Top 10 Newsletter Plugins – WordPress 2018

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Most people undervalue the email list and email newsletter, but it would be one of the most important aspects of blogging and reaching to the most number of people. An email newsletter is a way to keep connected with people who like your website and want to read more about it. that is why we have collected top 10 newsletters plugging especially for WordPress.

You can put a subscription box in the sidebar or the header and even in the content itself. That way your reader would know where to subscribe to get more of the news from the website. Nowadays, people use email newsletter popup, which pops out right in front of the website. That way visitor doesn’t miss them and get their attention towards it.

But that kind of marketing sometimes comes with a price. As its most annoying and sometime when a visitor just landed on your page, your pop up will block their reading. They didn’t even decide yet that they like your product or content and if then they would be asked for their email, they would certainly decline it.

So, it better to use it wisely and accordingly. Email newsletter not only sends latest news and article from your website but give you more valuable insight into your readers and you would have a list of people following your website. So here we have Top 10 Newsletter Plugins for WordPress.

  1. Newsletter

One of the most used newsletter plugin in WordPress which have over 200,000 active installations. One of the main reason behind its popularity would be, its free and you can send an unlimited number of email and have an unlimited number of subscribing to it.

It has drag and drops feature to create a perfect newsletter in a matter of minutes with total ease. They also have Single and Double Opt-In plus privacy checkbox for EU laws compliance. You can even track your email newsletter to know who is opening your mail.

They send the newsletter from your host rather than using a third-party application, which is an apparently good thing. But it has also a limitation as your host won’t support a large number of the subscriber. That is when you can use their premium service, which offers the same with Amazon Web Services. Premium service would cost 45$ a year. Visit the official WordPress plugin website to know more about them.

  1. OptinMonster

This plugin truly needs to be in the top 10 best newsletters as its one of the most popular plugin in WordPress. They have upgraded their plugin with a new feature that offers more than just email newsletter.

They have A/B testing which let you rely on the data-driven result rather than guesswork. They have added a new feature which is canvas pop, which makes your visitor like your Facebook page. You can actually see the state of impression you have received on your newsletter pop up.

You can add an animation effect to your pop up and make it more eye-catching. They have collected data from their 600,000 active installations that MonsterLinks 2 step Opt-in technology have a conversion rate of 785%. Visit their website to learn about it in detail.

  1. Bloom by Elegant Themes

The elegant theme is well-known name In WordPress with their 400,000 plus paying customer. They have created a beautiful theme and with bloom newsletter plugin, it offers beautifully designed plugin.

They have 115 templates and 6 design for a newsletter like, Popups, fly-ins, widget area, in-line with content, below content, and content lockers. They have timed in delay to choose the timing of when to show up the popup.

Email newsletter pop up would show up after your visitor started to scrolling, which means they are actually reading your content and that is when the right time to ask them. Visit their official website to learn more about it.

  1. SumoMe

One of the best free list building tool which let you create beautiful light pop up to attract more people to subscribe with more integration to MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and many more. This plugin has been used in more than 400,000 websites.

They have welcome matt which appears when your visitor land on your page. You can actually see a heat map, which will let you know where people click the most. Another one is scroll box, which let you know how far your visitor scroll through your page.

They have highlighter tool which let your visitor tweet directly from your website. It’s not a newsletter tool but as the age of social network, twitter share means more visitor and more subscriber.

With so many features to use and optimize, you can use this plugin for overall every single thing. Visit their website to know more about it.

  1. Icegram

It’s another free plugin, which let you decrease the bounce rate and increase your subscribing list. They have also paid upgrade which can offer more options.

They offer almost every single feature of the newsletter, like exit intent mechanism, which triggers it to give one last chance to your visitor to subscribe. You can test it with A/B testing for a better result. They have great analytics which let you know every detail of the visitor and your website subscriber progress.

You can choose from their 12 Opt-in and create one in a minute. For better features, you can use their pro version which starts at 97$ per year. To know more about it, visit their website.

  1. Thrive Leads

This plugin is well-known for many reasons, one of them is, they help you create a mailing list grow faster. From creating a from drag and drop to give you a comprehensive statistic, it exceeds it reputation from other.

They have a huge library of templet to choose from which saves your time and effort. You can do A/B test to find out which is the most popular and put it on your website. You can control, where when and how your Opt-in would show up to your visitor.

You can integrate it with almost every single email marketing tools. You can even show a different message on a different page and different category to target a specific audience. Visit their website to know more about it.

Thrive Leads
Thrive Leads
  1. Ninja Popups

With a name like a ninja, they have truly some feature which makes you a ninja of getting more subscriber. They are one of the most popular plugin WordPress and they offer some service like creating customized opt-in and creating with 70 plus animated design.

They also have drag and drop newsletter builder which makes it easy to design, also with more than 50 popup theme and 8 opt-in panel design, you can create a compelling newsletter.

They also have advanced anti blocker system, which means even if your visitor has installed an ad blocker, your pop up will be shown. You can visit their website to learn more about it.

ninja popups
ninja popups
  1. Popup Domination

One of the most beautifully crafted, this newsletter plugin is just more than that. It has a wonderful design and some of the best feature any other plugin could offer.

They have exit pop up which will show the popup when your visitor tries to exit. They have geographical targeting which is something new. They have redirect theme, which means the pop up will take your visitor to other page and pop up based on the referring URL. That means you can send your visitor from Twitter and LinkedIn different type of popup.

The starter is priced at 9$ per month. You can try their first 14-day free trial and even after you purchased it and don’t like it, they have a 60-day money back guarantee. Visit their website to learn more about this plugin.

popup domination
popup domination
  1. Plugmatter Opt-in Feature Box

What is a better way to show something than let them try out for free? That what this plugin does, when you visit their website, they let you try out the demo, so you can use their feature and know how to change and how to operate.

They have a responsive design to help you grow more mobile visitor. Nowadays, many newsletters are offering pop up for mobile but they often fail to deliver as the pop would be a blur and not fit the screen, which made the visitor confuse as they cannot find how to exit that popup. You can simply visit their website and learn all about it.

  1. Pippity

One of the reasons why pop up mail builder is not working well is, they disturb the visitor while they are reading. It’s easy to get rid of the pop in the computer but in mobile, it’s a tedious task. That is why Pippity creates smart pop up which don’t ruin your visitor experience and yet convert them into your subscriber.

They use pop up in different ways, like when a visitor reaches the end of the article, or time delayed pop up or even when they browse through many pages and then pop up would show up. To learn about it more and try their demo, visit their website.



There are many other plugins which you can use to build your mailing list easily. Do tell us if you have used any one of the above, share your experience with us and if you know any new Newsletter Plugin, do tell us in the comment.

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