Top 3 ways to do Whatsapp Marketing | How to Increase Traffic from Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most used messenger apps and boasts a good number of a billion users or more. Whatsapp marketing, on the other hand, is like any other platform, the little icon button on the social share section.

Increasing traffic through Whatsapp is not an alien idea. Similar to every other social media platform, marketing through apps works. people use Whatsapp addictively and staying away from the app is almost impossible.

That means how we use it to promote our work is a very tricky thing. Many ways are there to use Whatsapp marketing to promote your work. Below, I will list the top 3 ways to do Whatsapp marketing.

Many use Whatsapp for personal and professional reasons. Keeping that in mind even the fact that somebody puts a sad Whatsapp dp, even is a message that is sent to someone on your can also use YOWhatsApp for extra features into whatsapp.

The Top 3ways to increase traffic from WhatsApp 

  • Give your blog a WhatsApp Group

If you are going to use dp on your Whatsapp, then why not have your logo or work image on the dp of your Whatsapp group. You know who your audience is, and now you can communicate your work and upcoming events right to their inboxes.

Just like Facebook, you can share your work, discuss interesting things, have open mic discussions with your audiences. Whatsapp allows you to have 256 maximum group members. That means you can easily share your work with your active members.

  • The Broadcast Button is your Friend 

You can easily broadcast your latest work with your selective active members. Whatsapp marketing has managed to also become the more digital forward messages. Like forward messages, you can group select your members and share your blog posts, news, interesting and relevant information.

You can conveniently ask your readers and members if they want to be part of the broadcast and enable you to get your work easily to your members.

  • Add the Whatsapp share button to your website and posts

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most used messaging app on smartphones. Whatsapp marketing would mean you need to add that your website and posts, especially on the mobile version.

It is simple and its least time-consuming. I personally have shared a lot of interesting content on Whatsapp. Adding the Whatsapp share button to your posts and websites would mean you will be delivering people things right on the go.

One of the best features of this Whatsapp marketing tool is that you deliver people content right where they are. It’s personal and yet very convenient. it lets you engage with your members right on the go.

Why use WhatsApp marketing to gain traffic?

Whatsapp marketing works conveniently for one specific reason. You get to engage with your audience right in the middle of their time. In the palm of their hands, they even get to follow a sad Whatsapp dp.

Then imagine how successfully you can you this messaging app to its full potential.

There are many as that you can use to increase traffic to your blogs or websites from Whatsapp. You get to engage in a very live way to your members. Staying away from your smartphone is next to impossible.

That is why using the right tools on Whatsapp can increase your traffic by many folds. You can also write about Whatsapp on your blogs and share them with yours. How to articles are very popular.

Whatsapp has made staying connected so much fun and easy that personal and like-minded groups are almost a passion among people. Having a grip on such groups and joining similar and interesting groups will help you increase blog traffic.

Through video calling and other voice message options, you can always engage with members through visuals and have broadcast sessions individually.

Few reasons why using Whatsapp to increase traffic is a marketing tool

  • Totally free
  • Lets you send e-brochures, catalogues, e-books, images
  • Through survey tool, you get feedback directly from customers
  • As a messaging app, it allows you to connect events and schedules with customers
  • Group discussions and meetings can be easily done

Whatsapp marketing to increase traffic helps you engage with customers like never before creating a customer loyalty base. It helps you maintain quality content.

No more worries about length because you are not limited to 140 characters like Twitter. But, regardless do keep in mind that people have the ‘MUTE’ button so be clear and interesting to keep audience attention.

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To use Whatsapp to increase traffic to all other platforms, you need to learn how the app works and what can be done with it. With every marketing channel, you need to understand that strategy is very important.

Whatsapp marketing lets you connect with users in a whole new way, and once you know how to use it to your best advantage, the rest is history.

I hope my above tips helped you, feel free to leave your strategies in the comment section below.

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