Top Blogging Trends For Keeping You In Top Rank In Google

Top 5 Blogging Trends For Keeping You In Top Ranking In Google

If you are a blogger then you will find people give you less important because they think that blogging is a very easy task. But the reality is different you very well know that blogging is a very difficult task you must know all the terms and condition of blogging. You very well know the blogging treads and know the SEO, as well as other tools, also needed but it is meaningless to give knowledge of others.

If other people think that I also become a blogger than one thing I will assure that the blogger’s job is much difficult just like a scientist. Some persons who make a comment of your work then give them only one task to write an article of 500 words then I am dumb sure that they will try.

Blogging is not easy dear for it you have writing skill and power to attract people all over the world.  As well as you must update your knowledge according to treads. You must know which blogging trends are running nowadays. One survey said that over 28 million people are doing blogging

This article you will find the top 5 blogging Trends in 2019 Which make you in top position. 

Improve Word Count

At the time of 2015, you will find that the average word count of US Assay is 887 words. But after that, you will look that in 2016 that words count is increased to 1057. But Now trends are different you will provide sufficient information insufficient words.

Nowadays you will write a post for all over the world than you need to find out material information which actually people want those tips will help you to become a famous blogger.  Here is your blog needed the quality of information which must covers in your article though this article people need to be satisfied with your information.

This information will also help you to grow a business.  As for client which make the business with you, they never check only your blog but they will research another blog too. And then they will give you an order.

You must know the fact you did not deliver the number of content but you must be delivered a right and quality of information.  If you provide the high quality of content and did not give actual information then it is meaningless. You will be wasting your time as well as people’s also.  The blogging trends in 2019 are must give the quality of information rather than contents. 

Quality Engaging Post

The long article is needed but you need to focus on your content as I told you earlier that quality of content is important concept now a day.   Nowadays you need to follow the perfect research before going to write an article. You need to provide the actual information which readers need.  

For writing a post you need to follow the strategy firstly provide the entire information regarding the post collect all the information from the web and manual in real life then after arranged data in well organized way then you need to write a blog.

Add More Pictures And Video 

Nowadays marketer reported their reports using images and video that’s why this strategy is widely used to blogging.  This tips will impact you in the blogging world. You need to add more than one image and video that make a huge impact on blogging. These tips will help you to have an impact on the readers also put the quality of images and video.

Nowadays high-quality images and video tips will help you to improve the attraction of audio. Make one virtual video which makes to guide your audience.  This tips will be best for your blog become ranked. 

Update Your Blog Consistently

you need to keep update with a blog. Most people do so that one post writes today and another post writes 2 to 3 months later. If you do the same, naturally it will prove to be dangerous for your blog.

If you are writing a blog and you want to bring your blog up in the same way, then please post some post in the blog. You must put at list 10 post in a month. Traffic will only come in your blog when you are associated with that blog. People will stay connected to your blog only when you stay updated. Each person can decide on the date of writing a post on his blog and publishing it.

Promote Yourself

If you want to promote your blog then nowadays the blogging trends in 2019 are marketing to your blogs. The reality nowadays the blogger make promotion to their blog. According to one survey blogger make 93% off promotion to their blog also. 

In fact, nowadays to make the promotion of the blog is too much easy because of social media marketing. There are many social media platform is available just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams, Youtube, etc. 

For that, you need a large number of audience are connected to your social media platform through this audience you will generate huge traffic on your blog. 

If you ignore that social media sharing then might be possible your blog does not make in ranked. So make it very clear if you do not make advertising your blog then your blog will never be in ranked.


The idea of everyone is different. The above tips I have given are based on my thoughts and discoveries. Do not forget to tell you how this article appeared in the comments box

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