Top 10 Best Free Cricket Games for Android 2018

best free cricket games android

Cricket is game which is loved by billions, if you are Indian and you don’t have any skills, you must know how to play cricket. Now when IPL 2018 is here in few days, cricket lover is trying to get their mojo back by playing cricket games on their android phone. You can choose any game from our list of Top 10 Best Free Cricket Games for Android.

These games have higher resolution and this cricket games for Android can also play on the tablet too. So take up the bat and bowl and make a century or hattrick.

  1. World Cricket Championship 2

Probably one of the most recommended games for cricket. It has stunning graphics and gameplay which takes you right on the ground. They have all the team you love and want to play. They have more than 60+ batting shot selection and which makes them one of the most popular android game ever.

18 international team, 24 grounds of all around the world and 10 domestic teams, you would have tons of option in shot selection to every angle. You can download and play it from google play store.

  1. Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018

T20 is one of the most loved formats in cricket nowadays and now you can play it right on your android phone and tablet with higher resolution graphics and feel of 3D.

You can play for 14 international teams and you can play Tri-Series, Premier Knockout, Champions Cup, Power Cup, Asia Cup 2018 and Challenger Series. You will have 50 challenges to face and you can play one of the most feared bowlers of all time. Download this game here.

  1. World Cricket Championship Lt

When you watch the match on tv and when someone hit sixes, they will show you the slow-motion shot and it looks amazing, well with this game you can see your best shots in slow motion too. This game comes with World Cricket Championship, World Premier League and Super Fantasy Cricket League to play.

You can make a team and play against other user and win and get points or you can ask your friend for points. This game has amazing graphics and amazingly addictive gameplay. Download this game here.

  1. Real Cricket 17

Even if it came out last year, this game still one of the best android game to play on your android phone and tablet. With amazing graphics and realistic gameplay, you would enjoy paling every shot. You can even play IPL in this game.

You can play ODI, T20 and even test cricket too. With all your favorite teams and team player and they have updated so you can play the one who is right now on the team. You will have so many shot option to choose which makes it a unique game. Download it here.

  1. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

This one can provide the real-life 3D experience right in front of you from your Android phone or tablet. They have 6 venues including lords and Eden garden. With 8 international teams and all is an update for today’s team.

You can play power play betting mode and hit as far as you can. You can play all type of cricket format and one thing is really interesting that, when you hit sixes, you would see cheerleader dance for you like IPL. Download the game here.

  1. Hitwicket T20 Cricket Game 2018

You must have watched the IPL auction 2018 this year when all the franchise bought a player and now they will play in IPL. This game has the same concept. Its lot like the fantasy game but it has so many features. The concept of managing team is new here but it’s been hit all around the world.

Bid for your favorite player and make a team and play against other player. You can watch match simulation with a real commentary and it would look like a match but you are not sitting in the stadium but with your team. You can manage a team and train them to play in the tournament. Download this game here.

  1. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

If you ask even a little child that who is the greatest cricketer of all time then they would say Sachin. Live the legend and step into his shoes to play the game. You can play as Sachin himself and score centuries. You can complete the target score like Sachin did once.

You can play in the world-famous cricket ground and even play as a team, you will have 100s of player to chose from. But we get excited to play as Sachin when he was 16 years old and just started his international career. Live the legend of 24 years old long journey which made him a god for billions of people. Download the game here.

  1. Big Bash Cricket

Big bash is one of the most exciting cricket game after IPL where all the international player came together to lock horn with each other. Team mate change into rival and create a game which have so many twist and turn than no one can anticipate next move. Play this game from your android phone or tablet and live the real life big bash experience.

Realistic gameplay and all the real player with their name as the game is updated just recently. Chose form tons of shot selection and win the game. Download the game here.

  1. Beach Cricket

We don’t play this as much as people from Caribbean and Australia plays it. beach cricket is really a fun game when player goes to the beach and play the cricket. There are many international league match has happened over the year at beach.

This game lets you play on one of the most unpredictable pitch of all time with your team. You can play unlimited games and win. Download the game here.

  1. Women’s Cricket World Cup 2017

We have to add this as Indian woman cricket have won back to back games and make India proud. Most people don’t know that some of women cricket records are not even broken by male cricketer. Now it’s your chance to play one of the most dominating team ever.

You can replay the final of woman world cup 2017 and make sure you win against England and bring world cup home. The game has great graphics and gameplay just like every other game, but featuring brave and bold woman cricketers. Download the game here.

We have something else too. Most people complain about downloading a game too big. So here is the smallest cricket game ever.

  1. Cricket Black

It’s just 2 MB cricket game but very addictive one. Players are black shadows and it’s easy to play and score. Download the game here.

So have you played any of this games? What’s your experience? Tell us which game is the best of all in the comment.

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