Best Practices in Managing the B2B Customer Experience

Have you ever considered how much money businesses spend just trying to impress their customers?From fancy commercials to high-quality advertisements to events and various other promotions…

In fact, 90 percent of B2B (business-to-business) executives indicated that main focus was to maintain or even increase spending on customer experience.

But, why?

Why is the B2B customer experience so valuable?

It is simple – the customer experience contributes toward the growth of the business.B2B brands alike recognize and value how important customer experience is when it comes to a competitive differentiation and growth.However, only a mere 25 percent of those B2B companies actually excel. And, those customer experience (CX) leaders, come in with higher-than-average revenue growth.

But, what are they doing so differently? Why are they the only few companies who are actually providing the leading customer experience?

Well, here’s how to break out of that mold – the 57 percent of businesses who are surviving, but by no means are thriving:

Start from the back.

To get to the front, you have to start from the back. It is just like how to get to the top, you have to start from the bottom.

Here is some insight: the CX leaders don’t view each service as a separate phase and the final phase of the customer lifecycle. Rather, they combine the product and the service to drive outcome-based growth.

Rather than analyzing what you could be doing in the final stages of the customer’s experience, analyze what you could be doing throughout the entire process. How can you combine your product and your service to better improve their overall experience?

Develop a playbook.

One of the best ways to improve customer experiences is to start at home…

And, by home, I mean within the office.

By showing employees what the ideal customer experience looks like and how it feels, they are better able to provide it to the customers.

I remember, when I was in banking at one point in my life, we had to act as a customer while a co-worker performed our transaction. It gave us an up-close look at what it is like to be on the customer’s side of the counter.

From the view of a bank or bank card supplier, what you are saying and how you are acting might be ideal, but for the customer, it might not be.

So, compose a playbook for the office that simply details how to talk with customers without using so much jargon, how to personalize an experience, etc.

Over-invest in traditional services.

Somehow over-investing always sounds like a bad idea, right?

But, where you are just trying to save a few bucks – you might actually be missing out on some serious opportunities.

CX leaders actually invest twice as much as their counterparts in offline capabilities such as legacy CRM systems, field service processes and tools, and contact centers.

Over-invest in digital services.

But, don’t forget to over-invest just as much in digital services…

In fact, CX leaders devote two-thirds of their customer experience budgets to digital services.

Customers notice and value various channels.

 Create customer mirrors.

Oftentimes, companies forget that the true way to determine how to perfect the customer experience is to watch it unfold.

There is a new business model that is emerging called the lean canvas methodology…

It focuses completely on taking a step back and actually taking customer input. So, rather than developing this huge plan of what you think will happen and composing appropriate outcomes, you become a mirror…

Simply, mimic your customers and create an experience based on their input and interactions.

Of course, you don’t have to take on the full lean canvas methodology (do your research first), but the idea is to be open to suggestions and to take ideas from the actual events and actual customer experiences.


All in all, it comes down to really tapping into what the ideal customer experience is…

Then, you have to devote time, effort, and money into offering this.

Start at the very beginning of your process and right at home with improving and streamlining the experience your employee’s offer, and then go out from there.

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