Top 11 Kodi Alternatives For iPhone

Kodi Alternatives iphone

Kodi may be called as one of the best software that is used to play your home theater/media player. This software application is available along with a firm set of features. Those are like multiple add-ons, community support that makes it matched with a wide collection of devices and platforms. However, there are a few alternatives that exist to use with it. Some of them are present in both technologies like local playback and network media streaming functionalities, and the others focus on the precise areas like DLNA streaming, and Live TV & /pair

XBMC, or Kodi whatever it is called it is nothing but a popular media-player software. The most common use of this software is to play internet video. It is also used to download media files in various formats

For most of us, our PCs are not only the source of accumulating all our important files, but we also use it to gather entire media collections also like music, TV shows, movies, and stuff like that. And when it comes to managing and enjoying that media on diverse devices, nothing does the better job than the software Kodi. Loaded with various features, and open-source, Kodi is packed with features, such as an extensively solid community support, customizable interface, and numerous add-ons. But the most important news to share with all that there is no lack of solid Kodi substitutes out in the wild.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Kodi alternatives for iPhone:

#1 Plex

Definitely, Plex is one of the best Kodi substitutes that one can get. It is loaded with various features. It is a perfect option for driving all the accumulated digital media locally to multiple devices like Smartphone and set-top boxes. This is done using the network. So special thanks should be given to its client-server construction. However, Plex also has a home theater software application, which still lets you view/manage your media library through an immersive user interface like the accompaniments which made Kodi so great is nothing but Plex. Plex has a collection of different channels that make us aware of streaming content found on a variety of topics, such as technology and news.


Plex’s media server unit has taken care of transcoding media for flowing to different devices. It is able to run low powered PCs. Another notable appearance that makes it special is its availability on a different stage and its subscription on a premium level. These are the basic features that are there to happy with movie trailers to the media server.

Platform accessibility: Plex is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); Mac OS X, iOS, Android, (Mobile), Android TV, Windows Phone, Xbox, Roku, Chrome cast PlayStation

Price: Free, Paid subscription starts at $4.99/month, for additional features.

#2 Emby

If you fascinate about the media streaming advancement of Plex then the open-source Emby might just be the Kodi alternative for you. It’s also constructed on the client-server agreement and drives locally stored media to network related devices easy. Emby also includes functionality for live TV programming and lets you do DVR recordings. But the most important thing is that Emby comes with features like web-based tools and parental controls, to edit metadata and more. Emby is able to transcode media documents as per the necessities.  The Kodi add-on enclosed with Emby gives Kodi library organization features of Emby. The premium subscription available there unfolds various features like backup/restore cinema mode, and server configuration. It is being said that Emby is new to date, and it is not as sophisticated as Plex.

Platform accessibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chrome cast, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV (Others)

Price: Free, Paid subscription starts at $4.99/month, for exclusive features.

#3 Media Portal

It may appear that Media portal is not as popular as other fully loaded entries on this list. But Media Portal still possesses some healthy features. It is decorated with the DVR or Digital Video Recording functionality that lets you watch your TV easily, and record live TV programming. Not only that, Media Portal gives the support for a wide range of TV tuner cards. And of course, you can play videos, music, and DVD/Blu-Ray discs as well. Then there is the ability to tune in to Internet radio stations. It’s also pretty extensible and has a selection of quite a few plug-ins, which can be useful to do other jobs. This is open-source, and primarily comes from XBMC as a divided branch. That being said, Media Portal is only available for Windows platform. Also, even though there are remote control apps available for iOS, Android etc., they are either defunct.

Platform Availability: Embry is available on Windows

Price: Free


Though it is quite new in the market, OSMC  or  Open Source Media Center possess some special features to offer a suitable way of playing back media stored on the local network,  and the   Internet as well. Interestingly, it’s also an alternative that is supported by Kodi.  To be more specific, it can be shown as a focused Linux distribution that employs Kodi as the key application. So this is very clear from the discussion that it can be used in all the accompaniments that go with Kodi. OSMC supports a wide range of TV tuners and it also supports the Wi-Fi adapters. It possesses a desktop environment and web-based edition of UI specially planned for future growth. But when we come to the point of its installation, it can be fixed on limited digital media players, including Vero.

Platform Availability: It is accessible on First generation Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, and Vero

Price: Free

#5 Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server is like other Kodi alternatives for iPhone; Universal Media Server has an extremely easy UI and can be fixed quite easily. UMC supports streaming to a variety of devices, and it is also able to transcode most of video, audio, and image set-up without having any configuration. Among its various features, we get bit-rate alteration to match with network speed, and a web edge to go with that that has no DLNA support.

Universal Media Server is based on Java and also consists of quite a number of plug-ins so as to perform every doing like receiving movie info from IMDB to adding to Media Monkey music database.

Platform accessibility: Universal Media Server is available on Mac OS X, Linux Windows

Price: Free

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#6 Usher

If you are looking for a high-quality media management system for Mac OS, you may try Usher. This software is supposed to be the member of the useful Kodi alternatives for iPhone that makes media managing easy for Mac. It can manage iTunes files and your photos as well along with your other media libraries on the system. We get many media solutions listed on the top of the list that is fully loaded with various features. Usher is suggested to use for those who are looking for an effortless way to handle and manage media on the Mac, and soothing like that.

#7 Mobdro

MOBDRO is one of the Kodi alternatives that is very suitable for American, German, and Australian, and British channels. You can find the empire of Mobdro from Discovery to History and even on Sky channels. The streaming feature may be little lower, but the installation of this app is totally free after all. Like Terrarium, Mobdro is well-matched with Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Android.

#8 Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is free software that consists of an integrated media player. We find various Popcorn Time forks out, and those are P2P-based. That’s why one is forced to use VPN with this app. Otherwise; you are destined to get a copyright violation notice. Popcorn Time is truly consistent with Mac, PC, Android, and Linux.

#9 Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is the perfect alternative. A big UI setting makes this app unique. Searching for cinema to stream is quite easy here. The quality of streaming is mostly in HD form. A terrarium can be set up on Amazon Fire Stick devices and on Android. Unfortunately, it offers no live streams.

#10 Stremme

Stremme is a media center program found locally for Mac, Windows, and Linux that supports playback of live TV and local media.  If you prefer a centralized software or media center like Kodi, you may need a solid alternative that will not make you hopeless ever

#11 Infuse

Infuse is another Kodi alternatives that we find today. It is a general app made for video streaming. It allows us to watch movies using several tools. If you use this app you need not convert your files to play on other machines. This app supports both subtitles and media programs. It is a multifaceted platform of media player and server that is rightly designed. It also has the very accessible interface.

Though Kodi is very useful for most of the tablets, PCs, Still, this is the software not to be used by everyone. Some might look into it as a product of lackness in terms of appearance or features. So it’s very important to find some worth alternatives of it. From Plex to infuse, who are looking something different from of Kodi can try above-listed alternatives for your iPhone.

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