How to Block AdBlock Detection on Any Website | Bypass AdBlock Detection

You open a website and you are just reading the content and suddenly something blocks your way. A big pop up box that says, we have detected that you are using AdBlock, please disable it to use this website. Some of the biggest websites like NewYork time and Washington post use these technics. So how to block AdBlock detection on any website.

One thing we have to keep in mind that that website would help them run the website. When a user opens the website and see an ad or click on it, the website gets paid by click or by impression. By using AdBlock, you are not contributing to it and those websites don’t like it. that is why they show that type of message.

As much as this is morally wrong to use AdBlock, one thing we know for certain that those websites have no control whatsoever on that ad. Some of the ads are annoying or not appropriate and we can report that to the website, but how many time do we do that. We just need to read something and that’s it.

To block AdBlock detection, we have to know how they find out that we are using Adblock. So then we can beat them at their own game and browse without the ad.

How website find out that we are using AdBlock?

It’s a simple technic and this would be used by most of the website. When we click on their link and before it loads, they will send a small bit of code which is actually just a patrolling party to check that if there is an adblocker. If that script didn’t return and blocked by AdBlock, which mean a person who is accessing the website is using AdBlock.

So now we know how they find out that we are using Adblock, so now we can do something which won’t let them know.

How to bypass AdBlock detection?

  • Private window

Do note that it will only work on Firefox or opera and not on chrome. You can use your AdBlock and still be able to surf the website easily. You just need to open your Firefox browser and then the open private window, which is an incognito mode in Firefox. Now simply write the website name or paste it. most probably you won’t see any pop upcoming on the front to block your way.

This trick won’t work on chrome as google knows everything and make sure they will earn much more than other. You can try this on Firefox and opera and if this trick doesn’t work, we have another solution for you.

  • Google Cache

You must have come across this but doesn’t know how it works. Google cache is simply a screenshot of website latest update. When a website put a new post and index it, Google will take a screenshot so that they would have a copy of it. this will work when your page would disappear out of blue and you want to get your data back. You can use google cache by simply searching for the website and then click on the down green arrow and you would find the cache.

You can check when the screenshot was taken, and you cannot do anything interactive with it but you can read it. most news website would update by minutes and so does the google cache. This must be one of the easiest ways to avoid all the ad.

  • Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey

Don’t worry, this trick doesn’t involve any live animals. You can use Greasemonkey on Firefox and Tampermonkey on chrome. You need to install it in your chrome or Firefox. It will help you run the user-generated script and to bypass the AdBlock detection, you would also need this GitHub page. Everything is available on the GitHub page, you just need to copy past it in the Firefox or chrome browser add-on or extension and it will work like a charm.

All of this trick might work on blocking Adblock detection on any website. One more time we like to inform you that that ad is important for the website to sustain and keep giving you the content as well.

We hope this article would help you bypass AdBlock detection and if you any more question, do let us know in the comments.

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