What Are Backlinks in SEO and What Are the Advantages of Backlinks?

Difference Between DoFollow And NoFollow Links

When you talk about SEO (search engine optimization), there is hardly any conversation when you don’t mention backlink. For a beginner, its look like an ancient mystery but it’s actually quite simple. We will discuss in the article about what are the backlinks and what are their advantages.

What is backlink?

You just need to separate the two words to figure it out. Back and link. Links that get back to a website. When you use a hyperlink or add a website to your content, it means you have given that website a backlink. The more and better backlinks you have, the higher you rank in the search.

Think it as a classroom. If some student is great and scholar, more and more people refer it to him. If one of them is explaining science experiment, they will say, you should meet that guy to know more about that science experiment. Now when more and more student is referring you and suggesting people meet you, you will become a great source of information, so now teacher will refer it to you and say, you should talk to that student, he knows about that stuff.

The same thing happens in the realm of the website when you have great quality content, more and more website will give you a backlink. They will suggest their visitor visit your website to know more about a particular point. As you get more backlink, the headmaster or say google will rank you first.

Types of backlinks

There are mainly two types of backlinks

  • Nofollow backlink: as the name suggests, this type of the link you don’t want the search engine to link back to your website. When search engine crawler gets to the page and found a link which is a Nofollow link, they don’t consider it.
  • Dofollow link: this link is opposite of Nofollow link which suggests following the link. So, the search engine is linked it to your page and you get the link juice from it.

This two types of backlink help you get ranked in the search and get you a good traffic. It’s important that you don’t give backlink to irrelevant content. Such as, if you have a tech website and you gave a backlink to a zoo animal website, it’s totally irrelevant and won’t help them or you in any way. If you are just being sarcastic and want to link it, try Nofollow link insisted.

Learn more about Dofollow and Nofollow the link here.

Advantages of Backlinks

  • Improve ranking

It’s important to improve your website ranking to be on the first page and later on the top 3 searches. Backlink helps you get there by telling the search engine that this website has more relevant content. When you get an organic link, which means that its relevant to your content, you will get noticed by the search engine. More quality and organic link mean more superior content and search engine wants only one thing, to let their user get the best of the best of what they are searching for. Once you get a good amount of backlink, you will start improving rank to the top.

  • Drive traffic

Everyone wants their website to get more traffic but how to get more traffic on your page is the hard question. Backlink will help you generate great traffic. If a high authority website has given you a backlink, almost all of their viewers will visit your page. That is why we have always advised that getting a backlink is not enough, you need backlink from a website which has high quality of content, higher traffic, and authority,

  • Easy to do

Everyone is complaining how hard it is to get a backlink, but no one is talking about how easy to give one. You just need to add the link to your website and you are done. No need to be master of all SEO and genius. If you give backlink, then you get one too.

  • Easy indexing

Indexing is one of the most crucial parts of blogging. You need to be indexed to show up on the searches. The backlink will help you do it. if you get a backlink, the indexing bot will crawl back to your website from the original one and index your page too.

Now we know that what is backlink and what are the advantages of backlink, we can now create backlinks too. One thing is important above all of this is the content. You will find that in every single website about SEO. Your content will get you the backlink without any effort. So, to get more backlink, write more killer content.

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