How to Find the Best Tools for Writing Your College Paper

Writing a good college paper is quite a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools to rely on. It could be that you can’t write a solid thesis statement that would best relate to the question. It could also be that you do not understand the given question. Or, it could be that you don’t know how to start and where to get the much-needed resources. Whatever reason you may have, it cannot be denied that the consequence of failing to submit a good college paper can be tragic; and this is often the reason why students look for some cheap essay writing services instead of writing themselves.

This apparent dilemma is the main reason why a lot of essay writing tools are popping on the internet today. These tools aim and claim to provide the best assistance that you can possibly need to make a sound and solid paper. Some aid with checking your grammar and vocabulary. There are also some that help you avoid using plagiarized content in your paper by comparing your work with thousands of others on the web. There are also some that are solely dedicated to helping you organize your references.

Now, because of the plethora of tools that exist on the internet, it can be quite difficult to choose which ones are the best to use.  But you don’t have to worry though because this article is here to provide you with some helpful tips on how to find the best writing tool for your college paper.

Tips for Finding the Best Writing Tools

Since the internet is the most popular search tool that people go to these days to find something they need, online-based tools will the best focus of this article. Without further ado, here are 5 helpful tips that can help you discern which is hot and which is not when choosing the best writing tools online:

Select the appropriate search tool

Before you can start writing your essay, the first thing that you need to do is to search some reputable related literature to your topic. This related literature will give you a clearer grasp of what to write and how to write your paper.

Nowadays, the one of the most common search engine used by many people is Google. Google is an example of a broad and interdisciplinary search engine. This means that with Google, you can search for a certain topic and millions of links will appear leading you to millions of other topics that are related to your topic. Some of these links are related to a single word but when you go over the content, it isn’t related at all.

Knowing which links are good and which are bad can be quite a tedious task. Hence, narrow down their searching source by entering specifically-tiered search engines like Google Scholar. This search tool only displays relevant topics from journals, magazines, and books, and periodicals. This removes the clutter from random websites and web pages. However, if you want the more focused and subject-specified search that caters to one type of sources such as journals and periodicals only, you can go directly to specialized databases like ERIC, JSTOR, ProQuest, PsycINFO, PubMed, and more.

Select the right thesis generator

One of the most important parts of your paper is your thesis statement. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to write a thesis statement that is clear, concise and to the point. This is where thesis statement generators now come in. All you need to do is supply the main idea you want to address, your main and secondary arguments, and your counterargument. Once all the required details are in, the generator will generate your resulting thesis statement. One downside to this though is that some generators give out statements that are grammatically incorrect or are not concise enough, so you need to modify further. However, the generated thesis may help provide you an idea of how to write your own.

Choose the best grammar checker

Another thing that makes writing college papers difficult is making sure you finish with a polished and grammatically correct output. However, this can prove to be not as easy as it seems especially if English is not your main language. This is the main purpose of grammar checkers. Two of the most popular grammar checkers out there today is Grammarly and Turnitin.

Both grammar checkers are provided for free, but they only check the errors in spelling and provide suggestions for the more appropriate words to use. They do not necessarily provide checking of thought organization, uniqueness, and plagiarism. If you want to use these premium features, you will have to pay for monthly or annual subscription fees. Grammarly charges monthly at $29.95 for the premium plan. Turnitin charges by the number of papers with one paper at $7.95, three for $19.95, and five papers for $29.95.

Incidentally, if your main aim is to check for plagiarism, you can either choose to pay for this feature at a premium fee with a grammar checker or you can go for a single plagiarism alone. There are a lot of free plagiarism detectors out there, but they provided limited checks only. If you want a thorough check, one of the most popular tools out there is Copyscape. Copyscape provides all types of plagiarism check such as Premium Search, which compares your content with others in the net to check for similar word clusters, and Comparison Tool which compares your content with the specific sources you are using to check for any duplicates. One downside to the tool though is that it isn’t free. A single Premium Search will cost you $0.5 per search.

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Choose the best reference generator

There are a lot of citations styles that can use in your paper. However, with so many different guidelines and format to follow, it can be quite difficult to write the appropriate reference form for a source. This is the advantage of reference generators. Some examples of these sites are Easybib, Cite this for me, Harvard generator, Citation machine. These sites can help you generate a citation using APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, and hundreds more referencing style. All you need to do is supply the required information such as author’s name, article title or book title, date of publication, URL, and page numbers.

Some search tools also come up with predetermined citation formats. Most of the journals and articles in Google Scholar come with a ready format for citing. All you need to do is click the close quotation symbol (”) and a pop-up with the citations using different formats will appear. Just copy the appropriate format and paste into your document. Some word processors, like Microsoft Office Word, also comes with a citation builder.

There are a lot of ways on how you can make writing your college paper easier. Just make sure you use the appropriate tools and know which ones are hot and which are not.



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