Top 10 Micro Jobs Websites to Earn Money Online.


Freelancing and Micro Jobs have become the main source of income for many of the online earners. It’s like earning money with little extra skills and Knowledge in free time. Doing micro jobs is a great way to work as a freelancer. You can do online work from the comfort of your home. It can actually make you good income from the Internet.

Micro Job sites provide a platform for Employers and Workers where Employers post their jobs to get their work done and Workers complete the Job to get money. Workers are free to choose tasks which matched their skills.

In micro job sites, you can easily earn huge money in a long run. All you need to do is, post your skills as Gigs and wait for your skills to get hired and watch out.

Many of the online users prefer freelancing and doing micro jobs to blogging. There are many reasons for it. Freelancing and micro jobs need no technical knowledge of setting up a blog, hosting it on a server, etc.

Micro jobs sites are getting better and providing a really easy interface to the users. If you not comfortable with micro jobs.

Here is the list of Top 10 Micro Jobs Website to Earn Money Online:

1) Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURK)

Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk is a website of Amazon web services and has been around since 2005. It is a crowdsourcing online marketplace with millions of users worldwide (more than 190 countries). There are 2 kinds of people at MTurk –

Requester – Requesters are those who post Jobs known as HIT’s (Human Intelligence Tasks) such as Categorize questions, find the address of someone, image tagging or choose best among several pictures etc. A requester reviews the work submitted by the worker and on the basis of his satisfaction, he approves the work.

Workers- also called Turkers sometime. Workers complete the jobs posted by requesters and submit proof to get paid.

It’s really easy to make money at Mturk because you will get a lot of odd jobs there which requires either little or no skill.



MicroWorkers site provides you micro jobs and you will be get paid once the tasks in your hand are completed. They can range from filling up sign up forms to forum participation to rating various videos etc.

When your earnings on microworkers site reach $9, you will be allowed to place a withdrawal request, and then you can transfer that money to your PayPal or bank accounts. is a site that is quite similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk. This site also pays you for doing some odd micro jobs. You can easily earn a few cents by just signing up, writing a small article, commenting on a blog post or by following someone on twitter.

3) Fiverr:


This is the best portal for finding all kind of micro jobs online. Services posted on this site are called ‘Gigs’. You can buy and sell any gig for $5. When you sell a gig, you get $4 and $1 is given to the website as commission. This is the best place for marketers and professionals to buy gigs at a nominal price.

From writing, logo designing, advertising, link building, animation services, social media related work, blog commenting, SEO work, business card designing, copywriting, Photoshop work and many more things, you can find it all on this one platform. You can offer your best jobs online on this medium.

Simply make your profile and offer your services to start making money online. Once you’re featured as a top-seller on this site, your Fiverr account balance mushrooms like anything! BAM!

However, getting a top-seller rating on this site requires a lot of hard-work, patience, dedication, and consistency. There are three rating levels. You are given a rating of the first level seller when you newly join this site. If clients like your work and give you a good rating, you soon become a second-level seller. Once you top the list of second-seller services, Fiverr gives you a rating of top-seller and there you go!

Once you achieve a good rating level, you start getting more and more work opportunities to make money. Payments are made through PayPal after a task is appropriately completed.

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User Testing

User Testing offers you opportunities to test websites and mobile apps. Developers of websites and mobile apps keep on looking for real users who can give them genuine feedback on various aspects of their products. You can take part in such testing campaigns and earn handsome amount of money. A typical test campaign will take 30-40 minutes and you can make $10 to $20 for each of such assignments.

5) UpWork:


Two leading pioneer in the world of crowdsourcing: Elance and oDesk, were merged to form Elance-oDesk and later in 2015, Elance-oDesk was re-launched as Upwork. It’s a platform where businesses and professionals meet and collaborate.

9  Million users are registered with this site and 4 million clients post 3 million jobs annually. If you got a skill like designing, web and mobile developing, writing and marketing etc, you can join Upwork and can earn huge money.

6) ClickWorker:


Clickworker is a typical micro jobs marketplace where you can join in as a worker, choose and complete small tasks from a pool of resources and get paid in return.

Like mTurk, Clickworker provides ample opportunities for you to make extra money online.

If you’re skilled for part-time micro jobs on data entry work, translation work and writing articles, this is what you should go for.

7) CrowdSource:


Crowdsource is a legit micro jobs website. This site is especially good for writers, copy editor and moderator. You will find here small tasks like image tagging, categorization, transcription, writing answers and writing product description etc. which don’t take much time and skills.

There are currently 269 qualification tests like Quality Assurance Specialist, Junior copy writer, Senior copy writers. You have to qualify more and more tests to be eligible for more work. Crowdsource is working across 180 countries and their site got wonderful user interface. They first give training and test the new workers. Then the workers select jobs from the catalog.

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8) Rapid Workers:

Rapid Workers

Rapid workers are a service of UnikScripts, Inc. Their website is pretty much similar to the Micro workers and has almost same features and working interface although the site is not so professional looking and lake some essential features. There are two kinds of people at Rapid workers — Employers and Workers.

Payment is done through valid PayPal account to US citizen and Non-US citizen also.


Guru is a freelance marketplace and is been in the freelance business for 20 years and considered safe to use. Guru also acts as a crowd sourcing platform and provides a variety of micro jobs to freelancers.

Also, you can browse online micro jobs from a list of skill categories on areas such as Writing and translation, Web design and much more.

They have a secure payment gateway called SafePay to process invoices. You can withdraw your funds either to your PayPal account or to your bank account using wire transfer.

10) CrowdFlower:


Cloudflower is another popular micro jobs site with 5 million contributors from 208 countries. Contributors are the people who complete the tasks. Clowdflower is somewhat similar to the in terms of user interface and nature of tasks. You get instructions before accepting a task.

You can pass different tests to prove your skills and to access more work. The tasks you get here usually related to these categories – content moderation, data collection and enhancement, data categorization, sentiment analysis etc.


These were some good Micro Jobs sites. It’s easy to get started with this site and multiple your Income. You should join such sites because you can complete the tasks from the comfort of your home. If you are stuck at home and don’t have any full-time work or have some spare time, then it’s better to make some money than killing time.

Micro jobs sites can be a great place for you to use your skills and can help you become more productive. Give a try to these sites and Let us know about your experience. You can also share information about other micro jobs platform you are using through comments.

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