestones. The more the mores, the higher the payout tokens. It has a graphical representation that demonstrates the milestone progress.
  •        It ease the publishing of Videos to FB and other social networks With the link provided below the video, easy sharing can be done by the owner of the channel or the users who interact with the video online. This will mean your video will span wider region within a short period.

In conclusion, I advise you to be part of the revolution. You will not regret incorporating it as part of your software. The technology shift is becoming real with this generation, don’t be left behind.

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