Tips on How to Proofread Essay in a Great Way

How to Proofread Essay in a Great Way

Got stuck with the proofreading part? This is an essential element of any written assignment. Nonetheless, it is not compulsory. Many students hate it and simply skip. Notwithstanding, proofreading will help to spot and remove all possible mistakes. Therefore, this guide was written to highlight this crucial matter. It covers important points related to the process of proofreading essays and other academic papers. It will surely come you in handy.

All students are put to various serious tests. Some assignments are challenging and may turn into the real nightmare. The performance of written academic papers is one of such. There are many peculiarities about each type. One of such is to proofread the text after the accomplishment. However, this is pretty boring and a way too complicated. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there appear multiple online requests that sound like this “Who can proofread my essay and remove all drawbacks?”

Notwithstanding, this part of essay writing is of great importance and you should be ready to fulfill it. A proofreading agency may not be always at hand or you may not be able to afford its services. Accordingly, you should fulfill this process on your own. If learning some points about this process, you might find that it is not as difficult as you might have thought before.

Please, make allowances for the following things that are important while essay proofreading:

  • Check the paper in stages.
  • Verify the used informative sources.
  • Read aloud.
  • Use a spell checker.
  • Use a dictionary.
  • Read backward.
  • Note and learn your common mistakes.
  • Ask for the feedback.

These are the main clues, which will help to proofread any piece of writing.

Revise and Correct Your Essays

You should find out some additional information about each clue mentioned above. However, before we delve deeper into this matter you should memorize one significant prompt. Each professional proofreader would advise you to have a decent rest. You should give your overloaded brain at least 24 hours to relax. You will need it the next day fresh and clear. Otherwise, you are risking to miss some vital errors in your writing.

When you start to proofread your assignment, you should not get messy. An organized approach helps in many situations and proofreading is no exception. Do not hurry and try to read everything quickly. That won’t do! This is a pretty lasting process, which requires your patience and time. Therefore, look for one type of problem at a time.

Though it is pretty boring and gets on your nerves, you should make yourself reading the text several times. A single revision might not be good enough. Reread your text line by line. While typing it, you may use various formats. This may help you to identify more drawbacks than before. Read slowly and concentrate on the structure and language of your text. The next time give more heed to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

You should obligatorily verify the used information. All facts, figures, and names are supposed to be officially proven. One of the compulsory academic requirements is to write unique papers. If using some facts without remaking them, you may infest your essay with plagiarism. Therefore, make sure all the data is accurate and your text does not sound like the pure plagiarism.

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Another popular technique of professional proofreaders is to read aloud. When the text sounds, you activate your hearing. This is essential. This is an additional chance to understand that something is wrong. Reading aloud, you may hear an inappropriate part of your writing. Something might not suit the topic, the general tone, the chosen language or would simply sound as if taken from some other project, which has no relation to yours.

The usefulness of a spellchecker is actually great. You may know all the rules. Notwithstanding, there may still be some twisted situations, which can be resolved with the assistance of an advanced checker. Thus, the program can find reversed letters, frequently repeated words and something of the kind. Simply select a dependable one and proofread your essay.

Though your spellchecker may greatly assist you, there is a need for a dictionary too. You should trust your dictionary. A spellchecker can tell you that a word is a word. Nonetheless, it will not tell whether it suits the context. You are supposed to implement a definite style and use appropriate language. The word choice is crucial and a good dictionary will help you to determine the most suitable language.

The next point might be surprising. Some people read their texts backward. It sounds weird, but it actually works. You should read from right to left beginning with the last word in your essay. What is the purpose? You will have a greater focus on individual words using a new angle of proofreading.

It would be likewise good to create a special proofreading checklist. It should include your common mistakes. Gather all essays you have written before and note all typical mistakes. This has two great benefits. Firstly, you will know what to seek in other papers. Secondly, you will remember the frequent mistakes and will avoid them.

In the end, you may ask somebody of your family and friends to review your writing. They may find some errors too.

Use these recommendations and you will write great essays without mistakes.

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