Top 5 Best PayPal Alternatives For Bloggers and Freelancers

Best PayPal Alternatives

There are millions of people across the globe who provide freelance services to various fields of work (copywriting, translation, audio engineering, graphic design, blogging, and much more). Freelancers and bloggers work from the coziness of their homes, getting paid via online payment systems, with PayPal being the most popular among them.

However, due to PayPal’s higher transaction fees, these people are turning to more affordable and user-friendly systems.

There are very other suitable payments option for Freelancer and Bloggers.

1) Google Wallet:

This payment wallet is only available for US citizens. It enables users to Employ their debit cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards.  Google Wallet has proven to be a great option for many people. The good is that Very safe and secure, Make payments from your smartphone and Easy to receive and send money

2) Payoneer:

Payoneer is one of the most popular PayPal alternatives available today. It’s available worldwide and it’s quite popular among freelancers and people in developing countries.  It makes the international money transfer insanely easy. Payoneer has low transaction fees, slightly lower than PayPal’s. Even freelancers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries can benefit from Payoneer as there are no restrictions on the service.

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3) Skrill:

Unlike Google Wallet, Skrill is rapidly making its way towards EU market.  It better controls your all online payment dealing and it is quite clear with its entire customer, so there is no confusion among them about the interest increase or reduces. Skrill is the perfect fit for overseas dealing and your money is no more far for you.

4) Payza:

Payza is an online payment system mainly based in US and Canada. This system is specialized in corporate disbursements, e-commerce processing, and remittances. Payza offers two types of accounts to its users. You can either create a free account or opt for a business account according to your need. Payza is a great alternative to PayPal for both freelance marketers and individuals.


2CO has a complete great deal of reviews that are positive and is considered as a great option to Paypal. 2Checkout is a payment processor much similar to Stripe. It also doesn’t support direct transactions or payment requests.  A great benefit of using 2Checkout is that, in addition to processing payments via credit cards, 2Checkout allows you to accept payments via PayPal even when you don’t have PayPal. Getting onboard with 2CheckOut is straightforward & their support is really awesome.

So these are the some best PayPal alternatives for bloggers and affiliate marketers. You have all the stunning PayPal alternatives which are a true performer and make you use it amazingly. So you can register any of the online payment options that keep you ease from all the hurdles. It makes you productive and fast

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