Tips for Passing Microsoft Certification Exams Quickly & Confidently!

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Preparation for a Microsoft Certification exam requires discipline and focus. First, you are not working according to anyone’s schedule or deadline. You have to work on your own time, set your own goals and set study and preparation deadlines for yourself. There is no professor breathing down your neck to turn in your assignment or prepare for test and exams. As far as a Microsoft certification is a concern, you are your own professor, cheerleader, and motivator. And you have got to do justice to all.

If you are writing the certification exam for the first time, planning your study around the information available might seem a little bit complex. You may not have a clear idea about the resources available to you or how to study the available information effectively. To help you along this amazing journey towards getting your certification, we have put together some helpful tips that will be of great help towards the preparation for your Microsoft certification exams.

  • Have a Study Plan

This is the first most important step towards the preparation for your examination. Develop a study plan and stick to it, whatever the cost. More often than not, when you are preparing for your certification exam, you are doing it at your free time and at home. This really requires a lot of motivation and self-discipline. This is because there is nobody breathing down your neck and giving you deadlines. You have to take the responsibility for that. It is very easy to postpone your study in favour of your favourite TV show or tell yourself to take a few minutes’ nap before reading. If care is not taken, you will just discover you have just a week to your exam before starting the first topic. Having a study plan is therefore very essential.

To develop your study plan, the first thing to bear in mind is that the plan must be realistic. If you know you can only study for two hours a day, don’t plan for five hours. Make your plan as realistic as possible, putting your job, social life, family responsibilities, and others into consideration. When you put all these into consideration, you will know how long you can study per day and how early you need to start your study to be able to cover all topics. In putting your plan together, ensure you cover all the topics. Have enough time for each of the topics so that you can understand all information properly. Understanding a topic works better than cramming it. Also, put your revision time in your planning. It is recommended that you revise the previous topic briefly before you start a new one. And at the end of your study, do a brief revision of all the topics to be sure that you have covered all basis and you are set to sit for the exam. Finally set a goal in your plan. You can schedule your exam so that you know you have a deadline to work with. If you don’t set a goal, you might not get round to writing the exams.

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  • Choose your Material Sources Wisely

Having made up your mind about the Microsoft certification exam you want to write, the next reasonable step is to buy the official Microsoft study materials on the topic. It is important that you obtain this material to know the standard best practice on the topic. In addition to this official material, it is essential that you get at least one other resource material from a non-Microsoft source. The objective of this is to help you understand the topic from another angle other than as presented by Microsoft. By this, you will understand the topic clearly and be more prepared for the examination. You can also opt for a computer-based training for your study resource. There are many great products online that cover the various Microsoft certifications topics in an easy to understand way. One of such product is the CBT Nuggets. You get to learn your topic in a classroom style environment online which is a great way to learn a complex topic.

When it comes to choosing books, practice questions, and practice labs, it is very easy to choose the least expensive of the materials. You need to apply wisdom in this area because cutting cost can be very detrimental to your overall goal in the long run. Look at the cost of purchasing resource materials as investments in your career. will be your best assistant here in order to study using exam dumps and detailed training videos in order to pass.

  • Break down the Content

When compared to other certifications providers, Microsoft exam questions are wider in terms of content. For instance, an average Microsoft exam will take more than a minute reading time which can be very frustrating in a real examination setting. The normal preamble to a Microsoft question starts with a scenario, which sometimes can use up half of the examination question. It has been discovered that in most cases, these preambles are just distraction mechanism which is all part of the exam process. You therefore must ensure that you focus on what is relevant so as not to be distracted by the non-essentials. The best way to do this is to break the question down to the relevant facts. First of all, write down the important point from the question on the available note paper. Do this in a bullet point format so as to be as concise as possible. For instance, write out any software requirements, operating systems, any errors being received, and user permissions. The next step is to eliminate all answers which you are sure are incorrect. Now look at the exam question vis-à-vis the overall topic that you have studied and you are sure to see the answer. This method helps you to eliminate the process of reading lengthy question over and over again without understanding the concept.

  • Practice and Practice Again

The final stage of your preparation for Microsoft certification exams is to sit through practice tests. This step will help you discover all the gaps in your knowledge, and where your weaknesses and strengths lie. You can then take the information gathered from the practice exams and incorporate it into your study plan. In some cases, you might have to purchase the practice exams separately. However, the official Microsoft source texts package usually contains Measure Up practice questions.

Taking the above tips into cognizance during the preparation for your Microsoft certification exam will definitely go a long way to have an effective preparation. Here’s to your success.

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