How to Backup LG Phone with LG PC Suite

LG Smartphones has been really hitting off the market in the recent 2018. Not to mention, LG smartphones has been featured many times by popular magazine blogs like CNET, Forbes, PCMag, etc. However, in this article, we will be talking about how to backup LG phone with LG PC Suite. Every smartphone or computer expert has mentioned and recommended that every person should backup their smartphones at least once a week. It is recommended to backup your device whenever an important data is downloaded, however, if you are extremely busy then it is recommended to at least backup your smartphone every month.

You never know when your phone will crash or factory reset or virus attack that may cause severe deletion of data before you can even recover them. That’s why we must understand the necessity of backing up data from your Android smartphones.

Importance of backing up LG Phone:

  1. Restore data even if you factory reset your phone purposely.
  2. Recover any kind of data if your phone is lost or stolen.
  3. Keep a backup of your phone in PC to watch them from your computer.
  4. Your data are safe and secure.
  5. No fear of losing any data under any circumstances.
  6. Special data such as messages, contacts and documents can be retrieved using data recovery tools.

So, now that you know the importance of backing up data on your phone, let’s talk about the solution. Fortunately, LG Company has made a tremendous free tool exclusively for LG users to backup their data. It’s called LG PC Suite and it’s freely available on the official LG Website. LG PC Suite is similar to Nokia PC Suite that allows you to establish the connection between your LG phone and computer without any problem.

How to use LG PC Suite to Backup LG Phones

LG PC Suite is rather an advanced program that does need some expertise to operate. However, we are writing this manual so that you can under this software and make it work:

Step 1. Download & Install LG PC Suite

Since it is a desktop program, you will be required to install it by downloading the LG PC Suite software on your Windows computer. Next, open the file and read the terms of service, agree it and install the program on your PC. Now, launch the program to see the main user interface of the program.

Step 2. Connect your LG Phone to PC.

Next step is to connect your LG phone to PC. You can either use a USB data cable or connect your phone and PC under same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Enable USB Debugging Mode on LG phone

If your phone fails to be recognized by the software then it’s time to enable the USB Debugging mode on your LG phone. To enable USB debugging mode, simply go to Settings followed by Developers option and check in the USB Debugging.

Step 4. Backup LG Smartphone to PC

After the phone is recognized, you will be able to see the music, photos files, contacts and other information from your phone on your PC. Simply, keep clicking on every tabs to see the data. Once your satisfied, just perform a full backup of your phone and wait for the program to make the full backup and save it on your PC.

If the program doesn’t work for your device especially for old ones, then the alternative method is Androidphonesoft, which offers a much easier solution to backup Android content to PC. You can do it for partial data backup or complete backup. The choice varies and depends on what kind of requirements you are looking for.

That’s all. You have backed up your LG smartphone to PC with LG PC Suite.  To be honest, this program is a bit heavier than any other program and should be handled with care. Make sure to have enough RAM and hard disk to use this program flawlessly. Do let us know if you encounter any issues and thanks for reading this article.

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