Top 10 Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome

Everyone needs a download manager and it’s the most used software to download anything of the internet. You can download the trial version and then it will expire and you need to find another one and that would be not as great as the first one. Cut the chase and read out Top 10 Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome.

Yes, these are download manager extension, which means you can operate it from anywhere. You just need to sign it to your browser and you are going to go. There are many benefits using a chrome extension for download manager as its mobile and you don’t need to install it so it would save your space as well.

Here is the list of Top 10 Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome

  1. Download Manager

It says what it does, it’s a download manager that will help you manage all your downloads. It has almost 100,000 users on chrome and that shows its popularity. It has all the feature you want in a download manager like pause and starts and that’s all it does. It doesn’t have much of feature but if you want a simple download manager then you can download this extension.

  1. DownloadAll

As the name suggests, it can download almost anything from the internet. You can download files and as well as video and images from the webpage. You just need to install the extension and then go to the webpage you want to download from now go to the extension and it will show you how many videos and images are in the webpage, now you can download them all with just one click. Download the Chrome extension here.

  1. Facebook Video Download

One of the things we love to do is download the Facebook video. But Facebook doesn’t let us download it, that is why we need to find a third-party website that will download it for you. but you need open that website and sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t. it’s better to have a chrome extension which does all the work for you.

Th9is chrome extension can not only download from Facebook but also from any website you want. It can download the video on many format like 3gp, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .swf, .mp3 and etc. you can download any mp3 from the website. However, it doesn’t support downloading from an adult website and restricted website like YouTube too.

  1. Instagram Video Downloader

One of the most popular videos sharing platforms is Instagram and we often wonder how to download the Instagram video? Here is your solution, you can use this chrome extension to simply download any Instagram video.

With this extension, you can download videos from Instagram as well as Instagram stories and you can save it on your computer or directly to your google drive as well. You can download video reply from your inbox to your PC. Download this simple extension for all the video download from Instagram.

  1. vGet Extension

one of the best thing about this extension is, you can now stream the video you download from the website. You can cast the video to your smart tv and you can save your self from all the trouble of USB and download and copy data.

You can simply visit the website and download the video or you can choose to cast it to your smart tv, you have both options available. You can download the Chrome extension here and you can learn to cast it there too.

  1. Chrono Download Manager

This is an all in one download manager for Chrome, it can do everything which a download manager software does directly from your browser. You have all the option to chose from and download. With this chrome extension you can Queue/Pause/Resume/Restart/Search/Recycle your downloads.

You can download specific content from the webpage and it will arrange it in a way that you can easily find your download. You will get notification from desktop and even hear a sound when the download is completed. Enter multiple URLs at the same time and download them all with one-click. Download it here.

  1. Video Downloader Pro

This is another good extension to download videos from the website. You can download videos from any site and you can be able to watch what you can download from that page. any available format can be downloaded — .flv video, mp4, avi, asf, MPEG, mp3 and many more.

With all the good feature of this extension, you cannot download youtube video as its forbidden by Google. Otherwise, it’s a great extension and you can download images and video with just one click.

  1. Video Downloader professional

One of the most downloaded and used extensions for this one. When we are writing this, they have 4,071,802 users and it says that how much popular is this Chrome extension. You can download video which is streaming on the pc to save it to your pc.

You can even cast your video to the TV from this extension. Download it here.

  1. Flash Video Downloader

One of the most used flash video downloader right now. It can download video from any website, it says it can support 99% website, the 1% include YouTube as its forbidden by google top download that. You can download video from any other website with just one click.

  1. Chrome Audio Capture

We have look at download manager and all other types of video downloader for google extension, but this one is only focused on audio. You can download any types of video from the internet. All you need to do is play the audio on your page and it will save it on your pc. Maximum of 20 minutes of audio you can save it on your PC.

Download the Chrome Audio Capture and enjoy all the music you want to download or capture of the internet.

We hope this article have help you find the right extension from the list of Top 10 Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome. If you have any more question, do let us know in the comments.

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