How To Track Pay Per Call Traffic Easily?

Pay per call is a very import and beneficial method of advertising. Here the publisher will be paid only when the user will call the advertiser on the number given. And then to know from where you have received the call, you absolutely need call tracking software.

Ringba is one of the leading call tracking tools for all kind of call tracking and analytics tool which will help you manage your pay per call campaign in a better way. You can even manage an entire pay per call network!

Following are some of the best features of the pay per call marketing for both advertisers and publishers-

  • Advertisers have to pay only for qualified inbound calls from buyer-ready callers.
  • PPcall are highly targeted leads and so conversion chances are quite more
  • By doing further analysis, you can control the fake leads and fraud as well. Here the tools like Ringba will help you a lot
  • Publishers get way more than the normal campaign here

And there are plenty of more reasons why business is going ahead with the pay per call marketing and also why publishers should also focus on PPcall. But being a publisher, you should target PPcall only when you have targeted traffic as this is not like PPC campaigns where just for clicking ad, you get paid.

If you will look into the recent trend, the search engine is promoting the local search result and click to call results a lot and so is a business, you can not ignore them. Also, this click to call kind of results are expected to grow multiple folds in coming days.

How Pay Per Call Marketing works

The working of the PPcall is not that simple as it is with the other advertising model like pay per click or pay per lead etc. But it is not complicated as well. The below picture depicts the simple flow of the pay per call working-

How to Track Pay Per Call Traffic?

Well, tracking the traffic is not that hard when you have the call tracking tools like Ringba. Just sign up for the Ringba and then using Ringba dashboard you can get all the details for your PPcall campaign.

Once you have set up the campaign and connected the campaign with the toll-free number, you will be ready to start accepting calls and driving traffic. Then using the Ringba reporting platform you can easily get the analytics and data you need to optimize your paid marketing campaigns and generate better calls. It will show somehow like the below where you will be getting to know the source of the call, keywords used for it, duration of the call, and multiple other factors used for analytics and reporting.


This was all about the pay per call marketing and how you can track those traffic for the best utilization and understand which source and campaign are working great for you.

Along with that, you can also optimize your campaigns based on the analytics provided in the reporting site and optimize it for better benefits.

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