Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Tools And Plugins 2018: The Ultimate Sales Boosters

Affiliate Marketing Tools 2018

In this fast-paced and time-conscious world, everyone wishes to have some tools and plugins at their hands so that they can save some of their crucial time and the affiliate marketing tools can do the job of boosting the sales. Of late, the market has witnessed the entry of a huge number of tools specially designed for this purpose. Out of this large number of tools already available, it has become really hard to choose one. The users need to get a thorough review of all these tools in prior so as to derive maximum benefits from them.

Here is a list of affiliates tools and plugins that might help the users to increase their sales for the year 2018

  1. Get response: This is the best option any marketing affiliate can use. This one allows connecting with the audience at a better level by allowing email interaction of high quality. There is a whole array of tools and marketing reports that can be used with an unlimited plan. With a 24/7 chat service it keeps the business alive at all times.
  2. Use Amazon product in the post: This one makes the job extremely simple. The Amazon product is easily added to the post by just using the ASIN of the product. The requirement for the same is an Amazon account and API keys. The best part is that it can be included even on an already existing post and of course can be added to a new one.
  3. Use WordPress SEO: Anyone who is aware of how important a web presence is also knows what the importance of a natural ranking is for a product. The WordPress SEO’s knows the fact and thus creates suitable results for the business operations.
  4. Thirsty affiliate: No one would not want his page to be disorganized. The Thirsty affiliate link is designed to manage all the plugins and existing links on the page. Personal bloggers highly recommend the use of the same. There are built-in search options that search for the affiliate link in a single go.
  5. AdSanity: When one is looking for generating revenue by using ads this tool comes in handy. It is a plugin that allows the users to keep a watch on the views and click on the page. Along with this core functionality there are many add-ons which enhances the results of advertising.
  6. SEMrush: This tool allows tracking the competitor’s ad responses using Google and Bing by using matrix to track positions, traffic, scores etc. The tool can track all the keywords that the competitors are targeting for all their searches and can help the users to strategize accordingly.
  7. Floating Banner Advert Rotator Box: This tool has high presence as it provides expert solutions for space optimization. Website owners use advertisements and banner ads to display and sell their products. The administration head shows each ad with statistics per view and click.
  8. Affiliate WP: Designed especially for increasing the revenue, this affiliate has many features. It allows tracking affiliates along with desired plugins. This tool facilitates referrals, earnings and making registrations in real time without any delays.
  9. Affiliates manager: This tool is best used for attracting new visitors to the website. This works efficiently by tracking the referrals sent to the site. It is compatible and collaborates with eCommerce sites like: – WP eCommerce, Cart, WooCommerce etc. There is no limit to the number of ads and links that can be added to the page. There is also a tracking option to see how many times an ad is viewed.
  10. WP in post Ads: This helps in adding advertisements within the post. This allows repositioning of the ads, customizing each one according to the needs and also tracking the views on each of them. This directly impacts the revenue from the ads and focuses on ensuring their visibility.
  11. Sumo Tools: This marketing tool allows the website to boost its conversion rate. This is one of the most widely used tool and millions of websites are benefitted from it. There are list builders, welcome mats, smart bars and smart buttons to increase social share. It also has a free use option suitable for the new users.
  12. WordPress SEO by Yoast: WordPress SEO has been fantastic at what it does. The tool by Yoast is a little ahead of the rest. This plugin has optimization keyword option and provides suitable suggestions for SEO boost and keeps the duplicate content way by identifying it immediately. There is also technical support for the same so that the terms that one does not know can still be used for benefits.
  13. OptinMonster: The importance of using email marketing cannot be overstated. OptinMonster has many mobile friendly templates that can be directly used on the website. There are 8 types of opting forms that ensures high level targeting to create segmented email lists.
  14. TablePress: This one as the name suggests creates lists. While promoting product there is a lot of time when one writes reviews about the product. The use of table makes the job easy by creating a list of the pros and cons along with the features of the product. The Plugin is free to use and the download can be made easily.
  15. WPX Hosting: It is a known fact that the visitors love websites that upload in no time. The WPX Hosting ensures that no traffic is moved away just because the webpage took time to upload. This is the most reliable server that will ensure high speed. There is a 99.95% uptime guaranteed while using this server.
  16. Author HReview: This one shows the reviews and the ratings of various different plugins of WordPress.There are options for adding rich snippets and markups for reviews and ratings. There are stars that can be seen in the meta description by the Author HReview.
  17. Auto Affiliate links: This tool is automated and adds links directly to the content. There are options of manually adding links and keywords to the content as well. The creators can add the command of Nofollow to make the link Nofollow affiliate.
  18. Buzzsumo: An incredible approach to not check at the performance on the social network of your own craved content, but in addition to examine that of your opponents, Buzzsumo appears, for any specified domain, which page has most effective over a year, with the social media networks on which it was shared or posted. That should give you a thought how to get the best affiliate marketing site out there.
  19. Crazy Egg: There are many who do not understand why visitors leave their website. To help them, the Crazy egg affiliate comes to the rescue. It is like an X-ray which allows the owners to see exactly what people do when they reach the website. It is a great source to make changes to the things that are not working well for the website.
  20. Meks Easy Ads Widget: – This plugin allows simple addition of ad banners on the webpage. Banner advertisement is not heavy on the page and keeps the visitors attracted.

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By using of these enlisted plugins, the users can be actually benefitted in their sales, may it be by expanding the sales volume or by making the sales process more time efficient and effective. Just get one of these tools or plugins and boost up your business manifolds.

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