What is Wix Answers? A Complete Wix Answers Review 2018

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Customer support is the cornerstone of any successful company. Every company that offers a service or product has their own customer support and help desk for their customer, but that is at times overwhelming. Big companies often get short-handed while dealing with this kind of problems. For that, Wix Answers has all the solutions needed.

What is Wix Answers?

WIX answers

Wix Answers is a helpdesk software which was used by WIX for their more than 120 million customers over the years. With all the latest technology and feature, it’s a one-stop solution for customer support, based on years of hard-earned experience.  Wix Answers is equipped with all the features that a company needs to handle their customers requests, and educate them about the product offerings.

Wix Answers is a Cloud-based Help desk software which includes a help center, ticketing center and a call center, all working in sync to deliver the perfect support and solving day to day questions of customers. There are many features in Wix Answers that can be useful and easy to maintain, no matter if you have a small company or the big one.

Help Desk

This help desk software can help you create a help center on your website with just a few clicks. You can save a lot of time and money while organizing and updating your website. With the help of Wix Answers, you can help your customers reach to you via multiple channels. There are many types of customer queries and that is why WIX has more than one type of support. We are going to explain how you can create an easy and effective help desk with WIX.

Types of Wix Answers help desk

There is more than one type of customer, some have just a simple question that can be solved with an FAQ page, some might need chat to be resolved, but some queries might get tricky and that is why you can use the call center to guide to provide telephone support as well, to help your customers solve their problem. Managing all this would be a company nightmare requiring large number of resources on it. Companies have to find different software and have to manage all fronts at once. That is where Wix Answers could help. Here are Wix Answers’ features.


Some of the customers have common questions and when they could not find their answer on the company’s website, they have to make a call. This problem can be solved easily by creating an FAQ page and publishing articles on your website help center.

WIX answers help

This type of help center is known as the knowledge base as it contains all the information to get started. companies can make FAQ with the help of Wix Answers on the go. Setting up your knowledge base on your website with Wix Answers is quite easy as they have a drag and drop option and a ready-made template to use. You just need to change the look with new images that match your company and attach the article and FAQ with it to create a Knowledgebase help center in few minutes. With this, your customers can browse all the questions and find their answer easily. This could also save time as they don’t have to call the support staff.

Ticketing system

Not all queries can be solved with the knowledge base and sometimes customers need to contact the companies support staff to resolve their issue. This process is somewhat confusing sometimes as customers don’t know what kind of problem they are having and the company can transfer the call to other staff. That is where a ticketing system works; simply put, a ticketing system allows any customer to create a new ticket describing a new problem he or she are facing.

With the ticketing system, you can view the customer history right on the screen to understand if the issue is recurring or a new one. You can assign a task to your staff from Wix Answers and notify them all at once. You can get suggestion by Wix Answers on what type of help they need, and you can easily send your customer an article regarding their issue (if it is a known issue).

Call center

The call center is one of the most important parts of the help desk. Sometimes customers need to talk with company support staff to solve their problem. This feature comes with Wix Answers for free and you can use it to talk to your customer as well.

WIX call center

You can make and receive unlimited calls with Wix Answers. You can set the business hours so that your customer would know when your company is available to answer. You can easily manage the workflow right from your dashboard and check the performance of the call center. You can send your customer an email after they call and ask them about their issue, with Wix Answers you can get the extensive history of your customer. Some of the upcoming features of the call center are IVR system, which can direct the customer to the right place to solve their queries.

Wix Answers is an easy to use software with a multi-support system that can help any company run their help desk. If your customer can get their answer from a knowledge base or call center then they would become a recurring customer. Wix Answers now provides every company with a software that was tested for years.

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