5 Must have Security Apps for iOS in 2018

Security apps for iOS

Its safe to say without any doubt, nothing is safe in today’s fast-changing world. And if your homes aren’t safe from intruders than imagine your iOS phone is far from being safe. People say the content on the phone is more prized than the smartphone itself for which its adamant to keep it protected and safe from vicious opportunity seeking eyes waiting to take the step and make you regret.

What if your Apple ID has been compromised and someone else is using your subscribed iCloud storage for their own benefits. Imagine the agony one must feel. That is why we have derived a list for you to avail and keep your Apple device secure.

  1. 1Password

1password security app

Since everything and every mail is integrated, it’s hard to keep a track on the number of passwords one must remember, as multiple accounts are held for different websites and pages.

We generally use the same password for different accounts making ourselves vulnerable to intruders and the risk of forgetting it weighs more. But, don’t worry! The solution to your problem is a click away; 1Password app helps you create and manage all your passwords and keeps them together in a master vault with thick encryption. The app uses AES 256-bit encryption which will keep any hackers away from accessing your phone.

  1. Avira Vault

Avira Vault

Keeping your photos secure and untouched on your phone sounds a hassle for some. Try Avira! This app will lessen all your photo security troubles on your iPhone with multiple features to chose from.

From photos to videos, notes, credit card details and passwords. All can be managed and hidden. It’s a digital safe, in short, creating a thick Kevlar protection for you to enjoy. Moreover, it also boosts your iPhones browser security whether using Safari or Chrome by filtering malware and threats.

It will bug you on the storage, but for just $4 you can enjoy the Pro version creating a decoy identity to fool hackers and keeping your private content safe.

  1. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy app

People don’t reckon the fact how vulnerable their devices are to imminent cyber-attacks and thefts. Your iOS device is flooded with data that only you would want to access. An open WIFI connection may lead to hacking resulting in you losing control over your private data and even if you visit an untrustworthy website.

For that Ivacy VPN is a good shield since its encrypted and secure, prevents unwanted cybercriminals from lurking into your device. The encryption is so strong that your online data is utterly unreadable with its flawless 256-bit AES bank level mechanism. Making it the best iOS security app. While there are a lot of other VPN apps to look for, if you are someone who is on a budget, then Ivacy VPN is a decent choice as a lot of Ivacy reviews tend to be positive, so, any iOS user who’s paranoid about safety, then this app is for you. You can also try with the NordVPN for mac which is very popular nowadays and let us know your feedback.

  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN

No one can tell if your iOS device is wired or bugged by a hacker or spammer. You use your iOS gadget on a daily basis without knowing if someone has accessed your device remotely. How do you avoid that? Install CyberGhost! It’s a partly free VPN Service that provides specific features to keep your device protected at all means.

It helps you to browse the internet anonymously, unblocks streams and websites, blocking of malware websites, and securing the network connection even on a public WIFI. It’s easily downloaded through the appstore on iPad, iPhone MacBook, etc.

Moreover, unlike other apps CyberGhost removes and blocks ads on your device making the experience smooth.

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  1. Lookout

Lookout app

Keep a check on your phones internet activity is a hassle for many and it’s not convenient to look for suspicious malware activity. You need a security app which will do all the look-out for you just as a chauffeur. So, stop looking and try ‘LookOut’ app.

This particular app has a system advisor which notifies you when you are exposed to any security threats, and if the danger is unstoppable, it creates a backup. Moreover, it saves the phones location as soon as the battery gets low in order to track the device in case it needs to be tracked later.

It’s a powerful iOS security app which gives you control over protecting your data on public WIFIs as well. The free version has all the features for you to protect your device. However, the premium is an advanced version giving more control on the performance of your device.


So that’s all you need to know about these security apps. Like its said; its better to be safe than sorry, likewise you need to have some control on your devices activities in order to keep it away from potential hacks and spams. Otherwise who knows tomorrow your personal chat with your employer or an important document is found online. That’s why try these apps and I’m sure you wont regret them for your iOS device.


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