Looking For YouTube Alternatives? Here are the Best Video Sharing Sites


Millions of people everyday watch videos on the internet. Some of them are looking for their favorite song or some people try to watch their favorite movie trailer. When do you want to watch a video where would you go? Simple on the YouTube. Now every single day millions of people have a choice of over a billion video, but when you start watching the video, you can see all the recommended videos and ads which you cannot skip. Some video might get deleted because of the strict rule of YouTube. Its high time when someone finds a YouTube alternative.

Now there are few video websites similar YouTube which can help you watch videos without any worry. There are also some websites like YouTube without censorship which let you watch and upload video without any restriction. More than that, we can finally be able to get rid of all the click bait we see on the YouTube. Original and informative or funny video which we can watch at peace. Here is the list of best YouTube Alternative on the internet.

  • Metacafe


    One of the best YouTube alternative which has millions of videos to watch. It was started more than 15 years ago but now when people are hating YouTube so much, they have gain quite a popularity. Mostly they have a short video like 1 or 2-minute this website offers hundreds of categories to choose and enjoy. More than 40 million people watch videos on Metacafe and the number is still growing every day. The only limitation it has is shorter videos, you can enjoy short clips, but you don’t have any option to watch much bigger videos.

  • Dailymotion


    It’s not YouTube but its second best to it. Dailymotion has large viewership and has the same look just like YouTube. But one of the best advantage it has over YouTube is, the user can upload any types of video. There are censorship and restriction. That way now you can watch the unfiltered video and enjoy. The only limitation is to watch in HD, the user needs to upgrade it. but otherwise, it can easily replace YouTube.

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  • Vimeo


    If you are searching for high-quality video with actual high-quality content that this is the place to be. Vimeo is not like other video sharing website but its focus on delivering best of the best. You can feel the largeness and ultra 4K HD quality when you open the homepage and watch the videos. It’s different from YouTube as it has more classy movies and free Tv series. If you are looking for something outside the box with high definition video, then this is the place to be.

  • The Internet Archive

    Movies Image Archieve
    Movies Image Archieve

    We often wonder, what was it like when YouTube is not around. You might get surprised when you watch few vintage videos, but those are hard to find. What if there is library when you can visit and watch all the videos. the Internet Archive is the place where you can get all the videos you won’t find on any other platform. You can watch movies and tv series which are one of the best but hard to come by these days.

  • Twitch TV


    If you are an avid gamer then you would have heard of this website. This video sharing website contains all the video game related videos. Live to stream to gameplay. It has gain popularity over the years and now have millions of dedicated users who could not stop watching. For all those people who don’t watch the gameplay video, its pure fun and learning experience from the best of the best video game player in the world.

  • 9Gag TV

    9GAG Tv

    Even if you are on Facebook or twitter or even on Instagram, you must have come across one of the videos of 9Gag videos. They are video sharing website with millions of viewership and loyal followers. If you seek entertainment than you will enjoy every moment of it. time will fly by when you watch thousands of trending and funny videos. Every latest news, every Gif which is making it turn around the internet, you will find it here.

  • TED talk:


    if you are looking for some video which uplifts the spirit and motivate you from the core, Ted talk is your place to be. TED talk have thousands of videos which are actual videos of speeches by TED speaker all around the world. Those are not just celebrity but simple human being with an extraordinary From billionaire Bill gates to a little boy in Africa who scare off the lion and save their livestock. This story is moving and learning experience of a lifetime. You can download their app or watch it online too.

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