The Definitive Guide To Find Expired Domains [Step-by-Step Guide]

expired domains

Do you wanna take full advantages of expired domain and use it as a source of good revenue? If yes then you’re at right place as here we are going to feature a post on- How To Find Expired Domain In 2019 (Easily).

We all know that domain names are not issued with a deadline and we have to pay annual fee in order to maintain the ownership of any domains. And somehow if we failed to make the payment in the specified time, then we may lose the ownership rights too.

And after losing your domain ownership the domain will go up for sales and anyone can easily purchase it. Anyone can easily buy expired domains and they can easily buy it through domain auctions.

expired domains
expired domains

Just imagine if somehow you buy a domain that actually has  powerful backlink profile and also it has existed targeted traffic. Guess what! You have got a great deal as here you can just use this domain name for multiple purpose like you can sell it or use it according to you needs.

Like you can use a domain to simply build a new authority site to beat the past competition and also even you can just build out a powerful blog network as well with the help of that expired domains.

Buying a expired domain is not that hard but finding a powerful and reliable domain that has some authority is not that easy. But don’t worry we are here to tell you how you can buy powerful expired domains easily. Let’s get started here.

How You Can Use Expired Domain Effectively?

Actually, there are numerous ways domains can be used for but here I’ll be covering all the legit and beneficial ways of using expired domain to earn more profit. The most profitable ways of using Expired domains:

  • Building Authority Website
  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Using it for 301 Redirects
  • Building A Private Blog Network

Here I’m going to explain each and everything in details.

If your business needs a website, then you can simply benefit it from a high authority expired domains.

#1: Building A High Authority Website

You can simply use the power of expired domains as a leverage for your new website. It doesn’t matter what you’re building whether a e-commerce website or a blog you always want to rank your website higher. And with the help of high authority and expired domains anyone can easily achieve that.

And trust me you can even start ranking for high keywords right away simply by hosting the website right on the expired domains and adding multiple optimized and relevant content. The best part is that there will be no need of time-consuming SEO and Social Media Marketing.

One of the best thing you can do to check how valuable a website is to simply find out for which keywords it is actually ranking for. You can simply do it by using any of the SEO tools likeSEMRush and Ahrefs. Just enter the domain name and you will get all the details about that website. And using this way you can build a highly authority website easily.

#2: Building An Authority Blog For The Purpose Of Link Juice

You can buy old and out-of-date domains to build a powerful website, but  also you can  host a blog with links to other websites as well.

What is the point I’m trying to make here?

Right as mentioned above, this will have a positive effect on the authority of your website if the website where the backlinks exist has a higher authority and that’s quite interesting.

This technique is called Link Juice. Simply add content elements to your blog and simply include links that take visitors to your other website. The idea is to easily use the authority of the expired domain to passively improve the authority of the other site and this can help you in getting higher ranks on the SERPs.

But keep one thing in mind, this is a black hat practice in accordance with Google policies and that can be harmful from other aspects. Therefore, you must ensure that Google does not understand that the same person is hiding right behind both websites (the original website and the blog hosted on the expired domain). Make sure you do this task skillfully otherwise you may get into serious trouble.

#3: Creating 301 Redirects to Websites Or Affiliate Website

Redirection simply  means that the user is automatically directed to one of  their other website when they click on a  link. Your visitors will not be redirected as long as the destination page contains the content and information they wish to see make sure you do this task skilfully.

You can simply use the redirection in order to attract traffic to a page or website that generally contains relevant content or that sells same relevant products.

For example, like if your domain expired in high authority, they are popular second-hand books from Google, and it also sells used books on your website. Then in this case you can simply redirect visitors right to your own website without fear of being punished and it’s not included in the black hat practices.

#4: Using Expired Domains To Sell Affiliate Products

Here it is one of the most promising way to use a expired domains in order to promote affiliate products. And here anyone  can simply buy expired domains to promote   affiliate offers of any affiliates. Affiliate members are those who give a percentage in each sale. It’s a smart way to make quick money and all you need to do is just promote affiliate products and earn good commissions.

In order to make the most of this strategy, you can go through some of our affiliate marketing guides.Simply host your website on the expired domain, place your affiliate links on that website and whoa! You’re ready to make earn good commissions.

Ways To Find Expired Domains Easily In 2019 (Easy & Effective Ways)

#1: Using The Domain Hunter Tool

Domain Hunter is one of the best and reliable tools to simply find out powerful domains with good authority. Using this tools anyone can easily find powerful niche domain names in just minutes without putting any efforts.

Domain hunter gatherer
Domain hunter gatherer

If you do not have any idea  what to look for, simply type the slot or a related keyword so that Domain Hunter Gatherer can provide you with a complete list of expired domains. All you need to do is simply find out which domain is good and have high authority.

Advantages of Using Domain Hunter:

  • Easy-to-use installation and configuration process.
  • Video tutorials for people who need step by step help.
  • Search in a database with more than 14 million expired domain names all over the world
  • Any expired domain offered by the software is available for registration.
  • Each domain mainly  contains Majestic and Moz statistics for a better understanding of its authority.
  • With 16 filters you can search specifically during your search
  • The list of expired domains is provided in a file in TXT or CSV format and that’s quite impressive.
  • Restore the site and its contents easily without putting any efforts.

If you’re using an expired domain search tool in order to remove expired high authority domains, you may want to restore the previous site and its contents. And here with this you can also even recover the content of that website as well without putting any extra efforts.

#2: Using

Here simply by using this tool anyone can easily find the expired domains based right on keywords and domains ending too. Also you can do it manually but that is more time consuming and hectic.

#3: OpenSiteExplorer:

Now using this tool you can easily explore the backlink profile of any website in order to find out from where the backlinks originate from. And also you can check if there any signs of spam.

#4: Wayback Machine:

It also shows an archived copy of what the site actually looked like months and years ago. Using this tool you can also find out the content is relevant to your niche that you’re trying to operate in.

#5: DomCop:

Here this one is another alternative of Domain Hunter and this tool is quite easy to use and affordable. This tool, DomCop is a cloud based and the best part is that you can simply access it online from any corner of the world even you don’t have to use any proxies here.

This tool also has many filter options so that you can get the expired domains based on your criteria using using filter options. The best part is that the interface generally looks like Domain Hunter Gatherer and there will not be much difference b/w them.

Advantages Of Using DomCop

  • Hunts down expired domains quickly.
  • Cloud based platform and no proxies required.
  • The Domain search includes multiple domain auction site
  • The domains that are going to expire can be backordered.
  • Offers large selection of filter options to simply optimize your search.

Important Metrics To Consider Before Buying Expired Domains

#1: Domain Authority

But, in exchange for the expiration domains? Simply because old domains are already covered and hosted on a website.

But wait without buying any random expired domain you need to consider few points and check metrics like Domain Authority right before purchasing any expired domains.

If you don’t have any idea of ​​what Domain authority is, just look for the Moz Domain Authority (DA) metrics.

The greater the domain authority (DA), the better for you.

Some factors that contribute to the range of DA (Domain Authority):

  • Age of the domain: The longer a domain has been a website, the higher the value of the search engine algorithms is. Search engines such as Google and bing mainly prioritize domains that have been on the Internet for some time and they trust the old domains more than the newly registered.
  • Domain content: If somehow the site is hosted in the domain high quality content for each niche, this has a significant impact on the authority of the domain. Again, search engines prefigure high-quality content make sure you have non-copied and high quality content that can perform well.
  • Backlinks: Basically, these are anchor links right to the external websites that redirect visitors to a domain name. The greater the number and authorization of the backlinks, the greater the self-ownership of a domain. For example, if a domain has a backlink from Forbes, TechCrunch or BBC (high authority websites) it will definitely get lots  of authority from Google and other search engines like Bing as well.

Also there are many  other factors that generally influence the authority of a domain. These factors can easily  increase or decrease the ranking any website in the SERPs and helps in getting better Alexa Ranking.

For example, a new domain must wait a few days before being indexed by Google and other search engines as well. Subsequently, the owner follows the process of search engine optimization, which requires time and financial resources and these are not very easy and who knows when the result will come. However, domain names that have expired in the top instance provide a link and simply  allow you to start immediately without even waiting.

#2: The Page Authority

Basically, the authority of the site is another important factors of its classification. And generally  the domain authority is the calculated probability of classifying a particular domain in the SERPs as the page authority is the same metric, but on a smaller scale at the page level. It’s not on website level but this metrics is based on page level

In general and simple we can say that the domain authority is a weighted average of the page authority.

There are generally two ways to verify the authority of the page and the domain of a site are as follows:

a) Using the Moz-Link Explorer

b) Use the Moz Chrome Moz Rank extension. The permission metric is highlighted in the toolbar or directly in the SERP. You can use this tool in order to find out the DA and PA of any website.

#3: The Moz Spam

There can be several reasons why a domain is on sales at auction. Like any domain can be penalized by Google and in this case the seller can befool you  by selling that penalized and useless domains.

Using this tool called Moz Spam you can find out if a website is having any span related issues of not.

This information is provided by Moz Spam Score and you can easily find it with a single click of a button.

#4: Majestic Trust Stream (TF)

Generally this  is a measure of Majestic SEO, a well-known tool in the industry of marketing and SEO. This metric generally analyzes the reliability of a website in order  to measure its quality and the  (“trust”) of a website  right with links. And this generally creates the “trust flow”.

#5: The Social Media Authority

The social network authority mainly indicates the frequency  right with which your domain appears in the social network. And  In the normal SEO world, and we generally call this a backlink, but when it comes to social networks, it is more commonly known as a “social signal” and it is very important.

Generally if we talk about Google  then it does not consider this link as a backlink, but it do notes that the domain was mentioned, which means it receives a “social signal” from the various social media channels.

Although the social indicators are much lower in the list of SEO ranking factors, considerable effort is required. You need an SMM administrator to:

  • Simply Generate and publish content.
  • Start and answer conversations in social networks.
  • Get in touch with leading social niches on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • And this only affects your SMM strategy and the commitment of your audience. Social cues are a side effect of the quality of your SMM efforts.


As of now you are not only able to find powerful expired domain but you also know how to use them effectively in order to get most benefit out of it.

Simply by using the ways listed above you can find many high authority expired domain that you can reuse to earn good amount of money. But before buying any expired domains make sure you consider all the points that we have mentioned above.

We hope this post suits you purpose well. Feel free to share which method you’re going to use for finding the expired domains just drop a comment below. And if you liked the post then kindly share it on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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