Best Voice to Text Apps for IPhone & Android in 2018

speech to text

In today’s fast-paced world, nobody wants to lose time in typing or writing things down. This is why voice to text apps has become increasingly popular in the recent times and every day the users using these apps are growing. You can utilize these apps while you are walking, running, hiking, eating, etc. so that you can work and enjoy at the same time. You can also use any of this android app template and develop your app own your own.

Here is a list of the best voice to text apps that you can download on your phone too!

Google Voice

Google voice

One of the most popular voice- to- text apps that are available on both iTunes and play-store is the Google voice app. Once you have this app installed on your phone, all you need to do is insert a voice command and Google will display the related data on your smartphone. You can employ this application to call people, form emails or texts and then send them to the required recipients.



Another simplistic approach to convert your thoughts into text, iSpeech is an application that is quite effortless to use. This app permits you to transform your comments into text and also comes with a useful feature where you can just speak to create text messages. Also, since it accepts a majority of languages, you can use this app in a foreign country too.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking & Anywhere

Another popular voice dictation tool which is simple to use and provides you with amazing dictation features to utilize. You will need to pay $15 /month for its services and once the setup is complete, you can employ voice commands to browse through the web, open applications, manage your data, and so on. You can use this tool to create new records or login to your account too.

Although this app is only available on iTunes, it is one of the easiest and fastest apps for sending voice messages. You can employ this mobile app to post thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and its agreeable edit feature and numerous language supports makes it really popular and useful with most users.

TalkBox Voice Messenger


With this app, you can create text messages without lifting a finger, create groups, chat with people, and so on. You can utilize this app for sending voice messages, SMS, and photo messages and share your location too. Isn’t that just amazing?

Voice Text

voice text app

Another great app that can be used for sending SMS, text messages, Email, etc. to your loved ones. You can use it for social networking sites too and due to its simple audio editing characteristic, you will see an index of suggested words and it will automatically correct the grammar whenever you are creating a new message.

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This is yet another useful app for expressing your concepts via voice commands. The app recognizes numerous commands in a multitude of languages so it is really easy to just document your ideas and then transform it into readable text. It is easy to formulate text with this app and delete it too, you just need to swipe the note that needs to be deleted and since it’s available both on Android and iPhone, most people can work on it.

Speech to Text

speech to text

You can download this app through Playstore or iTunes and you can instantly transform your speech into readable text. This app utilizes a highly precise Speech recognition API, which is quite new in the market, so as to transform your speech into a text message. It is really straightforward to use to create text messages, emails, etc.


Google keyboard

One of the most robust keyboards which are really amazing for creating text messages by typing or speaking. You just need to press the spacebar and keep pressing it when you need to transform your spoken words into written words. You can hold the spacebar for a long time and the Gboard will continue to record your words and will display it together on your application once you are done speaking.It is relatively new that other similar applications but it is quite useful for searching the web. You can utilize this mobile app to find gifs, emojis, etc. and you can translate your thoughts into a different language quite effortlessly.



I am sure you must have heard about the famous Cortana which can search the web for you and perform all the tasks of it with simplicity and efficiency. While Cortana was introduced via Windows 10, it can now be downloaded both on Android and iOS phones so you can operate it to check the calendar, play music, call someone, etc.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon mobile assistant

This is a Siri-like app which works when a user inputs a voice command. It utilizes Nuance’s precise Speech recognition system and can easily do tasks for you like sending emails, posting on Facebook, opening emails, and so on. You can download this app through a playstore.

Voice Dictation

simply dictation

Another popular app for iOS, this app comes with an advanced and quick input technology that can identify human voice effortlessly and then save it so as to transform it into a text message. It contains numerous languages so you can send text memos and emails in distinct languages.

Voice to Text

voice to text app

A great speech to text technology for users with hearing impaired, this app permits you to draft a message while driving without having to type on the keyboard. You can download it from playstore and use it for sending SMS, emails, facebook status, and so on.

Speak It

speak it

This is undoubtedly the easiest interfaces to handle; Speak uses integrated Speech recognizer to carefully transform your diction into text. You can work with the slider feature to modify the pitch and the tempo of your voice and you have a choice to alter the language or accent of your recorded voice.

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