8 Best Free Brand Monitoring Tools for 2022

Free Brand Monitoring Tools

Brand Monitoring is the practice of monitoring currently accessible brand references regarding your business, or product. Attempting brand monitoring without the use of monitoring tools is equivalent to entering the maze while blindfolded. According to market estimates, the market for brand monitoring technologies will expand from $3.04 billion in 2021 to $7.25 billion in 2028.

Monitoring tools give you the ability to free up your employees from mundane jobs. Also, it saves time and expense in service operations, decrease, and sometimes even eliminate system downtime. These tools can tell us a great deal of stuff that business will not learn somewhere else.

It is an essential capability of an organization that cannot be replaced easily. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the finest free brand monitoring tools to acknowledge.

Reasons to Employ the Brand Monitoring Tools

The following are the essential reasons why you require free brand monitoring tools:

  • Assist your IT department in becoming more responsible and proactive
  • Monitoring tools aid in the benchmarking of your IT organization’s performance.
  • Sets and manages the cost assumptions.
  • Aids in the enhancement of your performance of the company.
  • These instruments aid in the reduction of manual labor.

What do you know about Brand Monitoring?

Brand monitoring involves social listening and monitoring. Also, it includes a variety of methods for analyzing brand mentions across multiple social media channels and gathering audience data


  • It allows users to track various channels to detect all the brand mentions and engage in them appropriately.
  • Enhances the advertising effect and generates customer-centric products. This can result in higher generating revenue. 
  • Improves client management and engagement, as well as adds new consumers to the database.
  • Establish a competitive C-level approach.

Importance of Brand Monitoring

To know the importance of brand monitoring, read the following points:

  • Identifying Trends

You will learn trendy concepts and phrases when monitoring your brand. Undoubtedly, you will see an upsurge in conversations regarding your goods as well. Free brand monitoring tools can help distinguish the clutter from the important conversation. It also contributes to a higher level of customer engagement.

  • Public Participation

Brand monitoring analyses your engagement rate to that of your competitors. This permits you to discreetly monitor them. It assists you in identifying their dissatisfied customers or simply observing their acts to gain market share.

  • Enhance the brand’s image

You can plummet down to a micro-level with brand monitoring tools. Furthermore, recognizing any increase or decrease in comments, posts, or opinions. You may compare your brand’s trustworthiness, timeliness, and customer service. Last but not least, 73 percent of customers adore a brand because of friendly customer service.

Top 8 Brand Monitoring Tools Available for Free

Here is a selection of the top 10 free brand monitoring tools to help you keep track of your brand. Although all of these platforms are free, some of them also have commercial equivalents with more features and functionalities.

Let’s take a look at all the tools and decide whether you want to put these to the test right now.

1. Mention

Mention is a social networking site listing service that serves as one of the best free brand monitoring tools. It is designed to monitor all online discussions about your product or brand. It is a fantastic tool for managing your brand’s internet presence and user interaction. Mention has a very user-friendly UI.


  • Fine-tuned results with removing noise
  • Monitoring the discussion about the product
  • Calendars of content to help you get the most out of your publication
  • When there is a spike in discussions, you will get pulse emails

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is among the most effective free brand monitoring tools available. It enables users to set the settings for how they want to track the brand. It can find particular keywords depending on how many times it appears in publications, websites, and other places.


  • Keyword search tracking
  • Your mailbox will be flooded with mentions.
  • Updates everything in real-time.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite assists you in managing your social networking site’s visibility. Thus, it results in increasing expansion and flexibility for your company. It allows you to save time as it schedules posts throughout all social media platforms. The automatic scheduling features make the tasks easier.


  • NetBase Quid incorporation for more in-depth brand analysis.
  • Evaluate your activities and improve track of the progress
  • Timeline, demographics, and location are among the criteria available.

4. Falcon

Falcon assists you with social media monitoring, posting, measuring, and managing client data. Your company will acquire a competitive advantage over its rivals as a result of the data it provides.

Thus, you can make better intelligent decisions. Its social media monitoring technologies allow you to keep track of conversations in many languages.


  • Avails monitoring of more than 600 parameters.
  • AI detects rises and decreases to alert you to odd behavior.
  • Notifications about unfavorable comments are sent automatically
  • There are no limits to the number of search terms you can use

5. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a business-level solution with broad brand monitoring capabilities. It’s ideal for large groups and marketing departments that perform advanced brand management and audience analysis. 

It delivers trend prediction, AI-powered picture analysis, and customizable classifier in addition to typical social listening tools. Also, it is one of the finest free brand monitoring tools to appear on this list.


  • Criticism, suggestions, and views categorize the talks.
  • Abnormal activity detection.
  • Announcements in real-time.

6. Keyhole

Keyhole also stands amongst the best free brand monitoring tools on this list. You can use Keyhole to find out when your brand, its products, or a rival is referenced on major social media platforms. 

Also, you can get a data show about post quantity, interaction volume, number of impressions, and reach volume. All these features are accessible easily using its user-friendly dashboard.


  • When discussions concerning your brand seem to go viral, a volume forecasts function alerts you.
  • Sentiment classification powered by AI.
  • A QuickTrends feature for detecting social media monitoring trends.

7. Awario

Every day, Awario searches over 13 billion website pages to give you the best brand references. This provides customer support through social media and improves your relations with clients.

The data collection of Awario assists you in responding to comments. Moreover, it helps in gaining a better understanding of your audience to adjust your marketing plan.


  • Constructive, critical, and sentiment classification are all part of powerful analytics.
  • Followers are useful for identifying workspaces.
  • Offers universally recognizable, data-rich, and managed white-label reports.
  • Monitors keyword occurrences in any language, anywhere on the internet.

8. Brand24

Brand24 is a free brand monitoring tool that has been around for a while. It provides first-class statistics to assist you to improve your marketing strategies and tactics.

It not only displays social references but also provides information regarding the effects of such mentions.  For instance, engagement statistics on responses and shares.


  • Brand references on podcasts, social media, websites, newsgroups, and videos are all available.
  • Immediately notifies the adverse mentions.
  • Reach, hashtags, and engagement are all important metrics to track.


It is critical to keep track of a company’s online activity regularly. There are numerous tools available to assist you in completing the task. However, it’s better that you find some of the best free brand monitoring tools in one article.

The above tools are useful in a variety of situations and help us in several ways. So, determine the technology according to the needs of your company.

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