PayPal vs Payoneer: Which is a Better? (Comparison 2018)


The internet has changed the world into a global commercial center where individuals from one a player in the globe can enjoy the products and services from another side of the globe. This has produced the time of secure online exchanges which are not restricted by national limits.

With regards to online installments, the most utilized services are those of global installment processors. These organizations assume liability for enabling you to give and get installments from abroad. They give a protected system to the same and furthermore charge a specific expense in light of the exchange sizes and volumes.

It was in 2005 when the founders of Payoneer and PayPal found people facing a problem/ hassle in international transactions and thus, it leads the respective founders to solve the problem by creating a platform where all your international transactions can be done with a low service fee and transaction time.

Payoneer and PayPal have been in competition over a decade now and there are few things that separate them as the leader in the market.

With growing competition and increase in concentration on customer acquisition has made them lower the transaction fees and time of course.

In this article, we will be talking about differences that will help us to decide who the major market winner is!

  1. Account Creation Time-

Both PayPal and Payoneer take 3-4 days in your record confirmation.

  1. Global installment for Shopping

PayPal wins in this section in light of most global shopping sites, web facilitating organizations bolster PayPal and not Payoneer.

  1. PayPal encourages shopping from all the site around the globe whereas Payoneer’s network is limited.
  2. For any web development facility like Siteground site, PayPal is the only international payment option that works out.
  3. As we have already talked about the network, 72% of freelancers use PayPal to gather payment from international clients without a hassle stated in a report on a Daily in U.S.


  1. Fund Transfer To Your Linked Bank Account –

Payoneer takes up to 24 hours to transfer the fund to your linked bank account whereas PayPal takes only 3-4 working days for transfer. This is a disadvantage which keeps especially freelancers in exile of receiving the payment on due time.  Well, you can easily see the major market winner when it comes to the group of Freelancers.

  1. Transaction Fees

Well, this is where Payoneer has got the lead with only 3% variable transaction fee when compared to 5% fixed transaction fee charged by PayPal.  Basically, the transaction fees range from $1.5 to $14.9 in Payoneer but there is a fixed 5% charged by PayPal.

One also gets higher conversion rate and exchange rate in Payoneer when compared to PayPal. That’s another feather in cap of Payoneer.

  1. Smooth Transaction Is The Key –

 With a PayPal account, you need to physically start a withdrawal procedure each time you require/want to trade out your balance. The whole procedure is extensive as well!

Payoneer dispenses without such bothers by manually converting dollars or other currency into a local currency and after that dispensing them to your financial bank account.

Each time a computerized withdrawal happens you will get an email as an alarm of the exchange.

It doesn’t end here. The turnaround time with Payoneer is superior to that for PayPal! The last takes around 3 to 5 business days for exchanging assets to your record while Payoneer ensures account exchanges inside 24 hours. Everyone cherishes speedier exchanges!

  1. Safety Measures –

Like Payoneer, PayPal too requires planned record holders to experience a confirmation procedure. Those hoping to open business records or individual records must give confirmation of their character and give significant data to pass key security checks.

Payoneer Mobile App

  • Transactions and Payment History: Allows you to see point by point installment and exchange history.
  • Currency Comparison: With this component, you can see your record adjust in any of the gave 20 monetary forms.
  • Multilingual App: This application is accessible in more than 19 dialects.
  • Refer a Friend: The application enables you to take part in their referral program.

PayPal Mobile App

  • Enables you to see every single adjacent vendor that acknowledge PayPal and you can utilize it to scan for particular stores, also.
  • By opening your wallet, you’re ready to pay for merchandise that you’ve chosen from partnered stores.
  • You can utilize this catch to send cash anyplace, in a split second.
  • Activity Hub. This segment enables you to monitor the assets you’ve sent and got, including their birthplace.
  • Utilize this catch to control the settings of your record.
  • Makes it simple to move and oversee cash.
  • Allows you to utilize your companion’s messages and versatile numbers to send cash.
  • Finger print validation (for Android).
  • Ability to get to the credit adjust from the homescreen.

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In the event that you ask us, there are sure included advantages with Payoneer which settle on it a convincing decision for a freelancer. On the off chance that requested that which one utilize, I would pick both. Why?

All things considered, the join is free for both! As an advertiser, We need to consider every one of our alternatives and all of our present and forthcoming customers. The two stages are prevalent yet PayPal is as yet the head decision for some individuals. This pattern is gradually changing as an ever increasing number of individuals understand the additional points of interest of generally more up to date stages like Payoneer


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