Freelancer’s Guide on Writing Business Papers

Business paper writing

The question about writing papers for business often bothers many students of universities and business schools. Here is the expert guide for that.

Business Paper Writing: Quick Freelancer’s Guide

Business paper writing
Business paper writing

Writing a business essay is not the easiest task one may receive from university or specialized business school teachers. Still, there is a certain method for writing papers on serious topics. Professional writers from service website share their guide with everyone who needs help.

Starting to Write a Business Paper

In fact, it all starts with the topic. In some cases, teachers and lecturers can give you the topic at once. It can also happen in situation when students have to choose titles for their essays on their own.

The second option has always been known as the simpler one. But in reality, many students feel frustrated and lost when it is needed to decide what to write about. To avoid that, you should answer three questions:

  • What topic do you like the most?
  • What topic do you know best and/or want to investigate in details?
  • What topic looks the most relevant for the current subject of your studies?

To write a good and suitable essay you need either to be good at the topic at once or to get deeper into it while being in the process of writing. Both options will be fine for you to complete a task well.

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Business Paper Structure

The structure of every essay is determined by demands for this kind of writing:

  1. The author’s thoughts about the problem are to be stated as short theses;
  2. Thoughts have to be supported by proofs: that is why every thesis is followed by arguments.

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Arguments are: facts, social life happenings, events, life situations and personal experience, scientific proofs, references to opinions of scientists, experts, other authorities, etc. There are many specialized websites that easily will make you aware about general business notions. But the key question, “So what?” might just ruin your essay like a card house. Provide value, make readers clearly see that what you’re writing about can be implemented and prove its usefulness to reader.

There are many sample structures of an essay. Try scattering all the data you want to mention in your essay on a sheet of paper and then see how the data is connected. You might then choose to give your essay a tree-structure (with subtopics) or a plain one. Reiterating your point and connecting conclusion with initial statements might give an essay a ring structure. Nonetheless, remember to be logical. Connection between paragraphs and statements must be obvious. Don’t make a reader guess or thinks it out themselves, say explicitly what you mean.

A typical essay plan looks like the following:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis, arguments;
  • Thesis, arguments;
  • Thesis, arguments;
  • Conclusion.

General Recommendations on Writing a Paper for Business

The introduction and the conclusion of your essay have to focus on a certain problem: you state it in the intro, and summarize your opinion in the end. Be careful: conclusion does not mean retelling the essay in 3 sentences.

You need to distinguish essay paragraphs visually, to keep an eye on a logical connection between them: this is the way to make your essay complete.

Writing style: essays might use emotion, expressiveness, and even artistry. Specialists say that short, simple sentences with different intonations cause the required effect onto the reader. But still, there is one thing you should not forget: style reflects your personal features.

So, follow these simple tips from professionals and write what you think about the topic you like – that is the guide for a successful business essay.

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