Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe In 2018

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The use of the smartphone is increasing day by day and these devices are becoming an integral part of our daily lives. We communicate with our loves ones, find information of our interest, calculate small or large digits, send & receive e-mails and more. We won’t be wrong to say that smartphones are now more of a ‘one-stop solution’.

Similarly,iPhone users love their devices and are addicted to it. But the same users complain their devices are a bit delicate, fragile and expensive as if you drop it once, you may end up buying a new one.

Tips to keep your device safe are as follows:

Use a ring holder to hold your phone:

Hundreds of smartphones sleep forever due falling and breaking. Our hands become slippery overtime and there we lose the firm grip as the excess oils from our hands stick on the device’s plastic casing. Hence, gripping is an issue which could be easily resolved by attaching a ring holder to your device.

However, doing so would make your phone a bit heavy and bulky and might affect the sleek design of your phone.

Utilize a good phone case:

An additional layer of metal can act as a wall between heaven and hell. If you’re oily or sweaty hand then phones cases made of carbon fiber prove to be an effective solution as they are lightweight, durable & sophisticated.

Try not using smartphone in the bathroom:

We, humans, need entertainment 24/7 even when in the bathroom. Users consider the smartphone as their best friend and take it along everywhere they go. But that risks the lives of our devices where they have no chance of getting wet. A simple wet slip can destroy our smartphones leaving it to nothing but pieces to assemble. Hence, try to keep your smartphone outside while using the bathroom.

Similarly, some cell phones are in possession of private data such as photos, videos, documents and even the research work and if these devices become infected, it could be a disastrous situation for the user. While browsing, we find may websites flashing ads which we do not intend to see and are asked to click different links such as ‘click baits’. To be secure, try to ignore all such types of links that you do not trust or that redirect you to another page as these links are the major source of inviting viruses into a device, leading to data loss. However, if you can’t give up your regular work and researching is your addiction, then an exception can be made by installing security software on your device for added security.

Smart browsing:

 Back in the days, cellphones were only used to make calls and send or receive text messages. However, the same cannot be said for current generation as browsing has become rather more important aspect of these cell phones. These devices have become a complete end solution where we can find all the details on any topic within seconds. But doing so results in browsing and hence, you automatically fall in the need of having a smart browser. Most of the devices do not have built in installed browsers to which we recommend you to get equipped with the latest acceptable browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome etc. these browsers are adequate enough to fulfill your daily dose of socializing and keep you safe from downloading or opening any file that may be harmful in nature.

Do not forget to use Smart Phone Security Apps:

Mobile security apps have become a vital part of smart phones these days to tackle with emerging privacy and hack issues.  To keep you safe, it is highly recommended to install such apps offering anti-theft, anti-privacy and hack proofing all the way.

 Know that old isn’t gold anymore:

 We as users love to keep chats that are old as these chats help us remember all the memories while reading them again. But holding older conversations or chats results in your phone becoming slower and even older as you’re holding something that you no longer need and the best thing you could do is get rid of the unwanted chats that you no longer need. Do this step and you’ll find out why majority of the smart users prefer this option.

Clean your smartphone:

 In many cases, our devices end up in being slower than before as ‘insides’ of our device gets covered with dust and other related particles. Hence, every month you can try cleaning your phone by getting rid of all the dust from your phone that is inside your phone, on the cover, or in the charging slot.


 These are only a few tips on how you can keep your device safe as most of the phone crashes report the above-mentioned incidents. If you have confidential data on your smartphone, then you might have to be extra vigilant and careful while using your device as confidential data is lost, might be hard to recover. Don’t take them for granted, phones lives matter too which we only value after losing them.

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