11 Best Twitter Tools to Dominate Twitter Marketing in 2018

This is the place to seek out some best twitter tools for your marketing strategies to complete on time. Social media marketing is trending nowadays and not to mention the reason, it is for real-time and most importantly connection with the audience is a must. Here we are placing some best tools to look forward and compete like a pro-

Social Quant

Social Quant

Twitter domination is what- having more followers than your competitors. No, followers must be relevant and interested in what you tweet. That is what this tool is all about. It gives you followers who are worthy of your business and often look for similar services. Rest is, of course, your strategies and business model which blends smoothly with the tool. Thus, use it when you are ready for the exposure and show your real side to the targeted audience. Social media gives no second chance and loopholes are hard to hide. This is one such reliable tool or we say a magical gadget having lots of positive testimonials.


The best strategy that we know so far is ‘copy followers’. For instance, when you follow around 50 people, chances are half of it or take minimum numbers will follow you back. And those who follow back are probably the one who is interested in your services. Doing it handy is a difficult job when your target is mass audience. That’s when these tools came into the picture and everyone adores them. Be it bloggers, service providers, product sellers, it is a massive hit among all. More to this, all the people who do not follow your account back will be traced and there will be space for the only engaged audience.


Tweet dack

This tool is giving some serious goals and took social media marketing to a next level already. This is the tool where you can see a whole lot of things on one platform. We usually take help of multiple twitter accounts for our business and handling them all is the ease with TweetDeck. Here you may see timeline, users, tweets, lists, collection, trending everything as a separate account. Navigation is superb and you won’t feel chaotic or messed up once on it. Not to forget it is originally acquired by the twitter guys after it is featured on the top list.



It is more of a management platform focusing time pack as its objective. Ryan Holmes created this application in 2008 and since then is a tough competitor for optimizing your social team. Apart from being realistic, another advantage of having this app is its data-driven capability. Spotting trends is another quality of this app and then insights if your content is up to the mark or not. Adding on to the wish list, what else we want, security from hackers and then this app comes into the picture. Nobody could be more demanding than this.


agora pulse

Agorapulse is affordable for smaller business needs where usually we have tight budgets for social media optimization. When it comes to compete as a winner and not as a survivor, you need to have strong ethics plus great attractive features. Easy analysis and monitoring is magic to our ears and this is what brings up to this application. It has android and iPhone app through which notification can be setup to make sure you never miss a thing. Furthermore, customization is another benefit which you will find here like while publishing new content and actively viewing every post on one single page.

Manage Flitter


Every social media platform is a way to grow your business and manage flitter understands it well. Through various benefits of analytics, power posts and multiple account management, this app has already set my mind to it. Power posts will let you not to worry about time zones and automatically schedule the posts which are a feature worth of social media. Multiple accounts management is something we see in every app, however, a soothing platform is what you can see here. Social media is fast but handling them should not be and that’s what we learn through this app. Be active but not fast as we need to maintain the pace while building the brand.

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Participating in tweetchats is a popular way to learn trends and engage with your audience. You need to make sure you host the event successfully or if just participating, you are active throughout the chat. You must have good thoughts and if possible pen down bullet points and do not get hustle up while replying like we normally do. Remember it is business and not a just ordinary conversation we have personally. This is a great way to interact with people and objective could be many like learning, engaging, optimizing and upgrading you as a social media marketer. These are real-time goals only social media is capable of providing.



We call it as automation tool and automation is the king of business nowadays. Lined-up with great features and has both free and paid plans. Looks like this app has its business goals set up and high. SEO optimized is one thing that is enough to make us use it. Specially designed to track keywords and build awareness of your brand. You can also set the events and just forget that means you do not have to worry about time-zones. Another feature that makes this app a distinct one is a direct message which you can send to your new follower. This is directly proportional to the meaningful relationship you can have with all of your followers.



Canva is basically a photo editing tool but is being used massively by social media managers because of the feasibility of editing the pictures. It is a must-have app to list and used. Also, it has readymade templates which are used while tweeting. Customizing the pictures using drag and drop features, cropping and re-sizing are smooth enough and infographics, everything is here. You name it and canva has it. This is how social media has made things easy and feasible for everyone.



‘If this then that’ gives us recipes which are meaningful rather than yummy and meaningful here sounds more prominent. Recipes like if you change the picture on facebook, twitter lets it change too, tweet your blog posts; spreadsheets have all your tweets and then add people who has mentioned you to your twitter list. This is something we are looking for. Right!

Follower Wonk


Sorting, searching, analyzing – this app does it all for you. Like you want to track followers or compare different users and here is the tool i.e. follower wonk for you. Competitor analysis can also be done and also gives you the whole bio of your follower. And then optimize i.e. show what is best for your follower cutting the rest. It makes your audience engaged and gives them a meaningful reason

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