5 Best Free Domain Authority Checkers 2019

Free domain authority cherckers

Every website owner, company or blogger always dreamt of getting ranked on the first page of search engine. It’s a really hard task and requires a good amount of SEO work and quality content. But how do you find that your website has good chance to ranked in search or other website rankings? Its called Domain Authority and we will be sharing 5 Best Free Domain Authority Checkers.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority or DA is search engine ranking score developed by Moz. It defines how well your website doing in search engine ranking. A DA score range between 0 to 100 and a higher score will interpret higher chances of ranking in search engine.

Now we know that domain authority is important, we can use it in many ways like checking DA of the website we are getting backlinks from. It’s important that they have better DA score so that it will pass link juice to your website. If the website is good enough then you can try to get a link back otherwise you waste your time and resources on other website who have no better DA score.

It’s also important to improve your website DA score as it means you will rank higher in the search engine. It’s easy to get 20 to 30 in DA score or but it’s not easy to get 70 to 80 as there are so many factors which are depending on it. but before we go to the domain authority checker, first we need to learn how to improve your DA score.

how to increase domain authority?

  • Creating a quality content is a must for any website or blogger. It will not only improve your domain authority score but it will help you get organic traffic as your visitor will get relevant information and pass the link to others.
  • You need high-quality Now you must be wondering, how to get high-quality backlinks? You can share your content on the social network as they have High DA and you will get traffic too and never buy backlinks as its illegal and you can end up losing your site.
  • Bad links are bad for DA. You need to clean it and make sure you don’t give any backlink to the spammy website and don’t get any from them.
  • Post more often. The more frequently you post, the higher you can go in DA score. As you can work hard with your SEO and provide quality content every single time.
  • Make a mobile-friendly website, as we know that smartphone users are increasing day by day, they will browse your website through their mobile and if it’s not mobile friendly then it will affect your DA score.

So we learn what is domain authority and how to improve DA, now when we understand the whole concept, its time to check 5 Best Free Domain Authority Checkers.

  1. Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer
Open site explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the best tools which is also designed by Moz who is the inventor of the domain authority score. From this tool, you can check domain authority, page authority, root domain and total links.

They are one of the most credible sources of information and as they are from Moz, you can check only a few things with free, for more, you need to sign up for a 30-day trial and to use it after the trail, you need to upgrade it to pro which is paid. But as far as DA score, you can search it in free with their tool.

Apart from that, you can add their chrome extension to your browser and then you don’t have to visit their website to check DA score as the extension will show a score of DA and PA right above the page. You can download the Mozbar here and you can visit open site explorer too.

  1. Domain-Authority Checker for Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools
Small SEO tools

This tool is one of the most effective and easy to obtain. You can even check DA score in bulk here. You can enter up to 50 URL to check in it and it will show you the domain authority score and page authority score.

Its one of the cleanest tool which doesn’t complex the information and you can see the score easily. Because it can be used as bulk DA score checker, you just need to paste the website list into their box and you will have your DA score. Check out the amazing tool on their website.

  1. Website Authority Checker

SEO review tools
SEO review tools

This tool is developed by SEO reviews and it also can be used for checking your Domain authority score with ease. It has a total simple feature in which you just need to put your domain name in it and it will show the DA and PA score.

You can use it as many as time you want, if you sign in with them, then you don’t have to fill out the check mark in google captcha. It will show page authority, domain authority and the link which are connected with them. Check out this amazing tool on their website.

  1. SEOWEATHER- Bulk DA, PA Checker


This is also a simple and effective tool to check your Domain authority score and as well as page authority score. All you need to do is, put the URL into the box and press where its written go fetch. Then it will show the information below with DA and PA score.

One of the great thing they have added was exporting to excel. You can search up to 25 URL at the time and export it with one click. Visit their website and check your DA and PA score without any trouble.

  1. Domain-Authority Checker by SEO checker

website SEO checker
website SEO checker

This tool is one of the best tools as far as DA score. It was developed by SEO checker and they have put every feature which is relevant and important to you. You just need to write down the website URL into it and you will get not only DA and PA score but much more.

You will know the number of backlinks you have and a number of quality backlinks. Also the percentage of quality backlinks. It’s a full report on your domain authority which is actually a paid feature in open site explorer. You can check out their domain authority checker and learn more about it.

Have you ever come across any one of the websites we have mentioned? Do you know any better one? Do let us know in the comments.

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