Top Sites to Buy Expired Domains


With the increasing importance of virtual world. Occupying a space on the internet is impossible. So the necessity of Domain name is very essential. It provides you credibility and authority for the space utilized for your website. You are authorized to run a website that is going to be available all across the internet. Registration is necessary and doing so with the Domain Name System is vital. This proves your validity and uniqueness.

It is necessary to get the Domain and get it registered, if you want proper exposure and assurance of your brand and maintain exclusivity. The name of the Domain says a lot about the website. It could either be a generic domain name or a specialized one. If you are registered, it is a mark of genuine integrity.

Subscribing, Expiring and Buying Domains.

To gain a domain, there is a payment involved and similarly, when the subscription expires, the domain name also terminates. Domain Owners are careful and wise enough to get renew the registration. But many website holders, who are not cautious to maintain it. Sometimes it is either just the lack of attention, finance or the lack of willingness to continue. In case if Domain Expires, Registrar gives allowance time of 30 days to renew the deal.

After 30 days, the Domain name is still pending to get renewed than new bidding starts for the domain space. In such cases, new professionals look for grabbing the space available for sale and use it exclusively.

Benefits of Buying Expired Domains:

Some prefer buying fresh new domains and getting a clean site for their website, those who are well informed they buy expired domains. They understand of buying old domains to give a growth to their business. Providing you with a credible page rank is one of them. If it is an old domain then it has a decent search engine ranking. If you are creating a backlink and optimizing, then doing so will be easy as hard work has already done by the previous owner of the domain.

Below stated are 10 of the most prominent platforms that list out expired domains with their information that you can buy with ease.

1) GoDaddy Auctions:


This site makes it easier for you get a domain that you have been looking for. It provides a long list of some valuable domains that are expiring and have been put up on the list for auctions. This platform lists almost all the relevant information about an expiring domain including the number of bids that have already been placed for it.

Further, it provides you the Market price, Traffic information, Credibility and a box where you can submit your own Bid for the Domain.

2) NameCheap Domain:


You can find both the domains New one and Old one also. You can choose the domain of your choice, make an offer and move forward. There is a list of domains stating, Time when it is closing, price and offer you can put. Choosing the domain of your choice will be easy.

3) ExpiredDomains.Net


The best site to buy an expired domain name for your website. You can easily choose a suitable domain for your upcoming website using the search filters mentioned on this site. These search filters will provide you information about the Google page rank, Alexa Rank, Backlink, SEO work and Traffic details for a particular domain. These details will help you in selecting the best domain for your new site.



when you want to look for various features in the domain you are planning to buy. Then this site is best for easy filter and search options are given right on the top of the home page. What you need and get a list of recently expired domains according to the details that you have specified above.

5) SnapNames

Snap Names

SnapNames offers you with the daily auction, premium auction, and also domain brokerage service to help you to find the right name. It understands the requirements well. You can access the site from your mobile to buy the domain name.

6) NameJet:

Name Jet

If you are looking for an investment on domain names or for development purposes, they have it all for you in an easy and wonderful manner. It makes easy to use platform for users to participate in domain auctions, backorder requests, and management of account information.

7) DomainPeel:


The best place to buy an expired domain. For those who are not aware of the industry or for those who are still new to it. It provides a list of spam free domains and you are sure to get some authentic information related to that domain name. If you are looking domain for investment purpose or for building your new website, then this one is surely you should consider.

8) ValueDrops:

It tries to collect valuable domains on regular basis. This site uses contemplative algorithms to check the vast list of expiring domains and offer only the most valuable ones to the users. allows you to search the domain expired on the basis of their page rank, search engine quality, authoritative ranks, domain age and other valuable features. It makes an incredible experience for the visitor.

9) Flippa:


From the list of the expired domain to dropped ones which will expire soon, you can find It here. you will also be assisted by some great blogs to understand the working of domains on the internet space and how to choose the appropriate for yourself. Once you click on a domain name mentioned on this site, you will land on the page giving all the necessary information related to that domain. They also provide you a list of websites, mobile applications that have been dropped by their previous owners.

10) DomainMonster:

Domain Monster

It offers everything related to domains under one roof. From domain registration to back ordering expired domains and more. Once you have selected a particular expired domain name, you will get all the information regarding it. You can make an integrated search about the domain parameters listed above before making a purchase.

So go ahead and Buy an appropriate domain for your website to give it the right exposure that it needs.

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