Four major impacts of AI for business operations

AI for business operations

There has never been a better time to start a business since technology has brought in a lot of innovations and breakthroughs to make it more exciting and enjoyable. There are people who have made their fortunes taking advantage of technology to help run their businesses

The global demand for IT support and services is going strong and for a very good reason.  A report released in 2005 revealed that IT was worth $38.3 billion in revenues and went up to $60.8 billion in 2015. IT consulting firms all over the world began to grow at a rapid pace, making sure to keep up with the times and run the race to stay abreast with the latest in developments.

Many, if not all companies today, rely on IT services which is now getting a big boost from artificial intelligence.  With artificial intelligence, everything that people desire in what an ideal business process should be is taken to the next level. Here are some of the major impacts of AI to business operations.


Dynamic and intelligent network security

The Pepperdine University Graziadio Business Report established that the secure maintenance of customer files and operational data is vital to business integrity.  This is particularly true in keeping confidential files secure, especially customer database, trade processes and other secret sauces in business.

AI-driven storage systems keep information safe by limiting access only to authorized users within the company, however, hacking incidents continue to exist in malevolent efforts to breach security and steal information. Examples are current devices that have been breached by hackers to “lock” systems and hold it for ransom.

Recent statistics revealed that a company gets hit with ransom ware every 40 seconds. But many software companies are taking great strides in coming up with AI-driven solutions to address these concerns.

With AI-driven network and security platforms, your get to be assured of smart security and network solutions that becomes responsive to various and diverse threats that can be potentially dangerous.

AI algorithms can be trained to detect malicious activities that could take advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities and in the process, create a database that could serve as protection of incoming threats in the future.

It may be a complex process that could entail a bit more cost and resources, but the benefits are highly-beneficial and advantageous to your system in the long run.


Operational automation

AI-driven information technology improves a company’s efficiency by developing automated processes to unload burden off personnel, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

AI-driven process automation software allows employees more time to work on quantifiable roles and responsibilities while the system takes care of repetitive tasks such as reports, product or service queries, tracks projects and monitors financials.

Just imagine the time and resources saved by automating repetitive tasks and redirecting more human resources to roles that are geared towards enhanced operational functions that can help improve or expand your business.

Experts predict that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions shall be done by chat bots or AI-driven software. Studies have proven that automation software have been found to perform tasks smartly and effectively without the need for human intervention, thanks to artificial intelligence and robotic mechanisms.

Another study participated by middle to top level executives pointed out that automation could be the immediate future. Most of the feedback from the survey was based on the concept that it could alleviate repetitive tasks such as documentation, paperwork, scheduling, employee payroll, and timesheets, among others.

Operational or business intelligence and analytics

A key advantage of AI-driven process solutions is the ability to see a data-based snapshot of your business, rather than provide you with an anecdotal perspective to base your critical business decisions on.

These programs can customize your ability to make crucial and smart decisions for your business based on data evidence and analytics.

With AI-driven smart analytics and diagnostic tools, you can be sure to count on more guided and data-based premises or situations in making crucial decisions. You would be more confident to make the right choices and minimizing, better yet, eliminating possible mistakes in the future since your decisions were based on facts and robust information.

You minimize your risks for mistakes or errors and at the same time, help you streamline business solutions and processes at the same time.

Intelligent and predictive solutions to problems

AI-powered smart systems assure you of worry-free database and storage systems. These infrastructure solutions provide diagnostic and analytical capabilities to initiate actions and predict outcomes.

Errors are avoided in database systems and it can recommend the most appropriate solutions with the least risk possible in the event of a catastrophic system failure or breakdown.

Take for example today’s self-driving cars. These are generally controlled remotely or with the use of a, AI-driven operational console to help navigate the care through on-coming traffic, steer clear of walking pedestrians and even let the car run on its own using the auto-pilot feature.

With artificial intelligence getting into the mainstream, it won’t be long before we see a brighter future of innovations and revolutionary solutions to both common and complex situations.

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