Top 10 Best Website Speed Test Tools Help you to get higher SEO rankings


What turn off your reader the most? There are many factors included on the list but one thing is certain your website speed. No matter how useful and important you have written, the visitor would wait for only a few seconds and then close the tab. So how can you find out your website speed? We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Website Speed Test Tools for Higher SEO Ranking.

What is page speed?

Basically, website speed is page speed as a visitor is opening any page of your website. Page speed is the time it takes to fully load the full page. The more quickly it loads, it’s more easier to get more visitor and SEO ranking.

There are many benefits to the faster page loading, not just for the SEO and search engine ranking but its nearly nowadays. It has been known that your visitor’s attention span is little and their patience is more little. They cannot wait any more than 4 or 5 seconds.

Why page speed is vital?

  • Page speed is important for the user experience if they have to wait longer, they won’t return to the website.
  • It affects your search engine ranking, as per the google if you have slow loading page, you won’t be shown in the search engine at the higher-ranking position.
  • Slow page speed means the user will exit faster if your bounce rate is higher than you will lose your credibility.
  • Because of the slow loading, google bot won’t crawl into your other pages and that creates a bad impact on your indexing.

How to speed up your page speed?

  • Reduce redirect

If your website redirects your user to another page, then they have to wait for more. They have to wait for the HTTP response cycle request to complete, for example, if your website is than the redirect for mobile user will look like -> www. -> m. -> m., that make your page load slower.

  • Enable compression

Compressing your file is important, you can simply use GZIP to reduce the size of your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files. If they have more than 150 or 200 bytes than it advisable to compress it to load your website faster.

  • Optimize Images

One of the main concern of every website owner is to deal with images. Images are important because it would be easy to understand. But images can take lots of space and it’s the biggest reason for slow loading page. Make sure to compress all the image before uploading it to the website. Best format for the image would be PNG if you are specifically uploading just for the photograph than you can use JPEG.

  • CDN

CDN or short for the Content delivery network is the data center where your website can be saved and if someone clicks on your website, it will locate their location and send the website from the nearby data center. It can increase your page speed by a significant amount.

  • Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS

You can remove all the excessed commas and space in your HTML, javascript, and CSS, it will make your page run faster. You can remove code comment and extra unused code.

This is how you can speed up your loading speed and your website speed, but for that, you need to know that your website is slow and it could be just matter of seconds so you cannot figure out by your self, that is why you need tools for that.

Why speed tools are important?

  • They can verify that your website is loading properly from your CDN or not
  • They can also measure your CDN performance
  • They can find the cause and problem of why the page is loading slow
  • They can help you find big images which make the page load slower
  • They help in defining render-blocking CSS or JavaScript.
  • They can test to find the first byte
  • They can give you a detail report on page speed, load time and etc

So now we know the benefit of the website speed tester, let’s look at the Top 10 Best Website Speed Test Tools for Higher SEO Ranking.

  1. Pingdom


This is one of the most popular website speed testing tool which came with many more features and all is free. You can check your website speed from Melbourne, Australia, New York City, New York, USA, San Jose, California, USA and Stockholm, Sweden.

They give your website rating on 0 to 100 scale, but there are many grades also include. They will show you a detail report on how your website did grade wise from A to F, they will suggest you to change in some case where you failed or get a low grade. You can visit their website and learn more about it.

  1. GTmetrix


GTmetrix is another well-known website analysis and speed testing website. It can measure every aspect of your website and grade it. you can see the speed and if you change your setting and check again in 30 days, they will compare your page speed history and give you the detail, you need to login to save more further data.

It has page speed, Yslow, waterfall feature to let you know the speed, timing, and request on the website. They can even suggest you to make changes and if you are a newbie and don’t understand the reference then you can check the meaning too. Visit their website and check your page speed.

  1. Google Page Speed Insights

Google page speed insights
Google page speed insights

Nothing is better than Google, because Google has announced that page speed will matter in search engine ranking for the mobile user. With this tool, you can check your page speed, page size, and your score.

They would even suggest you where you can change and make it more user-friendly. One thing we notice that it won’t show page speed of all the website, mostly they are accurate about the well-known site and if you also face this problem, then they have mentioned it the reason too.

You can use their lighthouse which is automated open source tool to enhance your webpage. You can check your website speed at Google website and if you face the problem searching for the page speed, go to this page.

  1. WebPageTest

webpage test
webpage test

This open source website speed testing tool may not be from google but it’s from the former google chrome engineer Patrick Meenan. This tool has everything you can think of and used for. You can check for the speed test for multiple locations, device and browser too.

It comes with many advanced features such as content blocking, multi-step transactions, changes the connection speed capture video, compares the first view versus repeat view and more. You can check their website and check your page speed.

  1. KeyCDN Website Speed Test


If you are looking for something simple and yet accurate, this tool will surely become your favorite. They have a different approach to the page speed, instead of showing total page size, they will give you the detail report on your page by the element and its size and time. They will show you the time it took to load that particular element and the time loan of total time, in which how many time has been spent on which. They have more than 14 location to check your page speed. Just visit the website and learn more about it.

  1. Dotcom-Monitor

dotcom tools
dotcom tools

This tool has also gained quite a popularity because of its simple design and simple will show you the speed of your page from total 24 places all over the world. Once you enter your website, you need to wait for few minutes to get the total report. They will show you the page speed by location, they will also show your repeat page visit speed. They have also error received from any location tab which let you know what went wrong on which place. It’s solely designed for the speed checking. Visit their website and check your speed in 24 different location.

  1. Sucuri Load Time Tester

This tool is specially designed to check the “time to first byte”, which mean, how long it takes to each the first byte of your website to visitors browser, its important as its different from the page speed. Page speed mentions the total duration of time, but if the first byte reaches late, that means its already slow. They will show you the first-byte time and total load time in a different column and grade your website. Visit Sucuri Load Time Tester to know your time to the first byte.

  1. Yslow


Yslow is yahoo based webpage analysis tool. As the name suggests, it will tell you why your page is slow. They have total 23 rules to check your website and give you the report of performance. Few of those 23 rules are, Minimize HTTP Requests, Use a Content Delivery Network, Avoid empty src or href, Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header, Gzip Components. This tool is one of the best alternatives to any other tool and it has firefox, chrome and all the browser extension to use this tool. Visit their website to learn more about it.

  1. Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

test your mobile speed
test your mobile speed

This one is powered by which we mentioned earlier. The whole purpose of this tool is to check your speed on the mobile. As we know that total billion of smartphone user browser internet through their mobile, so they will check your website speed from a mobile perspective and also suggest you how to fix your slower speed. Visit their website to learn more about it.

  1. Varvy PageSpeed Optimization

Vavy pagespeed
Vavy pagespeed

This tool is more of an advanced approach to the speed testing. It won’t show you the speed but it will show you why the website is slow. From different aspects like CSS delivery, Javascript usage, Image optimization, and Browser caching and many more options. If you want to go deep into the reasons why your website is slow and what needs to be changed, this is the website you should visit.

All this website is working properly as we have checked it first and then suggest you. if you know any more of the website speed test tool, do let us know in the comments.

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