7 Best Duplicate Content Checker Plugins for WordPress

Best Duplicate Content Checker Plugins for WordPress

Plagiarism is an issue that is becoming more and more severe with each passing day. A large number of instances of unintentional and self-plagiarism have document, indicating that anybody may become a victim of content robbing. Though you publish information on the Internet, you may accuse of defrauding someone, even if you did not do anything wrong.

Before publishing material on the Internet, you must check for Duplicate Content Checker WordPress plugins to ensure that the text is free of errors. All possibilities of plagiarism must be removed. You may have also come across several websites that provide both free and paid plagiarism checks. 

But before moving on directly to the best duplicate content checker WordPress plugins, you should first understand what the exact content means.

The term “duplicate content” is defined as follows:

Essentially, duplicate content is content that exists in many places on the Internet at the same time, and you can always check for duplicate content with Duplicate Content Checker WordPress plugins.

In the context of the internet, duplicate content refers to material that appears in more than one location (URL). An online address (URL) is considered more than one location if the same information exists at more than one web address (URL).

While duplicating material isn’t strictly a penalty, it can sometimes affect search engine results. When “appreciably similar” information is available in many locations throughout the Internet, search engines may struggle to determine which version is more relevant to a particular search query. Google calls this “extremely similar” content.

When it comes to duplicating material, what is the point?

For search engines, the existence of duplicated content may result in three main issues. These are as follows:

Their confusion stems from not knowing which version(s) to include or exclude from their indexes.

In this situation, they must decide whether to concentrate all of the link metrics (such as trust and authority) on a single page or to spread them over several versions of the same page.

They are uncertain of which version(s) of the website should be ranked in search engine results for a given query.

Here are some of the most popular Duplicate content Checker WordPress plugins for the year 2021, which will assist you in removing plagiarism from the content of your website or blog post.

7 Best duplicate content checker plugins for wordpress

1. Prepostseo’s Plagiarism Checker

The Prepostseo plagiarism checker application is one of the best applications accessible. This is because most marketers, students, freelancers, and businesspeople feel it to be helpful for their objectives. 

With this program, you may examine the text for duplicates and duplicates in a sentence-by-sentence manner. It analyses and compares each phrase to online material.

  • It is safe to use this efficient Duplicate Content Checker WordPress plugin since it does not keep the report or any part of the material in its database. 
  • Upload choices include pasting text, snapping a picture of the document using the camera, or uploading a PDF or Word file.
  • The most remarkable feature of this software is that it can be utilized immediately by logging in with your Google Account.
  • This software automatically generates a report when you verify the material. 
  • It displays the sources, including the URLs, for which the material is matches. It will highlight the matching text.

For more about Prepostseo’s Plagiarism Checker

2. Small Seo tools

You may use this free online copy content checker WordPress plugins SEO tools to verify that your web pages are optimized.

  • SmallSEOTools.com offers powerful tools for website owners, web administrators, SEO experts, and freelance writers. 
  • These SEO tools may help you create a website, write content for web pages, and optimize search engines.
  • This free online SEO tool thoroughly examines your content. Then it compares to billions of search results.
  • So you receive the most accurate results for optimizing your web pages. Global users may use any of the tools for free at any time.

For more about Small Seo tools

3. Copyscape

A significant benefit of Copyscape is that it is simple to use: all you have to do is put in a URL or a piece of text you want to analyze for plagiarism.

  • This well-known service costs $0.05 for each search, and it is available worldwide. 
  • To get started, you’ll need to create an account on the website. 
  • You’ll need to purchase credits in advance, regardless of whether or not you wind up conducting plagiarism checks.

For more about Copyscape

4. Plagiarism Checker Pro

Plagiarism Checker Pro is one of the most commonly used plagiarism checker plugins for WordPress websites, and it is available for both Mac and Windows. 

  • This plugin may be used to search for duplicate material on the Internet, and it is entirely free. 
  • Plagiarism Checker Pro is a collection of tools that will allow you to verify your whole piece of content in a fraction of a second and provide reliable findings.
  • Although the trial pack is free, the premium pack is also available at a reasonable price. You may see the plagiarised material on your website by utilizing a slider on the page. 
  • Simple copies of your website’s pages or content will allow you to verify the material for plagiarism, and this will save you time and money. 

For more about Plagiarism Checker Pro

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most exemplary plagiarism detection programs available. You may also use this tool to check for grammatical mistakes if your writing has any.

Besides checking for spelling and punctuation problems, it will also alert you if any material in your document has been copied and pasted elsewhere. 

  • Nothing more than logging into your Grammarly account and pasting your text into the Grammarly editor will suffice for this task.
  •  Afterward, you’ll need to click on the Grammarly symbol, which can be found on the right-hand side of your browser’s menu bar.
  • Grammarly will provide you with comprehensive findings, including the identity of the person who has stolen your work. 
  • Grammarly may be use to verify vast amounts of data in a short amount of time. Even though the gadget is not remarkably inexpensive, it is beneficial. It is without a doubt the most suitable option for writers and publishers.

For more about Grammarly

6. Plagiarism Auto Check

Plagiarism Auto-Check has long been the best WordPress plagiarism checker. It has an easy-to-use UI. That makes it the sixth most popular.

  • You can track down the pages that were duplicates. Also find out who copied your work, their names, email addresses, etc. You can track the responses to your material as well as safeguard it.
  • It costs $17 for a standard license and $85.
  • This lets you submit a DMCA notice to the receiver to remove his duplicated page. 
  • The plugin will examine the information for plagiarism in a structured way. It uses Google Custom Search API to access Google search services. It can instantly identify plagiarism in any text.

7. Quetext

Quetext has a free and a premium plagiarism checker. 

  • Its searches for duplication on web pages and scholarly papers. So you may acknowledge the source if your author does not add it.
  • For $9.99/month, you get endless searches. 
  • Each search restricts to 500 words. The pro plan allows you to search up to 25,000 words (50 pages)—upload files (PDF, Word, and plain-text) to check for duplicates.

For more about Quetext


The following list of Duplicate Content Checker WordPress plugins is intended to assist you. Every one of these WordPress plugins for plagiarism detection is very popular on the market nowadays.

All of them are reliable and efficient tools for revising your pages before they are there on the Internet. Non-stop detection of plagiarism is impossible without Duplicate Content Checker WordPress plugins. It can also evaluate SEO online, allowing the site’s ranking to improve the results.

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