How to Improve Sales with ProProfs Live Chat Software


Many businesses believe that live chat software is just a customer service tool that is useful for only providing after sales service. This limiting thought restrains them from realizing the true potential of a live chat tool.

With a modern live chat software such as Proprofs Live Chat, you can reap benefits like:

  1. Providing real-time customer service support
  2. Boosting your sales

How Does Live Chat Software Increase Sales?

Increasing sales is one goal that every organization seems to run after. But this scenario has curbed with the increased use of live chat software. Let’s review some of the ways through which live support software boosts sales for a company.

Boosts Lead Generation

A live chat software allows you to generate leads even when you are offline. That is 24×7 all year long.

Customers understand that brick and mortar stores can’t be open day and night. They don’t go to the nearby market place to check for a store that can supply them their monthly office stationery or a pair of shoes that they crave for.

But online stores don’t have this limitation. They are accessible to everyone 24X7. This gives you an advantage of serving your website visitors round the clock.

At this point, live chat software allows you to increase your lead generation multi-fold by supporting potential customers at all times. You can aim to provide a 24X7 live customer support service by deploying live chat executives in multiple shifts. This will ensure that there is someone to attend your visitors and guide them at any given point of time.

Even if your budget doesn’t permit a round the clock support team, you can utilize your live chat software as a lead generation tool. Simply prompt the users to fill out an automated and easy form. This helps you to capture their details and requirements, and promise them to connect when you are online again.

You can later connect to the interested leads through email or simply give them a call and try your best to convert them.


Increases Conversion Rate

Live chat for sales not only gives you ripe leads, but also facilitates to improve conversion by providing real-time assistance to your visitors. Every business allocates a significant portion of their turnover towards their marketing budget in a pursuit to acquire more leads. And, each visitor coming to your website is the result of those efforts.

Except, this is still not the final outcome. If you aren’t able to convert your visitors into customers, all the effort and money spent on bringing that visitor to your website goes in vain.

Converting every visitor into a paying customer is what every business can only dream of. Still, the aim is to convert as many visitors into customers as practically possible. And live chat software boosts that conversion rate for sure.

Greet all your visitors with a personalized and proactive chat message. This reminds them that an actual person is available on your website to assist them with any query they come up with. Most modern live chat software for website, like Proprofs Chat, allow you to control the timing of this chat pop-up. You can initiate it after a few seconds of opening your web page, or in response to a trigger like customer inactivity for a few seconds. But always ensure that your pop-up is subtle. If it is well-timed, it won’t interfere with the customer’s product purchasing process.

Enhances Transactional Value With Up-selling

Apart from assisting your website visitors in their buying process, a well-trained customer service executive can successfully boost the transaction value too. Up-selling your customers is a delicate process. But with a deep understanding of your customer base as well as your product catalog, appropriate sales training and a modern live chat software tool, you can work wonders in this area.

By suggesting a better product to satisfy the requirements of your customers, you not only increase the average cart value, but also gain the trust of your new customers with high-quality service. Such a trust and goodwill can go a long way in differentiating you from your competitors.

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Promotes Repeat Sales and Referrals

Live chat software is a great medium to solve the problems of your store visitors in real-time so that they are able to buy the required products or services as easily as possible. Besides being helpful during the sales process, live chat software is amazing in providing after-sales customer service too. Great service means loyal customers, repeat sales, and referrals.

Customers who have troubles with a product they bought or want their issues to be addressed, prefer live chat software to communicate the same to the management instead of email or phone support. The reason is simple; live chat is the most personalized and real-time medium to get prompt service and instant gratification.

Emails may take days to get a response. You don’t even know if they are going to be read by someone. And no one likes to press several buttons to navigate through a labyrinth of recorded messages to finally hear the voice of a human being.

This means that if you are able to perfect your customer support over live chat, the customers will love to buy from you again. This is because you are someone who responds to their requests timely and effectively. Not only that, they won’t hesitate a bit in referring your service to their friends, family, and colleagues.


Helps Product and Process Improvement

The software also provides copious amounts of quantitative and qualitative data regarding buying patterns of your customer, their choices, and much more. By analyzing this data you can learn more about your customer base as well as your website and other processes. For example, if your chat records show that a lot of visitors are facing trouble in redeeming a sales coupon, then you may need to improve the user interface so that it becomes more clear to them.


Live chat software for a website is an asset. Investing in a software such as ProProfs Chat can help your business improve sales easily. Your customers finally land upon that space where they can take their queries to. All you need to add on is a team of superb sales executives. Along with the live chat software, they will be able to retain more customers by answering their questions and bringing in sales for the organization.

This is one of the smartest ways to skyrocket your online sales hassle-free. With so many benefits, the software looks more like a lucrative option. But you need to be smart while investing in one. Know the product better and see if it suits your needs too.

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